How do you usually represent a French guy? A beret on the top of his head, a glass of wine in his right hand and of course baguettes in his other hand. Bread, patisseries and cakes are the most famous symbols of France. And it’s in Paris that almost all the best bakeries are set up. Do you want to know where to find the best bakeries in Paris? Here is a list of the top 5 bakeries in Paris.

1.) Regis Colin Bakery: Best Baguette in Paris


Top 5 bakeries in Paris

Located in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, the Régis Colin Bakery occupies the 1st place of our top 5 of bakeries in Paris. If you want to taste the best bread of Paris, this is where you must go. The baguette is perfectly baked; look at its color: it’s golden! When you’re entering the bakery, you can smell the bread fresh out of the oven. Take a bite of the bread! It’s crunchy outside and soft inside. I personally recommend you this typical French bakery; it’s the best in all Paris.

Régis Colin Bakery:
53 Rue Montmartre
75002 Paris

2.) Pierre Herme Bakery: Taste the best croissant in Paris

Pierre Herme

Pierre Hermé is the most well-known pastry chef in Paris. He is the master of French patisserie. You can’t go in Paris without tasting the excellent croissants of Pierre Hermé. These are famous all around the world. This is why Pierre Hermé bakery is placed at the second place of our top 5 of bakeries of Paris. Croissants are the typical French patisserie that all Parisians eats every morning.

Pierre Hermé Paris:
72 Rue Bonaparte
75006 Paris

3.) Laduree Bakery: The best macaroons of all time


Ladurée bakery is THE bakery of excellence! So I decided to give Ladurée the 3rd place of our top 5 bakeries of Paris. Ladurée gathers 3 main characteristics of the best bakery: French quality, French luxury and French kindness. Indeed, the reputation of Ladurée macaroons is no longer to build: almost 30 different flavors in each shop! Chocolate, vanilla, violet, coffee, raspberry, mango…Make your choice!

Ladurée – Champs Elysées
75 Avenue des Champs-Élysées
75008 Paris

4.) L’Avant-Comptoir Bakery: The best waffles in Paris


Paris is also known for its waffles: hot, crispy, homemade. In the heart of the Saint-Germain-des-Prés quarter, you will find the best waffles of Paris. L’Avant-Comptoir bakery occupies the 4th place of our top 5 bakeries of Paris because I’ve never eaten such good waffles in my entire life!

The waffles dough is subtle and you can have a lot of choices: sugar, hot chocolate with whipped cream, caramel with salted butter etc. And one of the best advantages of these waffles: its price! Only 2.80€ for 2 waffles! You will not find this quality of waffles with this price anywhere else in Paris! I fell in love with these waffles 2 years ago and today I can’t walk into Saint-Germain-des-Prés without eating a hot chocolate waffle!

3 Carrefour de l’Odéon
75006 Paris

5.) Bread & Roses: The best raisin bread in Paris

If you want to try another typical French patisserie you must taste the raisin bread of Bread & Roses. It is typically a variant of the croissant or “pain au chocolat”, made with a leavened butter pastry with raisins added and shaped in a spiral with a crème pâtissière filling. Be Parisian, eat raisin bread!

Bread & Roses

Bread & Roses:
62 Rue Madame
75006 Paris

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