Top 5 best areas to stay in Lisbon


Originally written by Anna in December 2018 and updated by Natalie in June 2021. Updated by Lilian in March 2023. 

For you to properly enjoy the city of Lisbon, you will need to stay in one of the best areas of the city! Today I’ll be sharing my top 5 best areas to stay in Lisbon with you.

Lisbon has many different and fun areas that will suit everyone’s interests. Staying in a central area is the best option, because you’ll be close to the many highlights of the city and well served by public transportation. Even though you can visit Lisbon on your own, you can also join a walking tour.

For you to make the right decision, I’ve gathered some of the areas I think are the most appropriate for your stay in Lisbon. Read on and find out my top 5 best areas to stay in Lisbon!

Baixa or Chiado -For a Vibrant Culture, Picturesque Square and Historic Buildings



The Baixa area is the shopping centre of Lisbon. It is one of the neighbourhoods that is located in central Lisbon. In the Baixa and Chiado areas, you will find plenty of restaurants and cafés, and you will get to experience the old Lisbon. If you choose one of these areas to stay in Lisbon, you will be able to visit the main landmarks of the city which are a short walking distance away. When necessary, you can use the elevators that will get you to Bairro Alto. The neoclassical area of Baixa has more office buildings but has become more touristy these last years with the appearance of cafés and restaurants. While the Chiado is more lively, with its many stores, bookshops, and theatres that always keep the streets busy! In order to understand why Lisbon has become a popular place in Europe, you need to see Chiado: on your own – or with a walking tour.

Pros of staying in Baixa:

Central Location: Baixa is easily accessible by foot, bike, or public transportation. This makes it

Historic Architecture: this neighbourhood is well-known for its beautiful 18th-century architecture, elegant buildings, wide streets, and grand piazzas.

Vibrant Culture: Baixa is home to several museums, theaters, and cultural landmarks, including the iconic Elevador de Santa Justa and the historic Rossio Square.

Shopper’s paradise: Baixa is a shopper’s paradise, with several boutiques, high-end stores, and local markets selling everything from fashion to handicrafts.

Dining scene: Foodies will have a great time at Baixa as there is a wide variety of restaurants and cafes serving traditional Portuguese cuisine and international fare.

Cons of staying in Baixa:

Tourist crowds: As a popular tourist destination, Baixa swells with tourists, especially during summer. It has more tourists than locals, therefore, may not be the best place to mingle with or experience life as a local.

Expensive: this is one of Lisbon’s most expensive neighbourhoods, with high rents, food costs, and other living expenses. The hotels in the area are more expensive than in other areas in Lisbon. Additionally, there are not many non-touristy restaurants and cafés where one can eat with the locals.  

Best Hotels to Stay in Baixa

AlmaLusa Baixa Chiado

Magnificent historic sites and spots, like Commerce Square and Rossio Square, surround this hotel. It is also a short walk from Chiado and the Tagus waterfront. Check out the hotel bar where they serve refreshing cocktails. The rooms are soundproof, and you will not get to hear noise from outside as the hotel is next to the plaza. A short 4-minute walking distance from the hotel is Chiado and its famed shops and cafés. It is also conveniently located close to Bairro Alto, Lisbon’s premier nightlife area.

Practical information:
Rating: 4.7 stars
Address: Rua Pedro Nunes, n.º 3 Comporta, Alentejo 7580-652 Portugal
Website: almalusa hotel
Phone: +351 265 098 600

NH Collection Lisboa Liberdade

This hotel is strategically situated in Baixa, with close proximity to local attractions and sights. One of the famous attractions is Oceanário de Lisboa. The establishment has a rooftop restaurant, fitness centre and indoor pool on-site.

Practical information:
Rating: 4.5 stars
Address: Av. da Liberdade 180 B, 1250-146 Lisboa, Portugal
Website: Lisboda Liberadade
Phone: +351 21 351 4060

Vincci Liberdade

It is located in an elegant central part of Lisbon, close to different cultural attractions such as Estufa Fria, the Botanical Garden, and the National Natural History Museum. Get to enjoy their a la carte restaurant where you will find Portuguese and international cuisine made from traditional, fresh and top-quality produce.

