Top 10 things people love about Paris


Paris is one of the most popular destinations, and there are several reasons why. This city offers lots of things, and not only to the locals but also to everyone passing by… Here are the top 10 things people love about Paris or 10 reasons you should come to Paris!

Self expression

You may already know it, but French people, and especially Parisians, are the best at complaining. So Paris remains the best city to defend your cause or to express your anger about some issue. This is why Paris has been the starting point of numerous French revolutions. Through demonstrations, strikes, art, language, we love sharing our opinion about anything, no matter how annoying it may be sometimes! And anyone is invited to do so, therefore feel free to raise your own protestation movement next time you’re passing by Paris!

Paris protest

The magnificent bridges

Another thing people love about Paris is the huge amount of bridges. We don’t only love them, but also all their surroundings! Paris has two gorgeous islands in its center, and this area is the most beautiful one to go for a walk. They all have their own specifics, and they’re all unique in their own way. Feeling artsy? Go to the Pont des Arts. Want a throwback to the Middle Ages? Try the Pont Neuf. Nostalgic of the art-deco style? The Bir-Hakeim bridge is waiting for you.


Exquisite food

Let’s be honest, this is one of the main reasons why people love Paris. French cuisine is famous all around the world, and Paris is the epicenter of the art of gastronomy: croissant, macaron, croquembouche, crepe, ratatouille, quiche and much more… Besides finding a boulangerie at nearly every corner of the street, you’ll be able to appreciate Parisian food either in one of our prestigious restaurants, but also in the several small bistros or food-trucks. No matter what your budget is, you can always afford great food, as long as you know the places to go. Try for example the amazing food market of Les Enfants Rouges!

Top 10 things people love about Paris

Love everywhere

Love is definitely a top thing people love about Paris! If you’re not coming with the love of your life, you may meet her or him in the most romantic city of love. And it’s not just a cliché, Paris has so many places dedicated to romance. No surprise that so many found love in Paris…

Top 10 things people love about Paris

Parisian culture

Let’s be honest, it’s not Parisians themselves that people love about Paris, but it’s their culture. Parisians may be proud or disdainful, but their culture is definitely great! Besides their stylish way of life, their own manner of speaking, their will to enjoy their city, they know that their life is being envied by lots of people… This is why they may seem arrogant, but deep inside, they are just proud to be Parisian, and just want to share their passion for their city!


An exciting nightlife

Paris has a dynamic, crazy, astonishing nightlife! For all tastes, all ages, all budgets, everyone can find their best spots to have the night of their life in Paris. Between the exciting cabaret, the Moulin-Rouge, the fancy rooftop of the BHV Marais, the very cosy and cheap bar Le Pantalon in the Latin Quarter, or even the very surprising quays of the Seine, Paris turns each night into a thrilling party!


Typical cafés

Typical Parisian cafés are another thing people love about Paris. You may complain about the scandalous expensive price and the ridiculously small amount of coffee in your cup, but cafés are a must-do in the French capital! There, you’ll be able to discuss world issues, get into a thrilling debate about French wines, catch up with friends, and most importantly, stare at people in the street. That way, you’ll get the full Parisian experience at cafés!


The cultural heritage

Paris has also a deeply interesting historical and artistic culture! And to discover it, no need to spend days in all the numerous museums. Most of the streets in the center of the city can reveal Parisian past: check the Notre Dame surroundings if you want to learn more about the Middle Ages, pass by the trendy neighborhood of the Marais to get a glimpse of the Renaissance style, or enter Montmartre and its exciting neighbourhood to discover the art-life of the nineteenth century!


The metro

Parisian metro is such an interesting experience, it’s a thing people love about Paris! Even if it’s not the cleanest place of Paris, the metro remains the headquarter of Parisians, according to a famous French sentence « métro, boulot, dodo », which means “subway, work, sleep” in English. This sums up the daily life of the Parisians.

Besides being very convenient and quite cheap, the metro has some very surprising stations! Check out the very last part of the Bastille prison wall at the station Bastille on line 5, discover the magnificent Louvre-Rivoli station on line 1, and have a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower on line 6, between the stations Bir-hakeim and Passy

If you want to make sure you understand the Parisian metro system while in the city, I advise you to read this article. It provides a lot of useful information and tips you will certainly use! You can also check this one, if you’re looking for some tips for your first time in the city!

Paris metro

Unique streets

One of the main aims of going to Paris is to get lost in the streets… Something people love about Paris is definitely walking around and discovering new hidden places! Paris is full of surprises, you just want to keep your eyes wide open to be sure not to miss them! Between the magnificent passages, the lovely parks or the artsy street art, getting lost in Parisian streets is the best thing to get the full local experience, off the beaten tracks!

All these top things people love about Paris make the city as the best place to have the trip of a lifetime! Come to Paris so that you can try the exciting Parisian experience, the city is waiting for you… I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and I also hope to see you very soon in one of our tours!

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