Designer crossbody bags- Photo by The Nix Company on Unsplash

Top 20 Reasons Why You Should Own a Luxury Handbag

Now, a handbag is one invention that came to save women’s lives. Well, even men, if carrying around a handbag is your forte. Whether luxurious or not, handbags make life easy. Imagine a world with no handbags. Where would we be putting our wallets, sandals (when that high heel just ain’t working for you anymore), extra clothing (duh! a woman always need to carry around an extra pair of clothes) and every essential you can think of?  When it comes to those bags that are luxurious, at that point, it’s not about how practical it is but rather, what kind of statement you will make with it.

They just bring out a certain chicness in every woman whether you believe you are one of the chic ones or not. So, if you don’t have one, then sis better invest in it. I promise you, you won’t regret it. You will be starting a whole new journey (okay, I’m stretching it a bit, but I need you to see my point).

Anyway, with that said, handbags whether it’s clutch, crossbody or over-the-shoulder bags, say so much about who you are as a person and basically your personality. So why is it dire that you owe a designer handbag? Here are some of the reasons why you should own a luxury handbag.

1. You will look expensive

Money- Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

We live in a world where being broke is really frowned upon and to be brutally honest, everyone fears poverty. That’s why in today’s society everyone seems to be getting rich and famous over very non-sense stuff. That’s not the point though. With a designer bag, you are sure to look expensive and as much as it’s actually sad and unfortunate to say it out loud, looking expensive in our society equals respect. So if you want to intimidate them and look chic and get your respect in the long run, get yourself a designer handbag.

2. You will look trendy

trendy- Photo by sobhan joodi on Unsplash

It’s all about following popular trends in today’s society and if you’re fortunate enough to get the attention of netizens (they’re the ones ruling nowadays), then you will wake up one day and boom! You are trending. So if you want to look trendy and up to touch with happenings of the world, especially in terms of fashion, get yourself a luxurious handbag.

3. You will look chic

Lady with a designer bag- Image by Happy New Year from Pixabay

Who doesn’t wanna look chic?  It’s every woman’s dream and desire to be the kind of lady who walks into a room with her head held high, looking so chic, classy and sophisticated without even breaking a sweat. That kind of woman is always the subject of envy. With a designer handbag and of course an outfit that well complements it, you will definitely nail it.

4. It explodes your self-confidence

Confident- Image by skylarvision from Pixabay

Nothing gives a woman confidence more than being fashionable and looking beautiful 24/7. Truth is, as a woman, your beauty lies in your fashion sense. If your fashion sense is whack, you automatically become invisible. We don’t want that. So when you’re walking around looking so beautiful and confident, trust me that’s a plus to your self-esteem and self-confidence. And once your self-confidence is at a point where no one will ever have the power of breaking it, that’s when you know you’ve won sis!

5. It will serve you for a very long time

A Louis Vuitton Bag- Photo by Jonathan J. Castellon on Unsplash

You know how they say cheap is expensive? It’s quite accurate. A designer handbag is really, really expensive for sure but you will never have to worry about replacing it over and over again because of spoiling too easily. Let’s be honest, those cheap imitations of the original designer bags always let you down. Always! So yes, with a legit designer handbag, it’s gonna be around for a long time.

6. You will definitely create a statement

Woman with shopping bags- Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Be ready. With a designer handbag, you are sure to leave some tongue wagging. You will definitely create a statement. A statement that you are not to be messed with and that you are confident as hell. You end up appearing so put together and that way, you definitely attract people in your life who can handle that. Not intimidated at all but rather impressed.

7. You announce your independence

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Like I said, with a designer handbag, you look trendy and expensive. What better way to show your independence than this? Giving off this vibe without necessarily having to say it out loud, “hey! I got my shit together and I’m good.”

8. It accentuates your wardrobe

Woman on the street with a designer bag- Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

A designer handbag will make anything you wear look amazing. Well, of course not a sack of potatoes, but anything, at the very least chic and classy, will look amazing when accompanied by a designer bag. Believe me, the bag always completes the whole look.