Practical information:
Rating: 4.5 stars
Address: Rua Rosa Araujo, 16. 1250-195. Lisboa. 
Website: Vincci Liberdade
Phone: +34 911810200

Browns Central Hotel

Set in an 18th-century building, this hotel is right in the heart of downtown Lisbon, with shops and restaurants all around. The rooms are air-conditioned and each is uniquely decorated.

Practical information:
Rating: 4.5 stars
Address: R. da Assunção 75, 1100-042 Lisboa, Portugal
Website: Browns Hotel Lisbon
Phone: +351 21 342 0328

Alfama – Historic, Charming and vibrant area


Alfama is the oldest neighbourhood in Lisbon. It dates back to the Middle Ages. Alfama represents the city before it suffered an earthquake in 1755 because it remained intact. This area is a unique neighbourhood where you’ll be able to enjoy traditional restaurants and Fado establishments. Even if you decide to stay in another area, you’ll have to visit the lovely Alfama if you want to experience the most traditional aspects of the city! However, since it is located on top of a hill, I wouldn’t recommend people who don’t particularly like walking to stay there.

A good way to discover Alfama is by joining a walking tour. You will see the city like a local and see the best attractions in Lisbon.Established in 2010, Discover Walks runs free walking tours in Lisbon every day at 11am & 4pm. This Alfama Tour starts right in front of the Castle’s entrance and lasts a relaxed 90 minutes. You can visit our website to book your spot and walk with us!

Pros of staying in Alfama:

Get a taste of the culture: If you’re looking for a cultural experience, staying in Alfama can be a great choice. It’s one of Lisbon’s oldest and most traditional neighbourhoods, with a vibrant music scene showcasing traditional Fado music in local restaurants.

Amazing views: Alfama is a picturesque neighbourhood with stunning views of the city, the river Tagus, and the historic architecture. It’s a beautiful spot for photos for your social media.

Close to attractions: This neighbourhood is conveniently located to several main tourist attractions in Lisbon such as the São Jorge Castle, the Lisbon Cathedral, and the National Pantheon.

Local ambience: If you want to experience life as a local in Lisbon, staying in Alfama is a great choice.

Cons of staying in Alfama:

Hilly terrain: Keep in mind that Alfama is built on a steep hill, which can make it a bit challenging to get around, especially if you have mobility issues. Be prepared for some uphill walking and lots of stairs.

Noisy at night: Alfama can get a bit noisy at night, especially during the summer months when there are lots of tourists around. The narrow streets and echoes of Fado music can make it hard to get a good night’s sleep.

Limited public transportation: Alfama isn’t the best-connected neighbourhood in Lisbon when it comes to public transportation.  You may have to walk to the metro and bus stops.

Crowded during peak season: Since Alfama is such a popular destination, it can get pretty crowded.

Best Hotels to stay in Alfama

Solar do Castelo

If you are staying in Alfama and are looking for a romantic getaway in a boutique hotel, this needs to be in your list. This hotel goes back to the 18th century and is the only hotel located within the compound of St. George Castle. The rooms in this hotel are decorated the rooms beautifully and feature both modern and old features such as stone walls, and dark wooden ceilings. There is also a charming garden to relax in and a medieval courtyard with artefacts.   

Practical information
Address: R. das Cozinhas 2, 1100-181 Lisboa,
Phone: +351 21 880 6050

Santiago de Alfama

This is another hotel located in one of the oldest parts of Lisbon. It offers sweeping views of the city. There are 19 rooms in this hotel and each features a unique design representing Lisbon’s culture and heritage. Nearby attractions include Miradouro de Santa Luzia.

Practical information
Address: R. de Santiago 12, 1100-494 Lisboa
Phone: +351 21 394 1616

Hotel Convento do Salvador

If you are looking to stay in a minimalistic hotel, then this is the place for you. The rooms offer magnificent views of the sea. This hotel is conveniently located in the centre of Alfama. Some of the closest attractions are St. George’s Castle, Sé Cathedral, traditional bars and restaurants,.

