Top 10 Women’s Shoe Stores in Paris


Updated by Vanessa M in July 2023.

It’s not so much that you won’t know where to find shoe shops once you get to Paris, but more that you’ll be so spoilt for choice you may abandon the whole idea due to general overwhelm.

To alleviate some of the pressure, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 women’s shoe stores in Paris, all of which are within easy access from most main plazas and metro stations.

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Going home from Paris with a well-made pair of shoes is like taking home the ultimate souvenir. Something about purchasing footwear in one of the fashion capitals of the world makes the experience so much more rewarding.

Shoe shopping – by rawpixel – Unsplash

And then of course, theres the quality. Most Parisian shoe stores only trade the finest quality pieces that are made to last. This usually justifies the price tag that come with your new investment.

That being said, affordable shoe retail is also in high supply at fashion retailers around Paris. In conjunction with this, there are also thrift stores around districts like Montmartre and Oberkampf with second hand shoes for sale that wont burn a hole in your pocket.

Like everything else in Paris, your budget will determine what part of town you land up doing your shoe shopping in; that’s simply how things work out here! Here are 10 wonderful shoe stores to keep o your radar when it comes time to shop!

1. Ysasu in Paris

19 Rue André Del Sarte

When visiting Paris there are some sights that are somewhat unavoidable. The Sacre Coeur church is one of them, towering over the Parisian skyline at the top of Montmartre Hill.

As far as shopping goes, Montmartre is a great place to be. At the very bottom of the stairs leading up to the church there is a lovely little shoe boutique called Ysasu.

Ysasu – by Ysasu – Sourced from their website

I always encourage visitors to Paris to support this brand as the owner makes an effort to support local textiles and independent designers around the city.

The creations are unusual and have a vintage feel to them. A visit here is also quite a unique experience because the staff invest time and concern in helping you make the right purchase for yourself.

Ysasu is frequented by Parisian socialites and bloggers who all love the designs. Whenever Parisians support Parisians you know the product must be well worth it.

2. Repetto in Paris

22 Rue de la Paix

Repetto has six locations around the city centre, so finding one close to you should be easy enough.

Repetto gained most of its reputation via word of mouth as they are the makers Opéra Garnier dancer’s ballet shoes. They recently made the decision to expand their range to include more common footwear made available to the public.

Those who frequent the stores maintain that there are probably no better quality ballet flats in the world. They come in every color you could imagine and are of exceptional quality. Naturally, this comes with a price tag to match.

Repetto Store – by Repetto – Sourced from their website

Moving away from ballet flats, their new ranges even include loafers and sneakers. Upon visiting the store your foot will be properly measured and the exact correct size of each shoe brought to you for fitting.

My favorite Repetto store to visit would be their one on the Champs-Élysées. This road puts everyone in a shopping mood and hopping between stores is a great way to waste an afternoon.

The Champs-Élysées will also always lead to some sort of notable Parisian attraction where you can sit back and observe your purchases in peace .

3. Candice in Paris

14 Rue de l’Ancienne-Comédie

Candice is a hidden gem on the Left Bank in the 6th arrondissement. It’s not what you’d expect from a typical Parisian boutique; there are no bells and whistles here.

Candice keeps costs low and customers happy. All of their shoes are made in Europe, which avoids the added costs of import tax. They have a wide variety of designs and options to choose from, usually replicas of the most trendy shoes of the present time.

Ippudo Saint-Germain – by Ippudo Saint-Germain – Sourced from their website

On the block behind Candice is a ramen restaurant called Ippudo Saint-Germain. Its small and understated, but delicious! Authentic Japanese ramen isn’t easy to come by in Paris so try stop by this spot when you’re in the area!

Tip: colder days are always better for both shoe shopping and ramen!

4. Comme des Chaussures in Paris

169 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine

Comme des Chaussures translates directly to Like Shoes, which is a very apt name for this Parisian shoes store. Like Shoes was opened back in 1988 and has been a favorite amongst the locals of Paris ever since.

You’ll pay a bit more for a pair of shoes here, but the quality in both manufacturing and materials is unmatched and you’r almost guaranteed significant longevity in your purchase.

Opera Bastille – by besopha – Wikimedia Commons

Comme des Chaussures is in a commonly unexplored part of town; it is walking distance from the famous Opera Bastille. A guided walking tour is the best way of exploring this side of the Bastille neighborhood; a part that is a little more up and coming when compared to the main square.

There are a few other women’s shoe stores on the same road as Like Shoes so you’ll be able to browse a few others around here if the first one doesn’t tickle your fancy.

