Want to know how to find award-winning restaurants in Paris? You’ll be able to find so many restaurants that it will be hard to make a choice. Here is a little list of the best awarded restaurants in Paris to help you.

Some restaurants are known for being part of the best restaurants of Paris, they have amazing chefs in their kitchens, and everybody agrees to say that the food is marvelous. Here are eight three stars restaurants of the capital. Here are their addresses so you can find award-winning restaurants of Paris.

1 – Plaza Athénée of Alain Ducasse


How to find award-winning restaurants in Paris plaza-athenee

Alain Ducasse’s Restaurants are known to be part of the best, proof is, he is a world famous chef know for his refined cuisine, the best know of his restaurant is the Plaza Athénée, awarded with three stars in the Michelin Guide.
Plaza Athénée
25 avenue Montaigne
75008 Paris

Menus from 210 euros.

2 – Arpège

How to find award-winning restaurants in Paris arpege

This restaurant is known for its creative and modern vision of the French food.

84 rue de Varenne
75007 Paris

Menus from 140 euros

3 – Astrance

The chef in this restaurant is very creative, and the place is modern and pretty, you can find menus from 70 euros.

4 rue Bethoven
75016 Paris

4 – Le Cinq


This restaurant with a very French and classy decoration will amaze you with its modern vision of food.

Le Cinq
31 avenue George V
75008 Paris

Menus from 110 to 400 euros.

5 – Alléno Paris – Pavillon Ledoyen

The Alléno is as very classy restaurant in the 8th arrondissement.

Alléno Paris – Pavillon Ledoyen
8 avenue Dutuit
75008 Paris

Menus from 135 euros.

6 – Epicure au Bristol


This gastronomic restaurant is very classy and known as one of the best of France.

Epicure au Bristol
112 faubourg Saint Honoré
75008 Paris

Menus from 145 euros.

7 – Pierre Gagnaire

The restaurant has the name of its Chef, Pierre Gagnaire, well known as a fantastic, modern and creative Chef.

6 rue Balzac
75008 Paris

Menus from 155 euros.

8 – Guy Savoy


Here is another restaurant named after its amazing chef! Guy Savoy is well known for his gastronomic food.

Guy Savoy
11 quai de Condi
75006 Paris

Menus from 168 to 380 euros.

To finish here are few things you need to know before going there:

  • Book your table; many of these restaurants are booked for months!
  • If you’re willing to eat for less, try to go there for lunch, lunch menus are less expensive than diner menu.

So now you know how to find award winning restaurant of the French capital, so enjoy you delicious food!

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