Practical information
Address: Escola Básica Lisboa nº 212, Rua do Salvador 2B, 1100-465 Lisboa
Phone: +351218872565

The Lisboans

This next accommodation is for you if you are looking for an apartment rather than a hotel. This is your opportunity to experience Lisbon culture like a local. If you opt to eat out, check out the wine bar & bistrô Prado Mercearia in the same vicinity.

Practical information
Address: Tv. do Almada 9 1100-018 Lisboa
Phone: +351 212 841 327

> Find out more about Alfama.
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Most of the time, Rossio is the preferred area for visitors, because it is very close to all the landmarks and highlights of the city. From there, you can easily get to them without having to take the public transports. Plus, since the area is flat, it is the ideal area for those of you who don’t like switchbacks.

There, you can catch the Elevador de Santa Justa, which will get you to Bairro Alto.

You need to know that the prices are likely to be a little more expensive, so check all the area’s options in advance, so you can get the best offers and rooms!

Pros and cons of staying in Rossio:


Central Location – Just like Mauraria, Rossio is located in the heart of Lisbon. This makes it convenient for you to access other areas of the city. The advantage of staying here is that it is close to all public transport which will take you to attractions nearby.

Rich History – This neighbourhood is surrounded by several iconic squares and historic buildings, including the Rossio train station, the National Theatre D. Maria II, and the Rossio Palace.

Energetic atmosphere – As a bustling neighbourhood, there are several restaurants, cafes, and shops to explore. Some of the cafés and shops in Rossio date from the 18th century, like the Café Nicola, where poet Manuel Maria Barbosa du Bocage used to meet friends. It is also a melting pot of vibrant culture and tradition worth experiencing while in Lisbon.

Tourist attractions – Rossio is located close to several of the city’s top attractions such as Santa Justa Elevator, the São Jorge Castle, Column of Pedro IV, Estaus Palace, Hospital Real de Todos os Santos, Pombaline Downtown, Praça do Comércio, Rossio massacre, Rossio Train Station, Teatro Nacional D. Maria IIand the Alfama neighbourhood.


Noise – If you love some peace and quiet, especially at night, this may not be the place to stay as it can be noisy. This is one of the most popular meeting spots for locals and tourists. On some occasions, street performers and musicians who play well into the evening may entertain you.

Crowded – As a popular tourist location, Rossio can be crowded, especially during peak season. The best way to handle this is to get to tourist attractions early to avoid crowds.

Not very pocket-friendly – A budget traveller may find staying at Rossio expensive compared to other neighbourhoods in Lisbon. The reason for this is that it is close to the tourist attractions as well as its central location.

Concrete jungle – Its central location and popularity with tourists and lack of green spaces, make this area not conducive for people with children or nature lovers.

Best Hotels to Stay in Rossio, Lisbon:

Hotel Santa Justa

Located just a few minutes from Rossio, this hotel has some well-designed rooms with modern amenities.  If you love chasing sunsets, the hotel’s rooftop terrace will not only give you that but also panoramic views of the city.

What stands out about this hotel is its perfect location between Praçca do Rossio, Chiado and Praça do Comércio. Staying here will allow you to sample some of the best shopping and cultural attractions.

Practical information
Rating: 4.6 stars
Address: R. dos Correeiros 204, 1100-170 Lisboa, Portugal
Website: Hotel Santa Justa
Phone:  +351 21 049 9000

Internacional Design Hotel

As one of the best boutique hotels to stay in, Internacional Design hotel is one of the oldest and most historic hotels in Portugal. The interior design features cool lilac on its façade.  This hotel also has a rooftop terrace with a bar and a jacuzzi, offering stunning views of the city.

Practical information:
Rating: 4.4 stars
Address: Rua da Betesga 3, 1100-090 Lisboa, Portugal
Website: Internacional Design Hotel
Phone: +351 213 240 990

My Story Hotel Rossio

Located in Lisbon’s Old Town, My Story Hotel Rosscio is close to the metro station and the boardwalk. Some of the top attractions in close to this hotel are Coliseu dos Recreios and Nationathe l Theatre of D. Maria II, the National Museum of Natural History and the Fado Museum.