5. Size ? in Paris

16-18 Rue Berger

If sneakers are more your shoe forte then Size ? is calling you to the 3rd arrondissement to do some shopping!

This shoe store features one of the most inclusive rages of women’s sneaker wear in the whole of France. They are known for their exclusive partnerships with Nike and Adidas, meaning they get all of the new releases before most other stores.

The store caters for women, men and children alike; all with as wide a variety of ranges to the next. They also have an interesting collection of streetwear clothing to browse through if you’re really in the mood to shop.

Sneakers – by Stanislav Kondratiev – Unsplash

Those who frequent Size ? know to get there first once new ranges are launched. The store tends to sell out fast, if there is a design in particular you are looking for rather call first to ensure stock is available. Pricing is reasonable considering.

One block east and you’ll find The Centre Pompidou. A great museum in which to put your comfy new kicks to good use — walking this vicinity takes hours but is endlessly fascinating.

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6. Mellow Yellow in Paris

Printemps Haussmann

No matter what style of shoe you are in search of, Mellow Yellow has got you covered. They are one of the favorite brands amongst that fashion A-listers of Pairs and are known for their extensive range of colorful footwear.

Mellow Yellow have stores in just about every corner of Paris. Whether you’re enjoying a drink at a bar in the 16th arrondissement or viewing art exhibitions over in the 3rd, there is definitely a Mellow Yellow store lurking around the corner.

My favorite one is in Le Marais. I find the ambiance is calming and puts you in the mood to really think about what you’d like to put on your feet. The customer service uses this as the perfect opportunity to sell you the latest and greatest from the Mellow Yellow line.

This is a great women’s shoe store to visit with friends. It’s fun to see the colorful shoes on someone else as opposed to just yourself for a change.

7. Galeries Lafayette Haussmann in Paris

Boulevard Haussmann

Galeries Lafayette… where, oh where to begin.

This is an upmarket department store chain right in the hearts of the tourist districts of Paris. The flagship one is in the 9th arrondissement, though you’ll find a few more wherever other crowd-pulling hubs are.

The structure is a journey, to put it mildly. You will likely lose the better part of your day here, so it’s wise to go when you really have no obligations to attend. A rainy or snow day is also best!

Galeries Lafayette Haussmann – by Andreas Praefcke – Wikimedia Commons

Inside this single, mulit-level structure you’ll encounter more women’s shoe stores than you can count. From boots to flats, sandals to platforms, name brands to unknowns; the sky is the limit in Galeries Lafayette.

The department store is the go-to for all of the Parisian fashion stylists who need to source the exact right pieces for any up and coming work. The array of choices is what will either completely enthrall or completely overwhelm you — that, and the hoards of people that the space draws in!

Thankfully, the shoe levels are always slightly less crowded than the clothing and accessories!

8. Jonak Sébastopol in Paris

44 Boulevard de Sébastopol

A shoe store for those with simple, refined taste. Jonak is more of a hit amongst locals than it is amongst tourists.

The family behind Jonak have been making footwear since 1964. They take the craft very seriously and quality has never succumb to shortcuts. In spite of this, their prices are reasonable and all of their stores are well kept and welcoming.

Jonak Sébastopol Shoes – by Jonak Sébastopol – Sourced from their website

On the corner of the block is a little take away restaurant called Traiteur Beyrouth. They do delicious (delicious!) authentic, fast Lebanese food. Everything is made fresh daily and served right there in front of you. Try the falafel wrap between your shoe shopping excursions.

Supporting smaller, local Parisian business when it comes to both footwear and clothing is always more preferable than putting your money into larger, franchised establishments. These brands take time on their craft and there is a lot of thought behind each step in the production process — let’s keep them alive!

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9. Mi-Prix in Paris

27 Boulevard Victor

Famous for its florescent yellow exterior, Mi-Prix is another very Parisian shoe store that is loved by the locals.

The store is where you’ll go to buy all the designer brands of shoes at a discounted prices. The prices range between €50 to €200 — taking time to browse is said to bring the best deals into your peripheral. You really can get a real bargain when inside this vicinity.

The only downside about Mu-Prix is its location. Its practically on the outskirt of the south western tip of Paris.

Aside from a movie theatre and a maternity hospital, theres not many other reasons to go to the 15th arrondissement unless you’re there for Mi-Prix.

To get here, take any metro all the way to the Convention station and continue walking down the metro road until you spot the luminous yellow signs of Mi-Prix.

10. Le Marais in Paris

Last but not least I’ve decided to take the 10th spot in this round up to advertise a really great shoe shopping district in Paris.

