‘’When in Rome, do like the Romans do.’’  This saying is especially true when you look for a grocery store or a culinary spot to indulge your senses in.

Roman cuisine can be very nationalistic and focused on the tastes of its local population. As you walk around the labyrinth-like streets of the Eternal City, you will mostly come across groceries stores and restaurants that cater to local food preferences.

Most Roman groceries and taverns serve wide varieties of pizzas, with traditional Roman toppings such as prosciutto, zucchini, cheeses, mozzarella, tomatoes (pomodoro), mushrooms and aubergine.

Other Roman stores and restaurants focus on pasta dishes such as stuffed ravioli, lasagna, spaghetti alla Bolognese and spaghetti Milanese.

There are not many stores or markets that feature predominantly foreign dishes, despite the international spirit of the Bel Paese. If you come from exotic Asian corners, you will not have as many choices as you would in another world-class destination. However, Asian markets in Rome do exists, and they can be found in a few central locations, as well as in some vibrant ethnic neighborhoods.

What are the top 5 Asian Groceries and Markets that you can Find in Rome?

Asia Supermarket – Rome

Asia Supermarket, By FourSquare

If you enjoy Chinese-inspired dishes and products, you should head out to the Asia Supermarket, a Chinese food market featuring non-perishables and some freshly made Asian snacks.

As you stroll down the store isles, you will find plenty of Asian-inspired products such as dried noodles, sauces, ramen, bowls, pots and beans.  Soaps and shampoos with Asian ingredients are also among the store offerings.

The prices are affordable and the convenient location to Nuovo Mercato Esquilino provides an easy access for all those tourists looking to buy Asian food.

Via Ricasoli 20, 00185 Rome, Italy

The Korean Market – Rome

Picture by Libero

The Korean market on Via Cavour 84 sells Japanese products of different varieties including Asian chips and frozen meals. We recommend this store if you look to buy Ramen, and the selections of Asian noodles and soups will appeal to both locals and tourists.  We also recommend shrimp chips for those not familiar with the Korean food culture.

You can also find Asian and popular soda drinks in this small market.

Via Cavour 84, 00184 Rome, Phone number+39 06 4885280

ROME – Pacific Trading S.r.l. Market

Picture by Italcn

This mini supermarket is full of all sorts of Asian-inspired ingredients.  The staff is helpful and will provide tips on what’s hot and tasty when it comes to Asian dishes.

If you want to enjoy a variety of international products in  a cosmopolitan setting and amicable environment, head out to Pacific Trading s.r.l. where you can find numerous Asian food varieties and ingredient for an Asian-inspired home-cooked meal. The store is known for its selection of products!

Via Principe Eugenio, 00185 Rome, +39 .06.446. 8406

The Nuovo Mercato Esquilino

Image by Markets of Rome

This market is colorful, vibrant and full of loud international voices.

It’s a melting point of the different cultures that Rome is proud of, and its strategic location in one of the Eternal City’s ethnic neighborhoods makes it ”a go-to” spot for numerous seekers of Asian-inspired ingredients. This is by far my favorite international market and I can spend hours there, trying to find the right addition to my ethnic meal.

It’s within a walking distance to some of the city’s cosmopolitan eateries, including Arab, Chinese, and Middle-Eastern stalls. Stores featuring Italian dolci and salads are very close to the Nuevo Mercato Esquilino.

The market is the typical ‘’roan market’’ setting, full of traders’ banter. There you can find the perfect deal for clothes or fresh, exotic food. You can spend around €10-20 to stock your fridge with Asian grocery for the rest of the week.

Chinese meals and exotic fruits from the Asian corners of the globe will certainly appeal to those who favor the Asian cuisine above others. Among the various stalls, you can find coconuts, cucumber, South American meals ans spices,  sweet potatoes, exotic fruits and veggies, fresh meats and fish, as well as the famous fresh cilantro (coriandolo in Italian).

In order to get there take the metro train line A and get off at “Vittorio Emanuele” station.

Via Principe Amadeo, 184, ROMa


Let’s be honest. Not everyone enjoys to cook meals at home. Some prefer them chic and readily-presented at  restaurant or for take-out.  This combined restaurant/take-out market provides a variety of Asian meals, such as sushi, seafood, Japanese-inspired cooked meals,  vegetarian and gluten-free options.

This place is a wonderful take-out option for those who don’t want to cook an Asian meal home, and there you will enjoy masterfully-presented dishes at average prices. Not too pricey for the average global traveler.


Image by the Dolce Vita

Hasekura, Via dei Serpenti 27 (Monti)

Rome is so international and cosmopolitan when it comes to meals and cuisine. Asian stores are not many in the Bel Paese,  but the ones that you can find feature authentic ingredients for Asian natives and those willing to venture into various Asian meals.

Also, there are a few major Asian restaurants that the Asian-cuisine seekers can pay a visit to. Korean, Chinese, and Middle-Eastern places continue to make Rome one of the cosmopolitan world’s capitals.

Rome is truly international by nature and will certainly offer something unique for the multi-faceted tastes of its global travelers. As you stroll down the Beautiful Roman streets, you will certainly find something that you will enjoy food-wise!