Practical Information
Rating: 4.5 stars
Address: Praça D. Pedro IV – 59, 1100-200 – Lisbon – Portugal
Website: my story hotel
Phone: +351 213 400 380

Hotel Avenida Palace

This is one of the oldest hotels built in Lisbon. Dating back to 1892, the hotel has preserved its characteristic romanticism from the “Belle Epoque” and was renovated with the discerning touch of renowned decorators. Known as the Palace, it is a combination of regal and elegant architecture with modern comfort and personalized service.

Practical information
Rating: 4.7 stars
Address: R. 1º de Dezembro 123, 1200-359 Lisboa, Portugal
Website: Hotel Avenida
Phone: +351 21 321 8100

Rossio Boutique Hotel 

This 3-star hotel is located in the heart of Rossio and features modern rooms with unique decor. The hotel has a rooftop terrace with panoramic views of the city and is located close to many of Lisbon’s top attractions

Practical information
Rating: 4.0 stars
Address:Rua Barros Queirós, 31 1100-076 Lisboa, Portugal
Website: Rossio Boutique Hotel
Phone: +351 213 400 070​

Cais do Sodré



From the Cais do Sodré, you’ll be able to reach the other side of the Tejo river. Staying in the Cais do Sodré area is a great idea if you like the idea of being well located, with many public transportations around and a train network that will get you to other cities as well.

It is close to Lisbon major landmarks and the area’s nightlife is worth experiencing!

Pros and Cons of Staying in Cais do Sodré 


Convenient location: It is located near top tourist attractions, trendy bars, restaurants, and shops. this makes it an ideal place for exploring the city.

Attractions: With stunning waterfront views and several beautiful parks, Cais do Sodré is a great place to enjoy some outdoor activities and soak up the local culture.

Transport: Cais dos Sodre is near the central metro and train station. You will have no challenges getting around the city.

Pocket friendly:  this neighbourhood is one of the most affordable in Lisbon. If you are looking for a place to party at night, stay in Cais dos Sodre as it is famous for its nightlife.


Noise: Cais dos Sodre can get quite loud and crowded during peak season.
Safety: Some parts of the neighbourhood may feel unsafe or sketchy, particularly after dark.

Narrow streets:
the area’s narrow streets and alleys can also be a bit challenging for first-time visitors or people with disabilities.

No greenspaces: families with young children or those looking for a peaceful and serene setting may not find Cais do Sodré the best fit for their needs.

Best hotels to stay in Cais do Sodré

Corpo Santo Hotel

This fancy hotel is located close to the water overlooking the Ribeira das Naus promenade. It is also not far from Comércio Square. The hotel has 79 rooms of varying sizes, and a restaurant. Additionally, it has a little museum displaying some cool artefacts found during the renovation of the building, which includes a piece of the city’s ancient 14th-century wall.

Practical information:
Rating: 4.7 stars
Address: Largo do Corpo Santo 25, 1200-129 Lisboa, Portugal

Lx Boutique Hotel

this charming hotel has executive rooms spread over the five floors, each with its own unique and inspiring theme. The beautifully decorated rooms pay homage to the city’s renowned poets and musicians. Just outside the hotel are the best of Lisbon’s bars, restaurants, and shops.

Practical Information:
Rating: 4.4 stars
Address: R. do Alecrim 12, 1200-017 Lisboa, Portugal
Phone: +351 21 347 4394

Bairro Alto



The Bairro Alto is a charming neighborhood! The cobblestone pavements and the historical buildings in the narrow alleys are emblematic of the city. There, you will find many excellent restaurants and the Bairro Alto nightlife is simply the best!

In the old Bairro Alto streets, the daytime is quiet and the nights are busy! Note that in this area there’s no metro, so you will have to take the elevators to get there. I have to say that the Bairro Alto is probably more appropriate for youngsters.

> Read more about Lisbon nightlife.

You’ve now read my top 5 best areas to stay in Lisbon. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it and that it has been useful. If you need further information about anything, don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can also explore Lisbon on foot by joining one of Discover Walks walking tours. Don’t miss the chance to explore Lisbon with a born-and-raised local! I hope to see you soon in one of our tours!

