Top 10 Kosher Restaurants in Paris

Paris is known for being one of the most diverse cities in the entire world. Hundreds of thousands of people of many different religions and cultures have assimilated in Paris over the past couple of centuries, and bringing with them some unique customs, cultural traditions, and of course some delicious cuisine.

The Jewish community in Paris is quite large compared to other cities in Europe, in fact, France is home to the third largest Jewish population in the world. In France, a large percentage of Jewish people strictly abide to the religious traditions and customs, even when it comes to dining!

As it turns out, because there are so many practicing Jewish people in the city of light, Paris is known to have one of the best varieties of Kosher restaurants out there.

Read below for the top 10 Kosher restaurants in all of Paris, and let us know which of these are your favorite! ( And make sure to plan your Kosher meal outings during the week as the restaurants are closed on Friday nights and Saturdays.)

1. L’As Du Fallafel in Le Marais

L’As du Fallafel- Wikipedia

This middle eastern Kosher Israeli restaurant in Le Marais is so popular, it usually has a line stretching all the way down the street. But rest assured, the line moves quickly and the wait is worth it. You’ll actually find L’As Du Fallafel on almost every Paris food guide and most tourists add this little food joint on their itineraries.

Due to the increasing popularity, they even opened a second takeaway window just up the street. The food is your typical middle eastern selection, with Schwarma, hummus, salads, and Schintzel.

Most people order the most popular dish which is the fallafel pita, which is highly recommended. It’s actually better than any fallafel I’ve ever had, and you’ll hear most people say the same! Another fun fact -this is actually Lenny Kravitz’s favorite restaurant in Paris.

OPENING HOURS: Sunday TO Friday: 11:00AM TO 12:00am (closes at 7pm on fridays)
ADDRESS: 32-34 Rue des Rosiers, 75004 Paris

2. Tikoun Olam in the 12th

Tikoun Olam- Facebook

This trendy Kosher restaurant is growing in popularity especially among young people in Paris.

It’s a typical meat restaurant, with excellent hamburgers, steak, and foie gras. Make sure you book a table in advance especially if you are a larger party.

This is a really great spot for celebratory dinners, as the ambiance is really energetic and fun, with some loud music and friendly waiters. The best part of the experience is how they handle the delivery of dessert.

Every time someone orders a dessert, they bring it out with sparklers and blast the music, celebrating everyone in the restaurant. I’ts quite the dining out experience and the food is very delicious.

Do  be prepared for a larger bill as this restaurant is a bit on the pricier side (18 € for the hamburger), but definitely worth the splurge!

OPENING HOURS: Sunday TO Friday: 12pm–3PM, 7:30pm–11:30PM (closes at 3pm on fridays)
ADDRESS: 136 avenue Daumesnil Paris 75012

3. Il Conte in the 16th

Il Conte- Instagram

Paris has really nailed Italian food, and Il Conte is no exception. This small restaurant is located in the beautiful 16th district in between Trocadero and L’arc de Triomphe in an area densely packed with Kosher seeking individuals.

They have really delicious pizza, and their pastas are the perfect balance of texture, sauce, and flavor. My favorite is the classic A La Norma, the pasta cooked al dente with a tomato based cream sauce and sauteed eggplant.

Because of the strict rules of maintaining an establishment as kosher, the restaurant does not serve meat as to not mix, so don’t expect to find a bolognese dish here. Still, you’ll have plenty of options for all types of Italian food lovers!

They’re also known for some pretty tasty desserts, my favorite being the meringue with chocolate sauce.

OPENING HOURS: Sunday TO Friday: 12pm–3PM, 7:00pm–11:30PM (closes at 3pm on fridays)
ADDRESS: 47 Avenue Raymond Poincaré, 75016 Paris
METRO STATION: Boissière or Trocadero

4. Le Gendre du Boucher in the 16th

Le Gendre du Boucher- Facebook

Here’s another trendy meat place, located in the 16th. Le Gendre du Boucher is perfected the art of meat and the steaks are incredible.

What makes this place so great also is the variety. With your main course whether it be a steak, burger, foie gras, or chicken, you have the option to pick from a list of sides such as salad, spaghetti, french fries, potatoes, and veggies.

The appetizers are also amazing. Try the hummus or the sausage, or both!

The interior decor of the restaurant is also modern chic, so a great restaurant for a cute date night or dinner with friends.

