You want to relax at the terrace of a typical Parisian café? Have a good coffee, tea or a large coke? And you don’t know where to go? Don’t worry, here’s a top 5 Paris cafés that I am sure you will enjoy!

1.) The best cafe ever: Cafe Coutume

Top 5 Paris cafes cafe-coutume

Located in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, this café is truly the best café in Paris and takes the first place in my Top 5 Paris cafés. Founded by an Australian (Tom Clark) and a French guy (Antoine Nétien), Café Coutume is modelled after these two characters. Delicious and creamy, the coffee is a trip around the world. The café’s atmosphere is relaxing and pleasant. This is the best coffee experience you could imagine coming in Paris!

Café Coutume: 47 Babylone Street, 7th

2.) Chic and pro: The Telescope Cafe

telescope cafe

At the 2nd place of our Top 5 Paris café, I recommend you the Télescope Café. Located in a luxurious area (next to the Opera Garnier and Place Vendôme) this café mixes authenticity and originality. The place has some Parisian charm with its beams, old parquet and splendid cushions. You will taste the best Columbian coffee in the Télescope.

Télescope: 5 Villedo Street, 1st

3.) The famous tea room: Angelina Cafe


The Angelina Café is now a French institution. All the French celebrities have been here: Coco Chanel for instance! With its Belle-Epoque decoration and its window display you will not resist to a cup of hot chocolate in Angeline Café. Located in Rivoli Street, this café will please children, parents and grand-parents!

Angelina: 226 Rivoli Street, 1st

4.) The most authentic: Comptoir Des Chineurs


Located near to Montmartre, this café gathers different key aspects: intimacy, courtesy of the waiters and succulent drinks. It’s called “Le comptoir des chineurs” because the entire decoration is made of old objects found in bric-a-brac. It takes the 4th place of our Top 5 Paris café because of its charm and authenticity. After plunging in the crowd of Montmartre, get some rest in the Comptoir des chineurs, you will not regret it!

Le Comptoir des Chineurs: 8 Durantin Street, 18th

5.) The traditional: Carette


Finally, at the 5th place of our Top 5 Paris café, I choose the Carette café located near to the Trocadéro. The entire café is 16th style, even the waitress have kept their white apron! The French patisseries are one of the best: pies, cakes and cream baba are the main deserts of Carette. You can also taste their specialty: macaroons! And you can even taste the Sunday brunch (a little bit expensive, 27€, but so good and copious)!

Carette: 4 Place of Trocadéro, 16th

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