Pros of staying in Bairro Alto:

Vibrant nightlife: this neighbourhood is famous for its lively nightlife. You can choose to bar hop since the bars, clubs, and restaurants are always open till late at night. If you love to party with friends and the locals, this is the place to stay in Lisbon.

Central location: Bairro Alto is located in central Lisbon, making it easy to explore other neighbourhoods and tourist attractions in the city.

Stunning views: Since this neighbourhood is located on a hill, you will enjoy beautiful city vistas and River Targus.

Bohemian atmosphere: The atmosphere in Bairro Alto has relaxed. It is the best area to stay in Lisbon if you want to experience Portugal’s diverse traditional and modern cultures.

Cons of staying in Bairro Alto:

Noisy at night: Since Bairro Alto is the party centre of Lisbon, noise is inevitable. It is, therefore, not suitable for families with young children or the elderly.

Steep hills: Bairro Alto is situated on a hill, meaning there are several steep alleys and staircases to climb and walk.

Crowded streets: AS one of the touristy areas in Lisbon, Bairro Alto can get crowded making your experience walking or accessing the attractions or strolling through the streets challenging.

Limited parking: While staying in Lisbon we discourage renting a car since there are limited parking spots available.

Best Hotels to Stay in Bairo Alto

Lumiares Hotel & Spa

This hotel is located in Bairro Alto, Lisbon’s bohemian and cultural heart. It features rooftop views across the River Tagus on one side and the Castelo de São Jorge on the other.

The restaurant and bar on the top floor stay open all day and offer one of the best views across Lisbon. At the end of a hard days exploring this hilly city, relax in the small but intimate spa, and sample any of the wellness and beauty packages offered.

Practical information:
Rating: 4.6 stars
Address:R. do Diário de Notícias 142, 1200-146 Lisboa, Portugal
phone:+351 21 116 0200  

Bairro Alto Hotel

This hotel overlooks a statue of Portugal’s most distinguished playwright, Luís de Camões. It is one of the most exclusive places to stay while in Lisbon. If you want more comfort, book yourself one of the 87 well-decorated rooms. Don’t miss the hotel’s restaurant and bar, headed by Michelin-star chef Nuno Mendes.

Practical information
rating: 4.6 stars
Address: Praça Luís de Camões 2, 1200-243 Lisboa, Portugal
Phone: +351 21 340 8288

Mouraria – for rich cuisine and historic landmarks

Mouraria – by Andreas Manessinger – Wikimedia Commons

Discover Walks

While being one of the trendiest, new-age places to see and be seen in Lisbon, Mouraria is also one of the most authentically Portuguese hubs within the city centre, with a rich history and culturally dated streets. It manages to hold both of these roles thanks to remain one of the least gentrified parts of Lisbon, in spite of the influx of contemporary culture.

More than this, it is one of the least gentrified districts in all of Lisbon, and staying here during your visit will be both welcoming and inexpensive. 

It’s also wonderfully central, keeping you within walking distance of the Alfama and City Center at all times. If you’re into street art, you’ll enjoy the laid back nature of youth expression in these streets.Despite being the ideal residing district for artists and performers, Mouraria has a long history of diversity within Lisbon which goes back to the beginning of life in Portugal.

Back in 1147, Mouraria became the Moorish ghetto of the city when the Portuguese king, Afonso Henriques, reclaimed the Lisbon city center and banished all Muslims from anywhere inside the castle walls.

Pros and cons of staying in Mouraria  


Cultural Diversity: this neighbourhood is famous for its diverse population from all over the world. This makes it your go-to place if you are looking to experience different cultures and traditions. There are several cultural events and festivals held throughout the year, be sure to check their calendar of events so to avoid missingt.

Gastronomic experience: Mouraria in Lisbon is famously known for its many restaurants, cafes, and food stalls. It isHere,will get to savour some traditional Portuguese, Chinese, Indian, and African food. If you are a foodie, this is the neighbourhood to stay in while in Lisbon.

Rich History: being one of Lisbon’s oldest neighbourhoods, Mouraria is rich in history and culture.  A history buff will have a great time exploring several historic sites and landmarks such as the Castle of Sao Jorge and the Church of Sao Cristovao.

