You have been walking all day long discovering all of Paris’ secrets, and you are probably really tired. Since the weather is lovely as usual, you decide to take a break and look for a park to put your feet up a bit before moving on. So you are probably asking yourself: what are the 10 best parks and gardens in Paris, where you can enjoy a rest? The following are, for me, as a Parisian, the top ten best parks and gardens you can find in Paris.

The Buttes Chaumont’s Park


This is the place where Parisians love to go when they have some time and want to relax. Located in the 19th district, in the North-East of the town, this is probably the most “Parisian” park. It seems that the natives want to keep the secret of this charming place, but its loveliness is making it really famous.

Built on a hill, with a lot of narrow paths and a fantastic view, this is obviously the place to go if you just want to loiter between the trees or sleep on the grass, in a wonderful and peaceful atmosphere!

Top 10 parks in Paris

The Bagatelle’s Garden

Located right in the center of the Bois de Boulogne, this is obviously the place where nature and flower lovers would find what they love. With more than 1000 species of roses, a little castle in the center, its lakes and birds, this is the place you should go if you want to feel like you are in the countryside. This is our nature island in Paris!


The Luxembourg’s Garden

Located in the centre of Paris, in the 6th district, the Luxembourg’s garden gives you the opportunity to rest on the grass while staring at the Luxembourg Palace, a majestic piece of architecture where French members of Parliament meet. This is the ideal place if you want to take your lunch outside and, most of the time, this is where I go with my friends to eat.


The Monceau’s Park

This is quite a strange one, and this is why we love it. This one is definitely really special. Located in the North-West of Paris, and surrounded by big Haussmanian flats, this park gives you the possibility to admire a lot of different styles of architecture: a Dutch windmill, an Egyptian pyramid.

This is not a traditional garden at all, and that is what makes it charming. Finally, this is probably the place with the biggest diversity of bird species around town, so if you want to enjoy their songs, you know where to go!


The Vosges’ Place

This place is probably the best preserved in Paris, allowing you to imagine how the town was, back in time. Located in the 4th district, it gives you the a place to rest on the grass right in the middle of the famous Marais’ quarter, in a place totally surrounded by ancient buildings, protecting it from the noise and the crowds. You can’t find this atmosphere anywhere else in Paris, so don’t hesitate!


The Tuileries’ Garden

Located in the neighbourhood of the Concorde and the Louvres, this park isn’t the most green or natural at all. But it is probably one of the most majestic. By walking down its paths, you can admire at the same time, both the Concorde and the Louvres Pyramid. This is the place to go if you want to take a break during your visit to the quarter!

Tuileries gardens

The Auteuil’s Garden Greenhouses

These are romantic and lovely greenhouses located in the West of the town. This is the place to go if you want to travel the world in a walk, no matter the weather, as the glass roof will protect you from the rain.

This garden offers you at the same time the opportunity to admire a typical french garden, a XIXth century architecture, and exotic flowers and fishes – for example Japanese fish.


The La Villette’s park

This is the biggest park in Paris, with a little bit more than 35 hectares of grass in the North East of Paris, in the 19th district. This is also the only one opened at night, where you can find at the same time a lot of artists, bikers or children just enjoying all the attraction this huge park offers.

Finally, this is the most important place in Paris concerning the music festivals, so music lovers will find what they are looking for!


The André Citroen Garden

This 14 hectares park located in the 14th district was opened in 1992, and considered as « the postmodern version of a French Garden ». This alone justifies why you should go there – it is something you won’t find anywhere else. What’s more, this is a place you can find a public fountain giving clear, fresh and drinkable… sparkling water. Isn’t that fancy?


The Plants’ Garden

Located in the 5th district, this is the biggest botanic garden in Paris, with its 10,000 different species of flowers. The new tropical greenhouses also give you the opportunity to discover the world right in the middle of Paris. If you just want to relax by walking on the paths, you will surely enjoy some of the oldest trees in the country, as one is dated back to 1734.


So now, it’s your choice! But I am sure you will find what you like in this little list because, you know, Paris is such a great city that you always find what you like. So see you soon in one of those parks!

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