The 5 best markets you should visit in Rome


A visit to Rome is not complete without a stop at one of the Eternal City’s iconic shopping markets. For that purpose, I will take you on a journey to the 5 best markets of Rome in this article. Each Roman market features unique ambience and style, as well as a variety of hidden treasures at affordable prices.

1. Porta Portese, for everything

Image sourced from Wikimedia Commons

Porta Portese is a vibrant world on its own and is definitely one of the 5 best markets of Rome.

Frequently featured in movies and songs, the market is a preferred Sunday morning destination for locals and tourists alike. Located in the historical Trastevere neighborhood, the Porta Portese market is a focal point for cosmopolitan crowds, vintage art gems, bright-colored fashion pieces and handmade jewelry from all corners of the country.

Just like locals say – in this popular market, you can find anything that you search for… ‘’ from a Pitbull to a Jumbo Jet.’’ Stroll along the labyrinth-like streets and indulge in an invigorating exploration of the market’s hidden gems. Vintage clocks, artisan garden chairs, historical magazines, hand-made pillows, off-market phones, shells and extravagant jewels are only a small example of the items that you can find at the popular market. And keep in mind that they are all reasonably priced!

The Porta Portese Market is open on Sunday mornings from 6 am to 2 pm
visitors are encouraged to arrive early to avoid the chaos that the shopping spot frequently turns into

2. Eataly, for delicacies

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Are you looking for high-quality ingredients for your forthcoming culinary adventure? Then your next destination should be Eataly, one of the 5 best markets of Rome and a busy foodie heaven, located a few steps away from the Colosseum.

Eately will appeal to those who plan on stocking up their fridge with refined local ingredients, fresh meats, home-farmed veggies and authentic Italian wines.
This gourmet market also features local sauces, Roman-grown spices, yummy pasta varieties and traditional pizza ingredients for those willing to cook up an Italian culinary fantasy. Masterfully wrapped candy jars will catch the eye of dolci lovers.

Before you head out on your next adventure, be sure to explore the market’s numerous bistros and enjoy a bite of the local dishes, such as spaghetti alle vongole and ragu. Don’t forget to team your meal up with a refreshing glass of aperol spritz or one of your favorite wines.

The more enthusiastic cooking fans can go on a guided endo-gastronomic journey where they can sample Italian antipasti or take pasta cooking lessons. You should also sign up for one of our food and wine tours where we can show you many other dining options in the Eternal City.

3. Campo di Fiori Market, for fresh produce

Image sourced from Wikimedia Commons

Campo di Fiori, also known with its melodic translated name version ‘’field of flowers,’’ is a magnificent historical plaza that hosts one of the 5 best markets of Rome. Before the fifteenth century the square didn’t exist. There was a flower meadow in its place which has influenced its name today. The flower meadow is gone, but the charming vibe has remained.

The elegant historical spot turns into a lively shopping area during the day and a magical nightlife hangout at night.

The Campo di Fiori Market is a famous destination for those willing to shop their heart away in a unique historical setting in the center of coral-colored neo-classical buildings. The grandiose statue of the philosopher Giordano Bruno looms in the sky and hints of Rome’s rich historical culture.

The Campo di Fiori Market provides a wide variety of items for deal seekers. Fish, cured meats, cheeses, organic fruits and veggies are all offered at reasonable prices. Customers can draw closer to the piazza fountain and revel in the sight of fresh flowers and exotic potted plants offered for sale.

If you need a snack break, head out to one of the food stalls to order an Italian antipasto, a fresh garden salad or a light soup. Carry cash for an easier transaction.

The market is open daily from Monday to Saturday from 7.30m to 3pm

Like mentioned before, the cosmopolitan vibe of Campo di Fiori doesn’t end after the market hours. At night, the plaza is a mingling arena for young professionals who get together to interact over a glass of a fresh cocktail or aromatic wine.

4. The Fontanella Borghese Market, for art

Image sourced from Elegant Etruria

The Fontanella Borghese Market is a paradise for the lovers of art pieces and literary treasures. Here you can find antique world maps, old-fashioned cameras, old magazines, and exclusive art pieces. The market abounds in numerous undiscovered treasures offered for sale in small glass-enclosed stalls. Its variety makes it one of the 5 best markets of Rome.

Located in an elegant area, between the symbolic Piazza Navona and the scenic Spanish steps just a short walk away from the upscale stores on Via Condotti, the market is an affordable shopping alternative for the seekers of art gems and traditional Roman gifts.

The market hours are Monday through Saturday from 9am to 7pm

5. Monti Market, for vintage

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If you are looking for a trendy market in a bustling Italian neighborhood, the Monti Market is the right place to add to your vacation itinerary! This bubbly spot is a weekend hangout area for vintage art collectors, budding fashion designers and shopping enthusiasts from around the globe, all with the purpose of exploring one of the 5 best markets of Rome.

Mercato Monti will appeal to the young shopping crowds, with its trendy feel and club-like ambience. The Monti Market is a symbol of innovative designer ideas and young designer talents trying to find their spot in the competitive fashion world of Modern Europe.

Stop by at this chic market and support the initiative of new design talents if you are into fashion and the arts. The market features a plethora of bags, purses, watches and even home decors for those willing to bring fancy memorabilia home. And the best part – most of them are hand-made, with an original look.

There are many more unique Roman marketplaces worth exploring and if you have some extra spots on your itinerary, you can drop by Borghetto Flaminio, where you can explore the vintage goods for a small 1.50 euro entry fee, or head out to Mercato di Testaccio to dine like a Roman local.

Various yummy local dishes such as Roman cheese plates and pastas are offered for only 3 euro each, and you can indulge in a delicious snack while observing the international crowds and Rome’s grandiose architecture.

No matter what you look for – art, food or just a gift – you can find it all at one of the 5 best markets of Rome.