Le Marais takes up most of the 4th arrondissement on the Right Bank of the Seine river. It is one of the most trendy and fun areas in all of Paris, and as a result offers a shopping scene to match.

Le Marais is filled with free guided walking tours that will take you through the main streets, upon which you can pick out all of the shoe stores en route that you’d like to visit afterwards.

Le Marais shopping, Paris – by Tristan Colangelo – Unsplash

Thrift shopping is another very present form of retail in Le Marais area. If you tend to prefer pre-owned shoes to new ones, this is the perfect place to come in search of some.

5 Thrift stores for women’s shoes in Paris

1. Kilo Shop

69-71 Rue de la Verrerie

This massive shop, spanning 500m2 and two stories near the BHV Marais, is like a secondhand clothing supermarket, jam-packed with hundreds and hundreds of goods.

Photo by RDNE Stock project from Pexels

However, there is no danger of becoming disoriented: everything is meticulously organized by category (trousers, jackets, skirts, shoes, sports clothes, combat trousers, Japanese kimonos, etc.) and even sub-classified by period (such as the 1980s leather Perfectos), material (denim, fur, meshes, etc.), and color (leopard print, checks, sequins, etc.).

As you walk from rack to rack, the overall effect is of a wide rainbow covering every fashion trend of the last few decades.

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2. Free’p’Star

61 Rue de la Verrerie

Free’P’Star, a chic and reasonably priced vintage shop with some nice vintage items from the 1970s, 1960s, 1950s, and beyond, is tucked away in Paris’ 4th Arrondissement. Even though they’ll never say it, the New York fashion set makes this a stop on their buying schedule when they visit twice a year for Paris Fashion Week.

Photo by Alok Sharma from Pexels

The shop is situated in the area right opposite the BHV (large department store), which is the -invisible- border between Les Halles and Le Marais, just a few minutes walk from the Centre Pompidou in the direction of the Marais. There are treasures to be found here, so allot some time for your treasure search. The pricier items—frequently designer items—are hung on the racks.

A vintage Dior lambskin coat or a Chloé cachmere can be found there. Also enjoyable to sort through are the large containers. Sometimes there are only castaways, but occasionally you’ll find a Desigual or a Ben Simon thrown in among the bunch.

3. Guerrisol

96 bis Bd Barbès

Guerrisol is a retailer of cheaply priced used clothing that is perfect for growing your business. It is among the locations in the city that should not be overlooked when shopping. The Guerrisol thrift store sells used clothing and vintage items, just like all the thrift shops you can find in France.

Photo by Stanislav Kondratiev from Pexels

Clothing for men, women, children, and even fashion accessories are available. In some stores, shoes can be found. You can take advantage of the thrift store’s bargains in addition to finding items for a few euros, and you might be able to look for lovely clothing for just one or two euros.

Guerrisol provides pricing up to 90% less expensive than in supermarkets, similar to solidarity thrift stores. It’s a clever method to cut costs.

4. Hippy Market

71 Rue Rambuteau

The largest global network for vintage clothing, Eureka, which also owns the renowned French store Kiliwatch, is concealed behind Hippy Market. With more than 2,500 people spread across 14 countries, Eureka collects more than 36 million tons of clothing every year.

Beyond My Ken, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The clothing and shop design of Hippy Market is unmistakably hippie and from the 1970s. Prices are slightly higher than in medium-range second-used shops, but all the clothes and shoes are properly arranged and presented, so it may be worth it for the variety and cleanliness. This store is ideal if you are impatient and demanding.

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5. Le Débarras

69 Rue Marguerite de Rochechouart

The store has such unique items that in addition to style enthusiasts, swing fans, stylists, and fashion students that come here for inspiration, filmmakers, costume designers, and photographers frequently come here to shop as well.

Photo by RDNE Stock project from Pexels:

Nothing is missing from the two floors of this unique secondhand store, which features Gatsby-style costumes, dresses with 50s prints, eyewear, unexpected jewelry, hats, and wedge shoes with wooden soles.

It is the retro lovers’ paradise. Brigitte, aka the Baroness of Paname, and her partner Yannick are at the helm of this Parisian institution that is only a short distance from Pigalle. They embody the dandy zazoo spirit of the 1940s and provide a sharp European and American vintage selection that ranges from the 30s to the 80s.

Since you spend so much time on your feet in Paris, it only makes sense that you’d invest in a pair of shoes that you love to take you on your travels around town.

If you’ll be hopping museums and parks; be sure that the sneaker section gets a few minutes of your time in each store — take it from someone who once tried to walk Montmartre hill in vintage heeled boots!