Now, just on that picture how many bridges can you count? Yes, there are 17 bridges, and only in that part of the city… Some are really wonders of architecture while the rest are only regular bridges. That’s why I’m going to give you the top 5 bridges in Paris you have to see when you visit!

Top 5 Bridges in Paris

5.) Pont de Bir-Hakeim


This bridge has a really unique architecture with the double level, one for the car and the pedestrians, and the other for the line 6 of the metro. This is also a very nice place to see the Eiffel tower and the fireworks given on the 14th of July. You may even know this bridge already if you have watched movies such as Inception, or National Treasure: book of secrets.


4.) Pont de l’Alma

Inaugurated by Napoleon the third in 1856 and redone during the 1970’s, this bridge is famous for the statue that is on the pillar called the “zouave”. The statue is now used as an instrument to measure the height of the river. When it reaches the feet of the soldiers, the river banks (les voiessurberges) are going to be closed; when it reaches the thighs of the soldier, it’s no longer possible to sail the river. During the great flood of 1910, the water went up to the shoulders!


3.) Pont des arts

This bridge is the first one in Paris to be made out of metal. It’s a really popular bridge among the young people and the students who often meet there to have a drink and just chill out while enjoying the sight. The locker tradition has made it a must do for lovers in Paris. But beware, due to the weight of the lockers, they are being removed every 6 months or so… It has also been seen in many movies such as the Devil wears Prada or the Bourne Identity.


2.) Pont Alexandre III

Located near the Champs Elysées, this bridge is maybe the most beautiful in Paris. It was built for the universal exhibition of 1900, along with the Petit and the Grand Palais. The techniques used to build it were at that time very ambitious and unfortunately, one worker died during the construction.


1.) Pont Neuf (the new bridge)

This is my all time favorite bridge, the dearest to my heart. Contrary to what the name suggests, this is the oldest bridge in Paris. It is the first one to be made out of stone and not to have shops on it. The construction was ordered by Henri the IV and finished in 1607.

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