OPENING HOURS: Sunday TO Friday: 12pm–2:30PM, 7:30pm–10:30PM (closes at 2:30pm on fridays)
ADDRESS: 84 Rue Lauriston, 75016 Paris
METRO STATION: Boissière or Trocadero

5. Bozen in the 17th

Bozen- Facebook

This sushi restaurant is actually a chain with locations at Villiers, Trocadero, Iéna,  Vincennes, and Charenton.

Finding good sushi is a rarity in Paris, yet Bozen has really succeeded in crafting delicious sushi as well as other yummy Asian fusion dishes.

The spicy inferno tuna is mouth – watering good, and their rolls are pretty unique, with some even offering foie gras and chicken on the inside! One of my favorites is the chirashi salmon with avocado, and the Brazil roll, fried on the outside for those who are on the hungrier side.

Try any of the above locations as the menus are more or less the same, and come back many times as the selection is also pretty huge!

OPENING HOURS: Sunday TO Friday: 11:30pm–2:30PM, 7:00pm–10:30PM (closes at 2:30pm on fridays)
ADDRESS: 39, avenue de Villiers – 75017 Paris
METRO STATION: Monceau or Villiers


6.  Rodchenko in the 4th

Rodchenko- Facbook

Rodchenko is one that has been suggested by all my Parisian friends who know good Kosher food. This restaurant, also specializing in meat, is known for its unique take on hamburgers and its juicy steaks.

They offer a “burger of the week”, with a different special every week. Want a unique burger? One of their weekly special hamburgers  consisted of pan-fried foie gras, mango, lamb’s lettuce, onions, and pecans. 

Ever try a burger with fried egg on top? Here you can!

Make sure to book a table in advance as the place is popular and can get quite packed.

OPENING HOURS: Sunday TO Friday: 11:00pm–3:00PM, 6:00pm–11:00PM (closes at 3:00pm on fridays)
ADDRESS: 17 Rue des Ecouffes, 75004 Paris

7. Vicky in the 17th

Vicky Paris- Facebook

Vicky Paris is always packed with hungry food lovers, and this is the place to be if you want to feast.

The portions are huge, and the menu offers a pretty large variety from fried chicken, to burgers, to steak, sausage, and not to mention the heavy side portion of homemade pasta with red sauce.  It’s as if you stepped into grandma’s kitchen and you sure won’t leave hungry.

The fried fish burger was insanely good, and was enough to feed two people. They also have salads for those who are sticking to healthier eating habits.

OPENING HOURS: Sunday TO Friday: 12:00pm–2:45PM, 7:00pm–10:45PM (closes at 2:45pm on fridays)
ADDRESS: 13 Rue Rennequin, 75017 Paris


8. Miznon in Le Marais

Miznon- Facebook

This hip middle eastern food joint now has multiple locations with the most popular being Le Marais. All of the ingredients are fresh and the taste is even fresher.

Enjoy low-carb delicious meals, friendly for vegetarians! Try the roasted cauliflower or cauliflower in pita sandwich, my personal favorite. There are also meat options which tend to be quite popular.

The menu is all handwritten on a little cardboard square giving the place a little charm, and usually the line goes out the door.

OPENING HOURS: Sunday TO Friday: 12:00pm–11:00PM (closes at 4:00pm on fridays)
ADDRESS: 22 Rue des Ecouffes, 75004 Paris


9. l’Inté Caffé in the 8th

L’inté Caffé- Facebook

Here’s another Italian place  with extremely delicious pasta.
This one stands out because they throw some cultural twists on some of the classics, like a creamy pasta dish with a famous Tunisian caviar delicacy called boutargue. It’s simply delicious to say the least.
The ambiance is nice, fancy enough for a date, casual enough to take your family.
The prices are a little higher than regular Italian establishments, but the food quality makes it worth it.
OPENING HOURS: Sunday TO Friday: 12:00pm–2:15PM, 8:00pm- 10:15pm (closes at 2:15pm on fridays)
ADDRESS: 22 Rue Cambacérès, 75008 Paris

10. Le Shine in the 17th

Le Shine- Facebook

Good Chinese food is hard to come across in Paris. Le Shine is another Asian fusion restaurant with some pretty tasty Chinese dishes.

They have the typical Chinese restaurant dishes like lo mein, sweet and sour chicken, sesame chicken, crispy beef, and more.

They also have sushi options for those who don’t like hot asian food.

Try the Jewish custom of eating Chinese food on Christmas, as this place will be sure to be open (unless it falls on the sabbath!).

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