9. Helps you decide what to wear

Image by Irina Gromovataya from Pixabay

Have you ever been in a position where you’ve been invited to a party (formal or otherwise), but have no idea what to wear? We’ve all been there. However, with your collection of designer bags right there, when you decide which one you would like for the party, it automatically gives you an idea of the kind of dress that would look good with it. In a sense, it creates a foundation for your wardrobe.

10. Helps you create beautiful memories

A designer Bag- Photo by LEISARÀ Creative Studio on Unsplash

When buying designer handbags to commemorate memories, they in a way help you create beautiful memories. For instance, you went to a fancy dinner and ended up having the best night of your life. Every time you come across that cute handbag, you will always be reminded of that happy event.

11. Because you can!

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

I mean, do whatever makes you happy. Isn’t that the motto of life? Thus at the end of the day, you don’t even need a concrete reason and justification for buying a designer handbag. If you wanna buy it, go ahead and do just that sis! Why? Because you can, you have the money and it makes you happy. Sometimes that’s the only reason you need.

12. Because some of them are a classic

Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

You should go ahead and buy your designer handbag before they become a rarity to be seen only in a museum. Given how unique and totally beautiful some of them are, there will come a time they will be rare to find in shops. So wouldn’t it be great to have your own collection of rare handbags? Ones that are not seen with every single woman in the street?

13. Increases in value.

YSL Designer bag- Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

Just like the classical cars, I believe in about 50 years, these designer bags will have really increased in value. Thus if you have a number of them in stock, there will come a time when you will literally be having a goldmine sitting in your wardrobe.

14. They are better for the environment

A handwoven clutch bag- Photo by Zeny Rosalina on Unsplash

Take a look at vegan handbags. With them, you never have to worry about carrying around products that are not eco-friendly especially if you are very considerate of the environment. Because there are so many vegan handbags around, you will be spoilt for choices. Thus at the end of the day, you will not only be stylish but also ethical. Quite a good combo if you ask me.

15. They look better and more beautiful

Designer Handbags- Image by Fauzan Mokhtar from Pixabay

Duh! Have you ever seen an ugly designer bag? Have you ever seen a designer bag that doesn’t take your breath away? No. I think not. You should add this to your wardrobe because of the simple reason that they look way better than the cheap imitations and they absolutely look gorgeous in your arms. Period.

16. They are easier to repair than the counterfeits ones

A Shoulder Bag- Image by catayhome from Pixabay

The good thing with an original designer handbag is that, if it ever spoils, say the zipper tears or something, it can easily be sent back to the original designer and your bag will be repaired. Sometimes even free of charge. With the counterfeit ones, you usually have only two options. To throw it away and buy another one because even if you try to repair it, it will still tear easily again.

17. You appear unique

Designer spacious bag- Photo by Lee Campbell on Unsplash

Because of how expensive they are, it is very rare to find many people with the same design of a handbag. If it’s a cheap imitation, sure! You will walk around the streets of Nairobi for instance and meet 50 other women with the same bag you have in your arms. Now, that can be quite annoying. Good news with designer bags is that you won’t have that. Thus it creates this aura of uniqueness around you because in some instances, you will literally be the only one rocking a Prada or a Chanel in a get-together somewhere.

18. You will feel satisfied

Contented- Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

There is especially a special kind of satisfaction that comes with owning a designer bag. Could be it’s because affording a designer bag in the first place lets you know you’ve reached the highest level of independence and frankly speaking, financially you’re not struggling, but indeed you do feel contented with a designer handbag.

19. You appear as a sophisticated free spirit

Photo by Aleksandra Sapozhnikova on Unsplash

Especially with a crossbody designer bag, you’re already creating an impression that you are free-spirited and adventurous. Not just that. You are the kind of an adventurous person who is sophisticated and classy at the same time. Not ratchet at all! There’s nothing interesting as a free spirit who is also classy. That’s a rare combo believe me.

20. You save money in the long run

Saving up- Photo by micheile dot com on Unsplash

Like I mentioned earlier, designer bags are quite durable and long-term due to their good quality. Thus when you do a one-time investment, you will realize you end up staying with it for a long time without buying another. Thus, in the long run, you save a bit of money since you are sure you will be set long-term once you invest in them.