Top 3 Outdoors Workout Parks in Lisbon


Public outdoor workout parks are a big thing across the Mediterranean regions of Europe. Despite not technically being part of the Med, Portugal has followed suite with this trend and outdoor workout parks have popped up across the major cities.

In Lisbon, the Portuguese climate permits more time for outdoor activities for more months of the year. The people of Lisbon are able to take advantage of the many outdoor parks and activities since the city doesn’t get covered in snow every winter like other parts of the continent.

by Kevin McCutcheon – Unsplash

If equipment isn’t your priority, then almost all of Lisbon’s public park spaces can be used as workout spaces. Many of these parks, however, have seen the installation of varied gym equipment and exercise structures.

Public exercise facilities are an important asset to public health and city culture. Here is where you can take advantage of these communal assets around Lisbon.

Jardim Amália Rodrigues Outdoor Workout Park in Lisbon

Alameda Cardeal Cerejeira, 1070-051 Lisboa

Somewhat north of Lisbon’s city center there is a prominent public green space called Jardim Amália Rodrigues. It is one of the biggest public gardens in the city, making it an ideal spot for sportspeople of all types.

Just in front of this garden you’ll find the Park Eduardo VII viewing deck, which is technically a separate park of its own. This is my favorite panoramic view of Lisbon; one can see all across the city right through to the Tagus.

Park Eduardo VII – by G Da – Wikimedia Commons

The viewing park also has an incredible green maze-like garden built out of the bushes and shrubbery that grows on the land. Undoubtably one of the most overlooked yet highly “Instagrammable” spots in Lisbon.

Back to Jardim Amália; this is a professional calisthenics park that has been curated by the city of Lisbon for this purpose. Within the park you’ll find all of the relevant bars, structures, barbells and mechanisms to fulfill your calisthenics workout routines.

All of the equipment comes with detailed instructions on how to make use of them, making it a great outdoor facility for newcomers who might not know what they are doing yet.

Jardim Amália Rodrigues – by Андрей Бобровский – Wikimedia Commons

It’s a great little workout park to visit almost any time of the year. There are, however, a notable lack of trees and shaded spaces; in the summer, the equipment in this park bakes in the sun and can make working out slightly less enjoyable.

For this reason this outdoor workout park is preferred at sunset during the summer months. A beautiful spot from which to get your routine in while watching the sun go down over Lisbon. Get there early to ensure you find a place on one of the pieces of equipment.

Olivais Norte Outdoor Workout Park in Lisbon

Rua Alferes Barrilaro Ruas 20, 1800-006 Lisboa

This next park can be tricky to find so listen up. Despite being known amongst the athletes of Lisbon as Olivias Norte Outdoor Workout Park, there is no documented use of this name. instead, the park can be accessed by simply going to the address given above.

Once you arrive you’ll find it’s not actually a park at all, rather just a paved and padded lot upon which public workout equipment has been installed. Of course, if you are a serious athlete, then this will suit you just fine.

The “park” is situated far north in a neighborhood called Encarnação. This is technically outside of the major boundary that makes up Lisbon, and can be quite a journey to get to if you are coming from the Alfama region .

Olivais Norte Outdoor Workout Park – Image from Google Earth

The workout lot has everything one would expect from a fully equipped calisthenics workout park. Monkey bars, muscle bars, pull up bars, even a Swedish wall bar that can be used to practice climbing.

This is a popular workout venue for locals of Lisbon who enjoy practicing parkour. The park is also suitable for bootcamp-style training should you want to make use of it in a big group. 

There’s not much else to do in this neighborhood once you finish up. Conveniently there is a Richard’s Pizzaria right across the street — just saying.

Jardim do Torel Outdoor Workout Park in Lisbon

R. Júlio de Andrade, 1150-122 Lisboa

If you were to take a free guided walking tour a few blocks east of Lisbon’s Botanical Gardens you’d eventually pass by this tiny, hidden gem of a park known as the Jardim do Torel.

This neighborhood is built up into one of the hills of Lisbon, so the park naturally boasts views of the city scape and all of the rooftops that surround it. It is one of the many public parks in Lisbon to have had outdoor workout equipment installed by the city.

Jardim do Torel – by Joseolgon – Wikimedia Commons

The equipment isn’t as advanced or complex as the more professional calisthenics workout facilities at other major parks, but you will still find everything you need in order to complete a comprehensive outdoor workout in the space.

To sweeten the deal, the Jardim do Torel offers public swimming facilities with a synthetic beach as well. As you can imagine, this is beyond wonderful in the summer after a sweaty workout using the garden’s miniature gym. Note that the swimming pool is closed to the public during winter.

These small yet effective outdoor workout facilities can be found at a few other locations around Lisbon. So far I’ve seen them included at Monsanto Park, the Jardim de Campolide at the Lisbon riverside in Belém.

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