Accessibility: When it comes to accessibility, Mouraria is at the centre of Lisbon and can be accessed by public transport. It is the ideal place for those that who want to explore the city without worrying aboutment or transportation.


Not so tranquil: while Mouraria can be said to be the life of the party among Lisbon’s neighbourhoods, it can be very noisy. More often, especially at night, you will hear people chatting, music playing, and cars driving.

Your Safety: While this neighbourhood is generally safe, not every corner here is safe both during the day and at night. You will need to be cautious, especially avoiding walking alone in isolated areas.

Not flat: Mouraria is on a hill, and this means that some places may be difficult to access especially for people with mobility issues.

Crowded: As a popular tourist destination, Mouraria gets very crowded during peak season. You may find it difficult to get some peace and quiet or a chill spot to relax and enjoy your vacation.


Best hotels in Mouraria

The best hotels to stay in Mouraria, Lisbon:

Hotel Portugal
If staying in a hotel is your best choice, then this one will be a good fit for you. A 4-star hotel, it has elegant rooms, decorated in rich blue hues, with modern amenities. Additionally, has a rooftop terrace with magnificent city views. There are several restaurants and cafés nearby. The hotel is located near the historic Rossio Square, which is a short walk away from the vibrneighbourhood of Mouraria.

Memmo Alfama Hotel

Located in Lisbon Old Town, the hotel features a wine bar, an outdoor pool and Tagus River views. Some of the local landmarks located close to this hotel are Castle of São Jorge and Fernando Pessoa. Staying here will give you close proximity to  Portas do Sol Viewpoint and Terminal Fluvial de Cacilhas. Get to enjoy a breakfast buffet served daily.

Lisboa Carmo Hotel

This is another 4-star hotel located in a beautifully renovated 18th-century building. It has spacious rooms with traditional Portuguese décor. Lisbon Carmo hotel is situated just a few minutes walk from Mouraria and close to many of Lisbon’s top attractions.

Some of the popular attractions close to the establishment are Santa Justa Elevator, City Centre Lisbon and National Theater of Sao Carlos, Church of Sao Roque, Chiado Museum and Rossio.

Why You Must Visit Mouraria in Lisbon


Lapa – by pelican – Wikimedia Commons

Lapa is primarily a residential district in Lisbon, and home to locals who have called the Portuguese capital their stomping ground since before most of us were born. It’s been a continuously developing district in Lisbon, and now boasts a large number of impressive restaurants, bars and museums. 

The architecture in this neighborhood is also wonderfully traditional, so if it’s that age old Portuguese flair you’re after, you’ll likely feel right at home here. This is also where you’ll find the Jardim da Estrela, one of Lisbon’s most central green spaces. Nature lovers are quick to make this their neighborhood of choice when deciding where to stay in Lisbon. 

Again, this is a far less gentrified part of Lisbon, so don’t expect to find many international food options or westernized ways of living. Embrace the traditional nature of this district!

Best Hotels to Stay in Lapa

Olissippo Lapa Palace

If you’re looking for a luxurious and elegant stay, you can’t go wrong with this hotel which is among the leading in the World.

It is located in a 19th-century building with an expansive spa, indoor and outdoor pools, and beautifully decorated rooms with plenty of relaxing space. You’ll enjoy all the modern amenities you could ask for, including satellite TV and a marble bathroom fit for royalty.

Practical information:
Rating: 4.8 stars
Address: Rua do Pau de Bandeira 4, 1249-021 Lisboa, Portugal
phone: +351 21 394 9494

Estrela Penthouse

If you’re looking for something a bit cosier and midrange, this is an excellent choice. It is set in the heart of Lisbon’s charming Estrela neighborhood, this property boasts impressive views over the city and the Tagus River from its lovely terrace. You’ll be just a stone’s throw away from the central stations for Tram 28 and 25, as well as Estrela Church and Estrela Park.

