Top 5 Hair Salons in Paris


Even when visiting a city for a shot time, it’s helpful to know where exactly you can get your hair done professionally should the need arise.

Paris is a surprising city; you can’t underestimate it’s ability to spur even the least spontaneous of us to do things we’d never considered before.

A luxurious night out at the Opera followed by fine dining in the 2nd arrondissement? Why not. And why not get your hair done for the occasion as well? When in Paree!

Hair salon – by alexandra marcu – Unsplash

Other than a fancy night out, general hair care shouldn’t take a backseat just because you’re traveling. In my ventures I’ve found visiting hair salons in each destination I go to one of the most interesting experiences to incur.

For one, you are completely out of your comfort zone; especially if the salon in question doesn’t speak a language that you are able to communicate in. Thankfully most hair salons in Paris are sure to employ people from a multitude of backgrounds so that more than one language is spoken in the space.

Here are the top five salons to visit for your hair care needs while in Paris.

1. L’Humaine Comédie in Paris

8 Rue de Louvois

The 2nd arrondissement of Paris is interesting because it holds the same glamour and charm that the 1st arrondissement does, just with less congestion and crowding. For this reason it is a great district to do administrative things, including a visit to the salon .

Not far from the Paris National Library is the salon of L’Humaine Comédie. The space was once a bookstore and an antique shop, so the salon holds the remnants of both of these stores to its core.

L’Humaine Comédie – by L’Humaine Comédie – Sourced from their website

Yoji is the resident hairdresser to the space. He is originally of Japanese descent but has called Paris his home for 15 years.

He is known as somewhat of a hair wizard in these parts. Everyone wants to have their hair done by Yoji, and for good reason. A visit to this salon is a personal experience and they take as much pride in their hospitality as they do their hair care.

2. David Lucas in Paris

20 Rue Danielle Casanov

Also in the 2nd arrondissement, a short walk away from our friend Yoji, is the salon known as David Lucas.

Aesthetically this is my favorite Parisian hair salon. The interior design of the space is soft and ambient — like a classic 1960s French apartment somewhere on the Champs-Élysées.

David Lucas Paris – by David Lucas – Sourced from their website

One of the skills staff at David Lucas will work with you to determine exactly what you’d like to get out of your experience. They offer the option of adding treatments to every procedure available. They also do discount packages for weddings or special events where many people require hair styling.

Just across the road is Nina’s Vendôme — my favorite tea room in the 2nd arrondissement. It’s beautiful — nothing stopping you from having a cup or two while your highlights settle in.

3. Studio Marisol in Paris

33 Ter Rue des Tournelles

Having worked in the fashion and styling industry for most of her life, it was only a matter of time before Marisol Suarez opened a salon of her own. You’ll find it on the outskirts of Le Marais in the 4th arrondissement.

Studio Marisol – by Studio Marisol – Sourced from their website

Studio Marisol has fast become one of the trendiest places to have your hair done in the city. The best part being that once you’re done, you’re a short walk from the heart of Le Marais and all the fabulous cafes and bars in which you can show off your new do.

This is also a great walking district in terms of history and sights. A free guided walking tour before or after your hair appointment is one way to ease into the vibe of Le Marais.

4. Raphaël Perrier in Paris

47 Rue Laborde

Slightly out of the center, in the 8th arrondissement, the Raphaël Perrier salon sits as a local haven for hair care and styling. This is not the place you’ll find saturated with tourists, but rather where the Parisian locals go for their regular hair routines.

The space itself is chic and trendy, while keeping a very classic finish on all the furniture and decor.

Raphaël Perrier – by Raphaël Perrier – Uploaded by them

The staff are professional and very highly skilled in their craft. Whether you’ve been seeing the same stylist for years or have just wandered in for a treatment they will offer you the same quality experience regardless.

The salon is known for having some of the best hair care technology in town. The modern edge gives them a leg up in certain treatments and hair experiments that they are able to perform.

5. Living Room Salon in Paris

22 Rue des Taillandiers

Something a little different in the heart of the Bastille neighborhood. The Living Room is salon slash art gallery, that creates a hybrid environment where hair and design meet.

Professional colorist Aurélie is known around these parts as the go-to-guy for all things color. Having your hair dyed to perfection while enjoying the range of art on the walls is highly enjoyable. You’ll also be able to wander the space during your waiting periods.

Batsille is a historic area in Paris. Finding hybrid hidden gems like this is refreshing as most people like to think they have experienced all there is to know about this neighborhood just by visiting the square.

Hair studio – by Cesar Saravia – Unsplash

To top things off, the Living Room is one of the most reasonably prices salons in terms of coloring. For what you’re getting, the cost is impressive.

Enjoy some of the finer things in Paris. An early morning with a croissant and some coffee, followed by treating yourself to one of the Parisian hair salons around town; sounds like a beautiful start to the day, don’t you think?

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