Top 5 Nail Salons in Paris


Personal grooming shouldn’t take a back seat just because you are traveling. Visiting a hair or nail salon in Paris is quite a simple venture.

This is especially true in the eastern districts where the streets are saturated with salon spaces, all of which competing to bring in the most customers from the streets.

If you’re ever walking through the main streets of Menilmontant you’ll know exactly what I’m referring to. It’s actually one of the most common encountered “scams” of Paris. Salon promoters flock to the streets and prey on unsuspecting individuals (usually women) and lure them into their salons with sweet deals and offers you can’t refuse.

Menilmontant Streets, Paris – by Guilhem Vellut – Wikimedia Commons

Next thing you know your having your hair or nails done on a commission basis between the promoter and the salon.

If you prefer the more traditional method of finding a salon yourself, you can do so by visiting any of the ones in this roundup of top 5.

Before we get into it, I wanted to give you some suitable lingo to use inside the nail salon so that you’re sure to get the right treatment even in a non-English establishment, as many of them are.

Nail Vocabulary in Paris

Be clear about what you want before the technician starts on your hands! Mistakes while having ones nails done are not always the simplest thing to correct. Here are the must-know phrases to have on hand once you arrive:

I would like a manicure // Je voudrais une manucure

I would like a French manicure // Je voudrais une French manucure

I would like a set of false tips // Je voudrais des faux ongles

I just want new nail polish done // Je voudrais un changement de vernis

Cuticles // la cuticule, les cuticules

Broken nail // ongle cassé

Nails – by Element5 Digital – Unsplash

1. Oh My Cream! in Paris

3 rue de Tournon

This little salon is located on the Left Bank just across from the Notre Dame island in the center of the Seine. It is more of a concept store as opposed to solely a nail salon. There is a professional make up service inside as well as a space that provides facials and full body massages.

Oh My Cream! welcomes walkins, and the wait is generally never longer than twenty minutes should a technician not be immediately available.

Oh My Cream! – by Oh My Cream! – Sourced from their website

The staff are friendly, professional and accommodating. It’s a great salon to spend a few hours pampering yourself from your nails right though to a back massage.

This neighborhood in the 6th is also filled with attractions, being so near to the city centre. Consider taking a free guided walking tour all the way through to Notre Dame so you can see the streets properly.

2. Mozoe in Paris

5 rue Volney

This salon is a hidden gem situated right by the Opera metro station in the north of the 1st arrondissement.

This is where all the acrylic lovers should go when they find themselves in Paris in need of a new set or repairs to existing nails. The salon specializes in these and at a reasonable price too — a full set going for just around €35.

Mozoe, Paris – by Mozoe – Sourced from their website

The store is small and understated; you might miss it if you don’t know what to look for. The staff are wonderful and while many of them don’t speak English there is usually at least one person present who can communicate with everyone in the space.

If you really want to show off your new talons after your session, walk the two blocks south to the closest thing to the 1920s you’ll find in Paris. Bar Hemingway is where you’ll enjoy a blast from the past while your fresh French mani taps against your glass of red.

3. Tammy American Nails in Paris

2 rue des Dames

Tammy American Nails is on the pricer side of things but delivers beautiful nails every time. This spot is sought after and trusted amongst the Parisian locals who tend to book out their sessions in advance. For this reasons it can be hard to arrive as a walkin and I suggest booking in advance if you can.

Tammy American Nails – by Tammy American Nails – Uploaded by them

The road that Tammy is on happens to be one of the best streets in Paris to buy fresh produce. At the lower end of the street you’ll find fresh fruit and veg vendors who source their produce from the local markets.

4.  Asithinails in Paris

12 Rue Poissonnière

Somewhere below the Grevin Museum (recommend!) and the Rex Theatre in the 2nd arrondissement is this wonderful nail salon called Asithinails.

The whole concept of the store is welcoming and friendly. The staff are able to effortlessly communicate with people from all over the world and their service delivery is notable as well.

Fresh nails – by Analia Baggiano – Unsplash

Like most nail salons in Paris, they charge the average standard of €50 per treatment. It is possible, but rare, to have ones nails properly done for much less than this in Paris.

Within walking distance of the salon are a number of unmissable attractions of the 2nd arrondissement, especially if you head south toward the Seine where the Center Pompidou and Galeries Lafayette are based .

5. Bobbypins in Paris

64 rue du Temple

Bobbypins is a hybrid hair and nail salon in one of the most interesting neighborhoods in Paris, Le Marais. This is a hot district when it comes to all things grooming oriented. Whether you’re in need of a new cut, fresh nails or a brand new wardrobe, the streets of Le Marais can provide.

Bobbypins – by Bobbypins – Sourced from their website

Taking the area into consideration, treatments at this salon are reasonably priced.

A short walk east from Bobbypins you’ll be able to visit the Picasso Museum; and unmissable attraction in this part of town if I do say so myself.

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