Top 10 Interesting Facts About Nero

Despite his brutal, narcissistic and despotic nature, the Nero Emperor of Rome received remarkable support and recognition among his people during the time of his reigning.

The life of Nero was marked by numerous controversies and criticism. He was the ruler that murdered his own mother and his first wife. His violence and explosive temper were unparalleled.

His brutality became the object of worldwide reproach as soon as he murdered his second wife, who was pregnant, by kicking her belly.

Nero was most known for the murders and prosecution of Christians before global protests and rebellions took place.  Soon after that, the emperor’s harassment of Christians was rebuked and viewed as unacceptable.

The Life of Nero : Myths, Controversies and Interesting Facts

1 .    Nero Was Dangerous.

Being around Nero meant exposing your life to danger. He was a murderer. He murdered some of his teachers and his adviser Seneca who committed suicide on Nero’s will.

2. He had outstanding teachers.

One of his most notable teachers was the Stoic philosopher Seneca. Seneca taught him the complexity and intricacy of philosophy and was Nero’s passionate advocate of his mother’s murder in front of the Roman senate.

3. Nero had full restored Rome from the ashes when it burnt out during the Big Fire

Burning Rome, Image by Atlas

During the fire outbreak, much of Rome was burnt to ashes. It was Nero’s task to restore the city from scratch, and the emperor gained worldwide recognition for being able to build a brand new city and restore its architectural grandeur.

In fact, Rome owes much of its grandeur today to the emperor’s efforts and penchant for order, design and architecture.

4. Nero was tremendously inspired by the Greek culture. 

Greece had been under the ruling and influence of the Roman empire for two centuries, and Nero visited Greece regularly, taking part in various social events, musical performances and athletic competitions, such as the Olympics.

Image by Pinterest

Nero was a potent athlete and he had an amazing relationship with the Greeks. The Greeks delayed the Olympic games to give Nero the chance to compete in the Olympics and Nero did amazingly well at so many events and competitions, bringing 1808 prizes home. It’s interesting to note that once he fell off of a chariot during a competition race and couldn’t finish the race.

5. Nero Experienced Financial Difficulties Which Led to the Failing of His Empire

Nero’s Empire ended because of monetary difficulties. He was taxed high on his money, and his tremendous financial debt cost him his empire and his whole life. His financial challenges caused him to commit suicide. After his death he preserved his popularity, becoming one of the most leading figures of the Roman empire from the past.

6.  Nero Had a Grandiose Banquet Created for His Own Entertainment

Image by GetYourGuide

In 2009, a new archaeological discovery in the famous Palatine Hill in Rome unravelled the ruins of a  grandiose banquet that features a rotating chamber built in the Nero times. According to lead archaeologist, Francoise Villedieu, these ruins are a symbol of Nero’s opulent lifestyle. Grandiose ivory panels showered scents and flower motifs over the walking guests as they walked into a fabulous universe of architectural glamour.

7. Nero Married a Eunuch

Nero wed Sporus, a young eunuch who bore a striking resemblance to his former missus, Poppaea Sabina. He decided to preserve his bride’s youth through castration. Nero dressed him in a woman’s attire and addressed him as “Sabina.”

8. Nero was Never Happy In His Personal Life

Nero got tired of his companions easily and he liked change – however, he never got tired of Sporus. Sporus was with the emperor until the end.

8. A Legend Says that Nero Might Return from Death as Anti-Christ

Nero’s prosecution of Christians led to the threat of a civil war which blossomed wit the threat to destroy the Roman empire.   Nero’s place was taken by Galba who was to be the first emperor to head the Empire in the so-called Year of the Four Emperors.

Nero was mostly depicted as a despotic ruler who tortured Christians.  There was a legend that he would return as the Antichrist one day and he was not dead.

10. Nero Was Responsible for the Death of Multiple Christians

Numerous people hold Nero responsible for the fire of the Eternal City. However, he blamed members of the Christian religion for the outbreak of the fire, just because they were already held accountable for numerous wicked parties.

Subsequently, the Christians were prosecuted and blamed for the big fire of the Roman empire.  Soon after that Nero’s reputation became remarkably negative. His violence against Christians was unparalleled. He would order some of them to dress in animal clothes and be given to the dogs. He was also known to light Christians on fire, and use them as a light source in his backyard when it was dark. He was one of the most violent historical figures of all times.

Nero was one of the most despotic emperors of the Roman empire. Besides his violent acts, he was known for his affinity for music and sports that was clearly reflected in the variety of competitions which he took part in.

He was also known as a fierce enemy of the Christians and his affinity for fights and cruelty.

One of his most notable achievements was the resurrection of the Roman Empire from the ashes, building its architectural glamour and some of the most iconic landmarks of the past times.