Top 10 tips to seduce a Parisian man


If you’re coming to Paris and plan on meeting a Parisian man, you need to read my top 10 tips to seduce a Parisian man! Parisian men are usually very outgoing and friendly. They love to meet new people and learn about new cultures! But they also love to share everything about their own culture! Thanks to this article, you will know the qualities they value the most and what subjects they like to talk about to start a conversation. Try not to be afraid, be confident and go for it! It’s completely normal and common to feel a little shy when you just met a new person. But Parisian people love confidence and find it very sexy. When nothing is ventured, nothing is gained! Sometimes people regret what they haven’t done more than what they’ve actually done. Plus, to have a handsome Parisian man show you Paris and all its charm is way better than to visit Paris landmarks on your own! Your stay in Paris will be even more special. And, you may find the love of your life! Who knows! So, have fun reading my top 10 tips to seduce a Parisian man!

Be elegant

Elegance is the most essential key to seduction. Being elegant is basically to keep it classy. Parisian mean love simplicity. So, you really don’t have to make too much efforts to catch their attention. They love subtle makeup, well-kept hair and manicure, nice clothes that fit perfectly. But above everything, they adore a good smell. Put the perfume that best matches your skin on. If you smell nice, I can guarantee you he will notice it and he won’t resist telling you so. No one is left indifferent by a good smell!

Elegance is more than just a pleasant appearance. Elegance is also about graceful manners. In a few words, elegance is a state of mind, it’s a way of living! In Paris, elegance is appreciated. Because it covers all the best qualities a person can have.

Be discreet


Next on my top 10 tips to seduce a Parisian man is to be discreet. Being discreet is similar to being elegant. I would say these two qualities must be combined. What I mean when I talk about discretion is to respect his space. On your first encounter, avoid asking intimate questions about himself. You want to avoid embarrassment and an awkward situation. Talk about culture, arts, and Paris city. Private matters will naturally come the next time you will see each other. On your first encounter, don’t force anything. Just be discreet. If anything is meant to happen, it will eventually happen.

Be polite

Parisian men love politeness. If you’re rude, that’s a no-no for sure! In France, we do appreciate a lot of courtesy and good manners. Put your phone away while you’re talking to him, be kind and respectful. You have to know that being loud and rude is not attractive at all! Parisian people hate this kind of behavior. So, always be polite!

Love French cuisine


If you want to seduce a Parisian man, you should love French cuisine! Because one thing they do love for sure is our food. We love our specialities and we always boast about them. Parisian people consider to have the most yummy traditional dishes and specialities, such as steak-frites, macarons, quiches, and many more. If you want to seduce a Parisian man, if you love French cuisine but want to know more about it, well, the best way to do so is with a Parisian. Because they will show you the best types of cheese, the best wine that goes with the cheese and much more. Since he’s from the city, he will also show the best places in Paris to try the best dishes there are!

Appreciate French literature


Next on my top 10 tips to seduce a Parisian man is to appreciate French literature. French literature is very rich and has influenced many others. If you’ve read some French literature classics, it will be much easier to engage in a conversation. Literature can lead to many other subjects of conversation. Talk about the literature works you liked the best, but also about the ones you disliked the most. He will see you’re knowledgeable and that you appreciate his country and its culture. And I can assure he definitely will value it.

Love to walk around Paris


As Thomas Jefferson said, “a walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty and in the point of life”. Paris is an inspirational city. Every Parisian man loves Paris with all their heart. One has to admit it is one of the most charming and romantic cities on earth. Paris has many neighborhoods, such as Montmartre, Le Marais, the Latin Quarter. They are very different from one another but have the same amount of charm and romanticism. If you love to walk around Paris, it will be one of the things you will have in common with your Parisian man. Parisian men usually have long walks around Paris whenever they have some time. They know their city by heart, so they will be more than pleased to show you Paris hidden gems and the best places to really experience the Parisian lifestyle.

Appreciate French cinema

French cinema is very appreciated by Parisians. If you tell him about movies other than box-office US movies, he will see you don’t simply follow the stream. He will see you like to learn everything about a culture’s country, that you are always looking forward to new knowledge. You don’t have to know everything about French cinema, but a few movie titles or actors and actresses names can be useful.

Have a great sense of humor

Parisian men love to have a great time and to laugh a lot! They are very friendly and love to tease! So if you manage to make him laugh, he is already halfway seduced! Parisian men also love to make people laugh. If he starts telling you jokes and starts teasing you, it might mean that he likes you too! He’s trying to seduce you himself. Laughing together has always been and will always be the best way to relax and to break the ice between two people. If you’re both laughing, it’s a sign that there’s a good chemistry between you two. To have a great sense of humor is very important to relax and to socialize. It will show that you’re open-minded and lively!

Be sophisticated but not too much

You want to be sophisticated, well-behaved, and everything! But not too much… Why is that? Because you don’t want to look uptight! Parisian men are very open-minded and very liberal. If you’re too conventional, you won´t get along!

Do not take yourself too seriously

You are human, you are not perfect, you make mistakes. And that is awesome! If we were all perfect human beings, it wouldn’t fun at all to hang out with each other! Our flaws and qualities are what make us unique and special. You need to accept yourself and simply be yourself! Your truest self is your best self. So, learn how to laugh at yourself when necessary and be humble. Enjoy each day of your life, enjoy yourself. Every day matters! So, above all, always try to have fun!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article about top 10 tips to seduce a Parisian man and that you’ve found it useful! If other tips come to your mind, don’t hesitate to share with me. Also, let me know how well my tips have worked for you! Enjoy! See you soon in Paris!

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