Practical information:
Rating: 4.9 stars
Address:Travessa Oliveira à Estrela 19, 5º Dto, Estrela, 1200-667, Lisbon, Grande Lisboa, Portugal

Bela Vista- Lissabon Altstadt

For a great location and comfortable stay, look no further than this boutique hotel. This establishment is just a short walk from some of Lisbon’s top attractions, including the grandiose baroque Basilica Estrela, the famous Jardim da Estrela, and the Museum of Ancient Art with its fine view of the harbor and docks. You’ll love the spacious units with a sofa, seating area, well-fitted kitchen, and flat-screen TV.

Practical information:
Rating: 4.4 stars
Address: R. da Bela Vista à Lapa 56 1 E, 1200-667 Lisboa, Portugal
Phone: +351 21 814 6533


Belem – by Cayambe – Wikimedia Commons

Everyone wants to visit Belem once they get to Lisbon, but few people actually think to stay here!   Located west of Lisbon, Belem is famous for its coastal attractions, namely the Belem Tower, the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, and the Berardo Museum. Moving inland, Belem becomes a really vibrant coastal town where locals settle to raise families and avoid the chaotic nature of the Lisbon city center. Here, you’ll find spacious yet affordable Airbnbs, family-friendly parks and attractions, and the best pasteis de nata in all of Portugal (arguably). This really is a fantastic place to stay if you’re interested in soaking up as much Portuguese history as possible during your stay. These streets are rooted in historical events, as this was the first port of entry into Lisbon during the age of exploration and discovery. 

Best Hotels to Stay in Belem

Altis Belem Hotel & Spa – Design Hotels

The hotel is located right on the waterfront, offering breathtaking views of the Tagus River. they also have a Michelin Star restaurant, indoor and outdoor pools, a spa, and a rooftop sun deck.

Practical information:
Rating: 4.5 stars
Address: Doca do Bom Sucesso, 1400-038 Lisboa, Portugal
Website: Altis Belem Hotel
Phone: +351 21 040 0200

Geronimo Guest House Belém

This hotel offers a more intimate stay. Their air-conditioned rooms are comfortable and well-equipped safety deposit box. Close attractions include Dona Maria II National Theatre and Luz Football Stadium. The nearest airport is Humberto Delgado Airport, 15 km from the guest house.

And don’t forget to try the famous “Pastéis de Belém” – a classic Portuguese pastry – at the nearby bakery.

Practical information:
Rating: 4.6 stars
Address: R. 2 3, 1400-209 Lisboa, Portugal
Website: Geronimo Guesthouse
Phone: +351 961 630 981

Crows Lisbon Suites

Another excellent option for those looking to be in the heart of the action is Crows Lisbon Suites. It is situated next to the famous Pastéis de Belém and just a short walk from the Jerónimos Monastery, you’ll be surrounded by plenty of great restaurants serving traditional Portuguese cuisine, the banks of the Tagus River, and the Centro Cultural de Belém.

Practical information:
rating: 4.3 stars
Address: Rua de Belém nº 70 – 1st Lisbon, 1300-085 Portugal
Phone: +351 939 890 903

How To Enjoy a Full Day in Belem, Lisbon

What you need to know while staying in Lisbon:

  1. Transport:

Lisbon is a very walkable city, with reliable public transport and affordable Uber services available right at your fingertips. However, if you are considering coming to Lisbon by car or renting one while you are here, it is best to reconsider. The chaotic traffic in Lisbon can be a major headache, and finding a parking spot can waste valuable time.

  1. Parking

In the city centre, parking on the streets can be difficult due to resident allocation or paid parking, leaving expensive parking lots as the only option, this costs at least €20 for a full day. The best option would be to only rent a car if you have planned trips outside of Lisbon. This would be the perfect opportunity to explore the stunning coast of Cascais, the natural beauty of Sintra, the vast plains of Alentejo, or the countryside of Portugal with a rental car.

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  1. Lots of walking

Popularly known as a city of seven hills, Lisbon’s views are breathtaking but the terrain can be challenging.  When planning your trip here, it is best to consider comfort as you will walk a lot.  Trust us, your feet will thank you later! Several of the neighbourhoods in Lisbon are on hilly grounds,  and exploring the city on foot is the best option. This is because some of the city’s attractions can only be accessed on foot.