Top 5 Gyms in Lisbon


Lisbon is the World’s Leading City Destination for the World Travel Awards 2018.  Each year, thousands of tourists visit the vibrant Europe city attracted by wonderful landscapes like Cabo da Roca and great monuments of Alcobaça. 

Lisbon gives us the conditions to practice a great variety of open-air sports. The city offers walking trails, semi- Olympic swimming pools, football fields, and rugby clubs and even marinas for water sports or sailing. 

Going to a gym is something you should consider if you want to maintain good health. Exercise has many benefits, both physical and psychological. If you had previously gone to a gym but could not persevere, it may be due to the lack of professionalism of the coaches who work in these places.

The 5 best gyms in Lisbon for a tourist offer a sample of academies that highlight the motivation they have aroused in people. Do you want to know more? Keep reading!

5.  Pump Fitness Spirit República

Photo by Victor Freitas from Pexels

Pump Fitness Spirit República has a good price-quality ratio.  This is an inexpensive place that is accessible to any tourist that visits Lisbon. All the people that go to Pump Fitness Spirit República say that the staff is very kind and helpful. Something that attracts attention is the number of outwork machines available in the place offering different types of training. According to the experiences of many people, after using a day for Pump Fitness Spirit República they have been motivated to exercise again and again.  

Many athletes are loyal to Pum Fitness Spirit República for many years. There are many reviews of people who have not stopped since they started training here. They say they only go to this gym because it is the only one that has actually managed to keep them motivated.

A big plus about this gym is that you can hire a personal coach. Showing friendlier and more humane contact. The staff there is willing to listen and understand the client. This is why for many people this site is beyond special.

The point that must be improved is the space that is a bit too small, so sometimes it gets overcrowded. However, it is very clean, nice and pretty organized. 

Located in Av. da República in the north of Lisbon

4. Academia Life Club

Photo by Taco Fleur from Pexels

Academia Life Club is a gym with a lot of reputation among Lisbonners. Many athletes that have been using this club for many years do recommend Academia Life Club to the tourists. The gym offers many possibilities for women and men due to the number of professionals in different areas, especially in cardio fitness.

Besides that fact that this place has a lot of cardio fitness equipment, the trainers always do physical assessment according to the conditions and age of each person in a very kind way as if they were friends. 

If this is not enough, Academia Life Club has an area to relax after exercise where they offer massages and other beauty services. It has a bar to have friendly talk and enjoy your time with your gym buddies after a workday. This place has literally everything! 

This is a special place because it is not only a gym but also a place of recreation. Academy Life Club is far from being like those clubs that only limit themselves to the exercise routine. Many young people love this place because it allows them to laugh, share and meet new people. In this way, this is a perfect site to make friends on your next trip to Lisbon. 

The gym has a swimming pool where you can train and get a better performance in the water. Sports like aerobics is very popular in that zone.

Located in Rua da Cintura do Porto to Santos, in the south of Lisbon by the river

3. XXI CrossFit

XXI CrossFit is a very popular place in Lisbon. The most interesting thing about this gym is its motivational concept. Those that practice in this club never lose motivation thanks to the work of the coaches. XXI CrossFit includes professionals that help the users to achieve their objectives. 

In many gyms around the world, coaches are usually quite unfriendly people who even shout at athletes, so instead of motivating them, they take their spirits away. XXI CrossFit has the advantage of always hiring coaching professionals who know several psychological techniques to encourage even the most pessimistic person who is part of the club. No matter how difficult it seems, in XXI CrossFit everything will be possible if you believe in yourself.

XXI CrossFit offers a great variety of services customized for each area preferred for the people. For example, the onramp program is 4 hours to learn the principal techniques of Crossfit. Barbell club to teach the theory and practice of Olympic liftings like Snatch and Clean&Jerker.

Gymnastics to help athletes to realize dynamic exercises, like suspensions and inversions. Also, a section called competitors dedicated specifically for professionals.  Even, the place brings space for parties for children, in this way they can have fun while their parents are training. This way, you can carry them with you to the gym, they will be safe and entertained at all times.

The club offers services of nutrition and physiotherapy because it is very important for every athlete to learn how to eat properly and healthy and take care of his or her own body. 

XXI CrossFit coast between €20 to €70 per month, It’s a high price but it’s worth it.

Located onRua da Alianca Operaria 4 at the center of Lisbon

2.  Fitness Hut in Lisbon

Fitness Hut is one of the most famous gyms in Lisbon. Almost all university students of the city of the seven hills have practice at Fitness Hut at some stage of their life. This academy has optimal conditions for every type of training.  

Fitness Hut has over 24 clubs in the north, south, and center of Lisbon. This club offers us dozens of training possibilities and their website describes them in a very specific way. 

Something important that we have to point out from this site is its inexpensive cost, accessible to any visitor to Lisbon with a range from €3.99 to €9 per week as a normal plan. Also, this gym has the latest technology equipment and the possibility to choose between multiple training options. 

This club owners often organize special sporting events weekly that many people attend. In this way, while on vacation in Lisbon, you can attend and participate in a good number of sporting events like races, swimming competitions, soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis and many more sports.

Whether you are on vacation alone, as a couple or with your family, you will have the opportunity to reveal your sports skills and show off in this European city.

 If you are interested in knowing more about this gym and joining you can visit their website.

Located on Av. Almirante Reis 65

Holmes Place in Lisbon

Holmes Place is a gym that shows elegance from wherever you look. All of their equipment and machines are state-of-the-art and the trainers and staff are reputed to be the best in Portugal. 

What sets Holmes Place apart from other places is that it gives you very personalized attention. No matter your age, your gender where you come from or your interests: they will always offer you something you will like. Consequently, you will have a personal trainer who will look for the best training method and the best rhythm suits.

In the same way, you will have a nutritionist committed to your health that will guide you in the search for the best eating habits.

Holmes Place is the gym most visited by Americans, Europeans, Latin Americans, African and Asian tourists that want to spend their holidays in Lisbon. English is perfectly dominated by the Staff, so you don’t have to worry about the language.

In Holmes Place you can meet and make friends with a lot of people from different countries and different cultures, so apart from exercising you can have an active social life.

This is a club that includes all types of services such as sauna, showers, spa treatments, jacuzzi, changing rooms, manicure, cafeteria, pools and training zones full of modern equipment. 

These 5 gyms share something in common: All are recreational sites. In this way, these clubs are part of a new concept that seeks to create a pleasant atmosphere of socialization. When you come to visit Lisbon you can enjoy multiple sports activities and a good way to keep fit, keep up to date with the latest trends and meet people visiting these gyms.

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