Top 10 Massage Parlours in Lisbon



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Since ancient times, the technique of rubbing the skin has been applied to achieve beneficial results and well-being. It is also born as a result of fatigue, exhaustion, stress, and diseases such as anxiety and depression, as an antidote.

It has even been used even after sports to heal injuries and pain. There are countless types of massages that go around all parts of the body, from the face, back ( where all the accumulated tension usually focuses at caused by the wrong posture), legs, arms, etc.

Amazing Benefits of Massage

Massage can improve various aspects of people’s daily lives, such as a lack of sleep and depression. As different massage techniques promote serotonin and dopamine or even improve blood flow, it’s possible to achieve a good mood.

For people who want to turn to fitness, there are abdominal massages that reduce fat: Chi Nei Tsang, Motley and Maya practices. Even though there are many myths about this it is widely used nowadays. This practice heals a disfunction of the digestive system, kidneys and liver. 

Of course, massage can relieve any type of pain caused by an abrupt use of muscles. It can also be considered as a beauty treatment because of it’s rejuvenating skin functions.

During such a session, all the natural elements such as aromatherapy, almond, aloe vera, chamomile, lavender and other oils that keep the skin moist, elastic and young are being used. If you have allergies to any of those, remember to tell the massage therapist about it. Otherwise, you can have an unpleasant expereince afterwards.

Your life can get definitely better if you could get a massage at least once a month. For those people who have a stressful life,it is advisable to visit a massuse ones or twice a week. This should defeinitely be on your “to-do” list if you want to maintain a great time in Lisbon and have pleasant memories.

Common Elements in Massage


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As mentioned before, they usually use natural oils, sheets, large and small towels. The room should have a calming light that does not annoy the client, and the room itself should reserve their privacy, especially when the clients are changing clothes.

The Spa always has to offer the clients a feeling of being “at home”. In spa they often play relaxing music and have some decoration candles for a more romantic vibe.

Massage Parlours of Lisbon

Tram 28

Lisbon by Christine Zenino – WikiCommons

The city offers you magnificent places with professional excellence that you cannot resist; don’t you feel like a relaxing massage during your visit to an incredible place? When you travel you may find yourself in stressful situations such as getting the ticket, planning with the other members of the trip, the arrival and departure of the airport and especially in Lisbon – the long walks!

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1. Four Seasons Ritz Lisbon

This place is a 2×1, you get an amazing hotel room to rest at night after exploring the great Lisbon City and also they have these incredible spa treatments with professional help. Ritz hotel provides a unique experience for Lisbonners and tourists that want to relax and enjoy the peace of this busy city. You can request a whole-body massage with the luxury you deserve. 

2. Corinthia Hotel

You will not believe that this place is real! Get into a new vibe with the Corinthia Hotel’s spa. Have a cocktail next to the private pool, spend time with yourself or your partner at this extraordinary space, get a yoga session with an instructor, and go to the gym…and of course, the most relaxing massage with aromatherapy will leave you breathless. 


This exclusive place is also a good option for you. They have comfortable technologies and excellence in the treatment of customers. They’re the best when it comes to making you feel like a Queen or King. Also, if you want to add a unique experience to your relationship, they offer you sensual massages with deep sensations. At Shizen tantric’s website, you’ll find pictures of their therapists, which is a great way to make you feel like “at home”. 

4. Terra Heal

Rated by tourists as an “oasis” for your muscle tensions. You will get rid of the entire burden you carry on your exhausted shoulders. They have all the massages we mentioned before, sport massages, relaxing ones. They work with coconut oils as well and what is important to know is that they’re not a spa. Clients are separated by curtains, so they don’t have private rooms, but the good news is that you don’t have to make a reservation. You can visit Terra Heal whenever you want and get sessions from 20 to 120 mins.

5. Magic Spa

By Pestana Hotel, at Pousada de Lisboa, they are a professional massage place.  They offer massages, skincare, relaxing. All you are looking for. 

6. Nep-Thai Therapeutic Massage Center

This place offers specialists of Thai massage, depth and stretching massage. Get the big Zen vibes at this massage center.

7. Elohim Spa

A majestic local spa for tourists coming to Lisbon. They have a very professional team and kind staff that can also speak English; this is a great plus as much as it is easy with payments via PayPal. 

8. Ateneia

Beauty and care. Taking care of your facial skin is very important, don’t miss the opportunity to do it in Lisbon. Feel younger, help your blood rhythm, and forget about stress marks and wrinkles. 

9. The Beauty Bar

They are a beauty salon with manicure, relaxing massages, waxing. The skin protects from external agents, heat, and cold so you better take care of your skin. This a perfect option to get ready for the party at Lisbon’s most popular places like bars and clubs.

10. Altis Belem Hotel and Spa

In this hotel and spa you will find great cuisine service, big and clean rooms, incredible staff, the view of the Lisbon city and fashionable spaces. This is just right to all the new people visiting Lisbon.

You have a lot of options to choose in Lisbon, so don’t miss this experience and go visit a professional Spa as a gift to yourself and your partner. Get closer with Portuguese largest city and the luxury it can offer. 

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