Top 10 Reasons to Love Italian Brands


Many Italian brands are a symbol of prosperity and opulent living. From the sporty glamor of Maserati to the chic extravagance of Dolce & Gabbana and the unique leather charm of Attavanti, Italian fashion goods have become the preferred choice for luxury lovers from all over the globe.

We have summarized the top 10 reasons to love Italian brands. Learn why you should select Italian brands over their foreign equivalents.

1. The History of the Brand

One of the top 10 reasons to love an Italian brand is the history behind it. Each Italian brand mixes deep-rooted traditions from the past, family secrets and masterful creative concepts.

Also, Italian products have gained popularity throughout the globe for their quality, longevity and uniqueness of style. Italian antiques frequently decorate hotels, lounges and homes, bringing sense of uniqueness and style to various environments.

Italian Fashion Brands Are of the Highest Quality, image sources by Essential Living

2. Quality

Italian brands are associated with long-term quality. Most of the well-known Italian brands have established themselves in their respective markets. Like we already mentioned, you might have heard of Attavanti, the Italian leader in high-quality leather accessories and the variety of fancy and unique product offerings it features.

Many of us are also impressed with the contemporary furniture designer Cappellini, a well-known producer of avant-garde furniture and chic interior design solutions for your home.  Most of these brands exhibit the traditions of different generations, with much production experience behind them.

Cappellini Interior Designs

3. Style

People associate Italian fashion brands with exquisite style. Cities like Milan and Rome are the main Italian ‘style’ capitals of the country, and there where you can indulge in a fun shopping journey amid original boutiques, big commercial stores or shopping markets in the open air.

4. Uniqueness

Classical uniqueness – Italian craftsman don’t follow tendencies, they follow their own heart. That’s why the products of Italian designers are full of life, and don’t follow pre-determined standards. They have unique textures, designs, colors. They look and feel differently.

From the high-quality leathers produced in Florence to the amazing shoes factories in the Marche Region, authentic Italian goods have no equals in terms of vision and style.

Italian brands frequently offer customized products. One of the major focuses is on the individual, not on the mass public tastes. Italians are known for their ability to create original pieces that will be in tune with every taste.

Unlike big commercial chains that feature trendy accessories and outfits, most Italian brands strive to offer customized, once-in-a-lifetime products that don’t mimic mainstream tendencies.

La Marche Market

5. Get Your Money’s Worth

One of the top 10 reasons to love Italian brands is their perfect balance of quality and price. When you buy Italian, you buy long-term quality. Even if you spend a bit more than what you normally would, you will be able to enjoy the product for many, many years. Not all high-quality Italian brands are offered at high prices, so just shop around and you will find an variety of balanced quality and pricing.

6. Status Symbol

Italian brands are frequently status symbol. The charm of Armani, the multi-colored patterns of Dolce & Gabbana and the extravagant models of Cavalli are well known in the fashion world. Italian marble producers such as Marcolini Marmi have become a mainstream destination for those looking to equip their home with fancy furniture pieces.

The Italian meals brands are also world-famous in the gastronomic world. Have you tasted the Italian gelato brands Gran and Amorino or the famous Toscana-produced Italian cheeses? Italian pesto and pasta sauces have been known for their outstanding organic flavors, mixing ripe tomatoes, spinach, mushroom and wine, and providing a ‘once-n-a-lifetime’ flavor to your dish.

Marcolini Marmi Marble

7. Buy for the Memory

One of the top 10 reasons to buy an Italian brand is the experience associated with it. For numerous people, shopping in Italy is associated with invigorating travel, banter with local traders and new, undiscovered yet shopping ambiance.

8. Buy to Invest

Buy the right Italian product and you will enjoy a timeless possession that you can even transmit to your future generations. It’s not by chance that Italian antiques are so well-known and so well-preserved. And the Italian antiques have so much charm and longevity  that it’s easy to add them to your collection of home-made interiors.

Italian antiques

9. An Excuse to Travel

Europe has lots of the different brands to choose from. Each one has its own unique style to it. From the high-quality of the German brands, to the finesse of the those “made in France’’, to  the culturally-diverse London products, Europe features all kinds of timeless pieces for each and every taste.

You can find various Italian brands nowadays online, and in other European cities. But the truly Italian spirit of your chosen good can only be felt while strolling the wonderful streets of Rome, Milano or Florence, where you can explore the fascinating factories and boutiques and find a match for your needs and style.

10. Buy for the Lifestyle

Italian brands don’t mean a product; they mean a lifestyle. Have you heard of the amazing handmade aromatic soap brand Dolce Vivere Italian Soaps by Nesti Dante Handmade Soaps. The soaps have natural scents due their all-natural ingredients that fill the air with magical pleasantry as you melt them in the water. Many Italian brands are a world on its own, which is one of the top 10 reasons to love Italian brands.

Nesti Avanti Soaps