Parisians are absolutely crazy about picnicking! As soon as it is sunny enough, we enjoy going in specific places where eating outside is nice and allowed. Here are my personal top 3 best spots to enjoy a picnic in Paris!

Top 3 best places to enjoy a picnic in Paris
A picnic by French Impressionist Manet. You don’t have to be naked to enjoy one these days…

Number 3: Le Bois de Vincennes


bois de Vin

The Bois de Vincennes in the East of Paris, now easy to reach by metro (line 1) used to be the place where the Kings went hunting. This huge wood is now one of the best spots in Paris where to enjoy a picnic. If you feel tired of the crowds, the cars and the noise of the city, you will enjoy coming here to relax and breathe fresh air in the silence of the forest.

There are lots of nice picnic sports everywhere with namely prairies everywhere in the wood. I specially recommend the grass near the Lac Daumesnil (metro Porte Dorée). You have a nice view there (watch the photo) and you can walk in the caves or rent a little bark. By the way, you are close to the Château de Vincennes, why wouldn’t you have a walk in the last remaining medieval castle of Paris?

Number 2: Le Jardin du Luxembourg


The Jardin du Luxembourg (Luxemburg garden) is one of the most beautiful French gardens in Paris. With its great symmetrical alleys with palms in the middle, its statues, fountains, canals and the Senate in the background; it is the Parisians’ favorite garden.

This garden is also very special for us: it is one of the only gardens in Paris where you are allowed to lie on the grass! Except from the grass in front of the Senate, it is perfect for a picnic!

Last advantage of the garden: it is in the middle of the Latin Quarter on the left bank of Paris. It’s the neighborhood of the students and the intellectuals of Paris, with the old Sorbonne University, the Pantheon and the old prints and paper shops.

Number 1: The banks of River Seine

Seine banks
Undoubtedly the best and simplest spot for a picnic in Paris!

From there, lying on the cobblestones, you can see the most beautiful buildings of Paris – Notre Dame, the Eiffel tower- and the boats shipping their hundreds of tourists on the river.

If you want to act like a real Parisian; go to Place Maubert on the Left Bank. There you can either buy some food in the open-air market (Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday) or go to the local shops on the square. You will find a baker, a butcher, a wind-seller and a cheese-seller: all you need to make a delicious sandwich!

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