Coming soon to Paris with your entire family? Don’t worry, I have plenty of family activities for you! Paris is not only a cultural and historical city; it’s also a extraordinary place where all the family can have fun! So here are the top 5 family activities in Paris!

1.) The Foire Du Trone Event


Top 5 family activities in Paris

Paris organized a 2 month long big families’ event called the Foire du Trône. Children’s laughs, waffles’ smells, marshmallow’s shops… Welcome to the Foire du Trône, the biggest fair in Paris! 300 carousels and 60 days of entertainment to have fun with family! This is the place for every family will have a good time: among the more famous attractions are the Ferris wheel and the Flyer Star or the Power Max. Fasten your seat belt and enjoy!

2.) The Champs-Elysees Avenue


Shopping for mum, photos for dad and of course the Ferris wheel for children! The Champs-Elysées Avenue is THE place that gathers all the family. It’s one of the most famous spots in Paris, with a lot of tourists, and that’s for a reason: everyone can find what they are looking for here! A walk in the Champs-Elysées is a great family activity that will cost you 0€ (except if mum buys some macaroons at Ladurée!). At the front of the Ferris wheel you can see the Arc of Triumph where you can also climb and admire the beautiful panoramic view that every member of the family will enjoy!

3.) Discover Paris in a Tuk Tuk


Walking is not usually a favorite activity for children, well with the tuk tuk, that will be no longer a problem! It is an original means of transport in between a motorcycle and a car. It is an unusual way to discover Paris. All the family will be glad to explore the main monuments of Paris such as the Grand Palais, the Eiffel Tower or the bridge of Alexander III.

4.) The house of gardening


If you are not a big fan of fairs, this activity will suit you perfectly! When you enter in the house of gardening, you are in a totally different world. If you are an ecology addict, this may be the perfect place to go: all the family can walk into the garden, explore the different plants, or enter into the vegetable patch etc. It’s a good way to help children appreciate our earth and to teach them how to take care of nature. It’s one of the best family activities because it suites everyone and contributes to an original discovering of Paris.

5.) Biking along the Saint Martin Canal


Finally, if you are a more sportive family, you can go biking along the Saint Martin canal. It’s the nicest place to go biking in family. You can also go picnicking on the grass and enjoy a sunny day in Paris. That’s a convivial activity that even suits to no big sportive!

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