Top 3 Hamburger Joints in Paris

I love burgers so much there was a time I was not ashamed to claim them my favorite dish; even as a Parisian. The past years have seen an emergence of addresses in the French capital that became iconic. As a true burger aficionado, I have tried a lot of these; in this article, I will reveal my 3 best hamburger joints in Paris. Are you looking for the best burger in Paris? Keep reading!

These burgers have nothing to do with your average Mcdonald burger, even though some of the burgers I cited in this list are actually cheaper (!). My favorite address in this list offers a killer formula of soft drink + burger + fries at 13€. Also, all of these addresses offer a vegetarian option!

My criteria for this list was taste first and foremost; the quality of the meat and the ingredients chosen and affordability. I think there is a burger for everyone in here, because I love a rustic cheeseburger as much as I love a fancy burger with luxurious and unusual cheese and ingredients.

But without further ado, let’s dive right into the subject!

1. Le Ruisseau

Le Ruisseau cheddar burger – source: le Ruisseau official instagram

Le Ruisseau is to my mind the best burger of Paris, and trust me, I have tried a few. Their meat patties are traced and they ask you for your favorite degree of cooking; all the ingredients are fresh, the burgers are made on the spot.

The first time I had a bite out of their famous cheddar burger, I knew right from the beginning it had become my favorite burger address in Paris. The buns are homemade twice a day; their meat patties are traced, massive and so juicy, and the rest of their ingredients are all fresh.

Le Ruisseau veggie burger – source: le Ruisseau official instagram

Above all, their formula is really affordable: they charge 13€ for a burger, fries and a soft drink. You can choose to double your burger for an extra 5€. But my favorite trick of the menu is to order two handy-sized burger instead of a regular one for the same price: you can thus taste two of their creations.

On the menu, they have as many rustic and regular burgers than more original ones, with quality French cheese and so.

They have two locations open in Paris – be careful, the location on rue Rambuteau is extremely tiny, it is not well suited for a group of more than 6 people and there may be a waiting time, especially if you come on the weekend. I can assure you that is oh so worth it.

Le Ruisseau fishburger – source: le Ruisseau official instagram

If you come and the waiting time is too long, don’t hesitate to have them takeaway and go sit in front of the centre Pompidou – this is a very Parisian thing to do as soon as spring comes. Another thing that I love about this address is the secret sauce they serve their fries with: I think I even prefer it to ketchup, that is to say!

My favorite order there is the cheddar burger, and as surprising as it may sound, the fish burger is also outstanding. Their vegetarian option is also highly recommended, its centerpiece consists of a delicious fried chickpeas patty.

Le Ruisseau
22 rue Rambuteau
75 003 Paris

or :
65 rue du Ruisseau
75 018 Paris

2. Big Fernand

Big Fernand gourmet burger – source: Big Fernand official instagram

Big Fernand is one of the most famous anti-fast food burger joints in France. They take pride in their gourmet burgers with full traceability of all their ingredients; excellent meat quality and all fresh ingredients.

They cook all the burgers in front of you, but they do not do regular burgers: each of their creation is curated with the best ingredients available and original pairings of cheese and meat.

Thus, they run quite more expensive than the other addresses listed here – with 17/18€ the formula. However, if you are willing to taste typical French burgers (they call them “hamburgés”), it’s the place to go!

Their vegetarian option is satisfying and delicious (the centerpiece is a giant roasted Portobello mushroom); their fries are excellent and they serve fresh homemade lemonade.

Big Fernand
12 avenue de Villiers
75 017 Paris

or :
they have dozens of adresses in Paris, look up the closest to you on their website

3. Burger n Fries

Burger n Fries – Source: Burger n Fries official instagram page

I have already cited Burger n Fries in my top 10 things to eat in Le Quartier Latin and also in my top 10 things to eat in Saint Michel ; it makes no doubt it is one of my favorite fast foods in Paris. Here is what I already said about this fantastic burger joint:

Burger n Fries is a sensation in France, to the extent that it has been called several times “The best burger of Paris”. This restaurant is a quality hamburger chain that serves burgers made with all fresh ingredients, and at a never seen price in Paris for this quality: 9€ for a menu with burger, fries and drink.

Nothing is frozen, everything is made in the kitchen under your eyes. They prepare their buns every morning, and their meat patties are juicy and simply to die for. My favorite order is the double cheeseburger, and judging from the crowd in the restaurant, I am not alone!

However, keep in mind that even though they make everything under your eyes, Burger n Fries looks more like a fast food chain than a gourmet restaurant. As such, you may leave the place with a slight burger smell following you like a trail. It is best suited for a quick and tasty meal.

Also, if you are a vegetarian, I suggest you do not visit Burger n Fries: their vegetarian burger is close to a joke – exactly the same as the cheeseburger, but without the meat. Le Ruisseau and Big Fernand (two of the addresses previously cited in this article) are to my mind the best options for an incredibly tasty vegetarian burger in Paris. If you visit Burger n fries, go for their double cheeseburger and enjoy!

Burger n Fries
95 boulevard Saint Germain
75 006 Paris
1 boulevard Bonne Nouvelle
75 002 Paris

There you have them, my favorite burger addresses in Paris! You can also add PnY and Blend to the list, but to my mind, they do not score as high as the 3 addresses mentioned above.

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