Top 10 tips to seduce a Parisian woman

If you’re coming to Paris and you’re wondering how to seduce a Parisian woman, you’ve come to the right article! Because today I will be sharing with you my top 10 tips to seduce a Parisian woman. Parisian women are extremely fun, outgoing and open-minded. If you meet one, you can be sure you will spend a very nice time! Nonetheless, there are a few things you need to know. Parisian women have a strong temperament, and they are the most independent type of women you will ever meet. If they set their minds on something there’s no way you will make her change her mind. That’s what makes them so special and unique. Fun is always guaranteed with Parisian women! If you’re a romantic but also an adventurous person, you absolutely need to meet a Parisian woman. To help you a little, here is my top 10 tips to seduce a Parisian woman.

A great sense of humor

Top 10 tips to seduce a Parisian woman

A great sense of humor is the key to seducing a Parisian woman! They love to have a great time and to laugh a lot! So if you manage to make her laugh, she’s already half way seduced! Just make sure she’s laughing with you at your jokes, not at you! (I’m joking) Laughing together has always been and will always be the best way to relax and to break the ice between two people. If you’re both laughing, it’s a sign that there’s a good chemistry between you two. To have a great sense of humor is very important to relax and to socialize. It will show that you’re open-minded and lively!

Be courteous

Next on my top 10 tips to seduce a Parisian woman is to be courteous. Parisian women love politeness. If you’re rude, that’s a no-no for sure! In France, we do appreciate a lot of courtesy and good manners. You have to know that being loud and rude is not attractive at all. Parisian women hate this type of behavior. So, always be polite!

Respect above all

Parisian women are strong and extremely independent. They love to be respected above everything else. If you want to meet a Parisian woman and get to know her, you really should be respectful and treat her well. If you don’t treat her with respect, you can be sure she will send you packing!

Flatter her style

Top 10 tips to seduce a Parisian woman

Parisian women love fashion and their style is always on point! They always look their best and are the trendiest women alive. There’s a good reason Paris is also known as the “capital of fashion”. All the best trends and fashion revolutions were born in Paris. The best fashion designers come from Paris. So, obviously, Paris women had to have the best style and an exquisite fashion taste! Compliment her jacket, her shoes, or her makeup. Compliment her about anything that caught your attention. Parisian women usually keep it simple and classy. They wear dark colors and don’t wear too much makeup. Nonetheless, each detail of her look has usually been carefully chosen. She will always value the fact you’ve noticed the details!

Be a good listener

To be a good listener is one of my top 10 tips to seduce a Parisian woman. If she notices you’re not listening to her, she will definitely lose her interest in you. Since you’ve met her and managed to talk together, you have to be a good listener. Otherwise, she will feel like she’s losing her time.

Ask about her interests

Talk to her, ask about her tastes and interests. Try to learn more about her. She might give you valuable information about herself. It will be totally useful in case you happen to meet again. Small considerations and thoughtful gestures are very much appreciated and matter a lot. If she tells you she likes pizza, take her to a pizzeria without telling her. She will definitely like the attention. If you’re into her, you should try to discover things about her personality as much as possible.

Don’t lie


Seventh on my top 10 tips to seduce a Parisian woman is not to lie! Parisian women hate to be lied to. If you want to seduce her, you should be honest with her. Trust is important. Show your true self, so that she knows she can believe you. If you’re honest right from the start, it will build trust and it will install a positive atmosphere between the two of you.

Be playful

Another advice I can give you is to be playful. Tell her some jokes, make her laugh, you can even try to sing a French song to her, such as “Formidable” by Charles Aznavour. It’s both a very funny and romantic song, mixing French with English. In my opinion, it might melt her heart. Because it’s a very sweet song and an original way to interact with her. If she teases you back, she’s being responsive and seduced!

Be confident

Confidence is appreciated, so try to be confident as much as possible! To be confident is definitely one of my top 10 tips to seduce a Parisian woman. You have to be self-assured. I mean, it’s completely normal and common to feel a little shy when you just met a new person. But Parisian women love confidence and find it very sexy. Be brave, boost your ego and go for it! When nothing is ventured, nothing is gained. It’s better to try and fail than to leave without even trying. Don’t think about what you could have or should have done, just take the risk. Sometimes people regret what they haven’t done more than what they’ve actually done.

Try talking French

Top 10 tips to seduce a Parisian woman

Last on my top 10 tips to seduce a Parisian woman is to try talking French! Believe me, she will love it! Parisian women love foreign accents and they value a lot when people try to talk the French language. Because, in Paris, we don’t usually make the effort to speak English! But we do appreciate when people do the effort for us. Keep this in mind! If you succeed and get to seduce a Parisian woman, you can take her in a picnic for some wine and cheese or ask her to take you in a night tour of Paris. The best way to visit Paris and all its landmarks is in the company of a Parisian woman because she will definitely give you a different perspective on Paris.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article about top 10 tips to seduce a Parisian woman and that you’ve found it useful! If other tips come to your mind, don’t hesitate to share with me. Also, let me know how well my tips have worked for you! Enjoy! See you soon in Paris!

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