Top 5 Flower Delivery Shops in Rome


Rome is one of the romance capitals of the world. Lots of engagements and weddings take place in the Eternal City, and it’s a well-known escape for honey-mooners and couples in love.  Because Rome abounds in festivities and romance,  flower delivery is a frequent option for those engaging in festive activities.

Rome is almost synonymous to flower decorations. Everywhere you go to – fancy restaurants, five-star hotels, or other spots of entertainment-  you will enjoy masterful and tasteful decorations, made of flowers or Roman-inspired decorative elements.  Exotic plants arrangements are also common in various venues of hospitality.

Rome abounds in fresh flowers markets in whose aroma visitors can indulge while strolling down the cobblestone streets of the Eternal City. Organic, freshly cut flowers are some of the highlights of those beautiful markets, and luckily, these can be found in many locations throughout the Eternal City.

Flower Market in Rome, Image by Roma Fiori

People who celebrate a special occasion can team a colorful bouquet up from the markets with a fashionable accessory, a box of chocolates or just an unforgettable Rome-inspired memorabilia.

However, a special flower delivery will be an unforgettable experience.  Please note that flower delivery services in Rome are common and outstanding.

The top 5 flower delivery services in Rome

1 .

This flower-delivery-focused website features a coupon of  15% off of for new users.

Its focus is on small, but uniquely-decorated bouquets for numerous special occasions, including weddings, engagement parties, bachelor parties, funerals, and birthday parties.

One of my favorites is Blissful containing unique mix of season pink and white flowers, with a refreshing splash of green. This bouquet is suitable for someone you care about, and is gentle and elegant.

Blissful, source: Mariofiorista

Starting at  44 Euro.

This website has an effective one-day delivery option in Rome, but can also be used in numerous other European locations.

I also recommend the colorful ‘bunch’ bouquet that starts at 64 Euro and comes with free chocolates.

This particular bouquet named ”Colorful Bunch”  brings a positive note into people’s homes and is ideal for a variety of occasions. The extra gift of chocolates will make the receivers happy!

2. Dordas Flowers

Image by Dishes Only

This flower delivery service has been in the hands of the renowned florist Efren Dordas that has produced award-winning bouquets for various occasions in Rome in the past decade.

Dordas caters to world-class hotels and chic venues, and their clients are mainstream brands from all over the world. For a customized flower delivery service and contemporary floral designs, visit their website.

to place an order:

3.  Dream in a Box

Image by Maria Berlinguer

If you look for premium fresh and preserved roses, masterfully presented in chic gift boxes, in medium and large sizes, resort to the services of ”Dream in a Box.”

This premier flower delivery service features masterful presentation of  long-lasting roses, most of which come presented as chic boxed flowery arrangements. This will be the ideal gift for an engagement, a wedding or just a person you are in love with.

The roses are imported from Equador and Holland, and the cost for a medium box is 15 Euro in Rome, and 30 Euro outside of Rome.

Also, these roses can come in tall elegant vases upon customer requests.

to place an order:  instagram: @dreaminaboxofficial
phone: +39 366 4822688

4.  Eva Fiori e Piante

Image by Reteimprese

Eva Fiori e Piante is a full-service Roman florist that gets inspired by the various colorful nuances of nature. As a result of her interactions with nature, the designer enjoys creating beautiful floral pieces of art.

You can order a special bouquet on their website for your loved ones, but you could also use their services for weddings and engagement ceremonies.

Numerous hotels, offices and residence lobbies use the charm of their flower arrangements to bring a touch of nature to their interiors.

The decorations can be positioned in various venues, including night clubs, wedding venues, and hotel lobbies – anywhere where a festivity takes place! Besides fresh flowers, Eva Fiori e Piante provides various vases of different kinds and materials, including ceramics, aluminum, plastic and wood.

Gifts are also available for purchase on their website.

to place an order 347253234,

5. Maria Luisa Rocchi Flowers

This amazing flower services combines the efforts of top artists, designers and florists for unforgettable flowery decorations and bouquets that are suitable for corporate events, weddings and engagement parties.

The company provides customized, personalized service to their customer base.

Also, the flower company has numerous high-class corporate customers, and their flowers have been the preferred choice for numerous glam shots in various fashion and interior design magazines.    Phone: +39.06.8078039
Mobile : +39.333.4663841   E-mail:

Buying or ordering flowers in Rome is a special experience. The Romance Capital of the world abounds in creativity and glamour when it comes to flower ornaments and fresh bouquets.

Flower delivery through most  Rome-based website is easy, and can be done through the website, phone and an email address.

In case you have problem ordering, call the website staff also because most of the websites describe their services and flower kinds in Italian, and you may either need a translator for that or just call the staff. The good news is that most Roman services have English speakers on staff who will be able to clarify for you payment methods, delivery options, product assortment options and other questions that you may have about the purchase or transaction.

Or if you find flower delivery inconvenient, just go out for some fresh air and find one of the authentic flower markets we talked about!