Alexander Skarsgård speaking at Wondercon 2012 in Anaheim, California on March 17, 2012- Author; Gage Skidmore- Wikimedia

Top 10 Facts about Alexander Skarsgård


Officially born Alexander Johan Hjalmar Skarsgård, in Stockholm in 1976, he is a Swedish actor who began acting at the age of seven but then quit when he was 13. He however returned to acting and even gained his first role in the US film comedy, Zoolander after serving in the Swedish military. His name is quite a mouthful I know, and that is why he simply goes with Alexander Skarsgard.

Skarsgard’s major breakthrough came after starring in the popular TV series, ‘True Blood,’ which ran between 2008 and 2014.

1. Alexander has been named Sweden’s Sexiest Man Alive five times.

Alexander Skarsgard at the 2012 Comic-Con in San Diego- Author; Gage Skidmore- Wikimedia

You can’t name Alexander Skarsgard without the adjective sexy right in the middle of your description. It is not even a surprise that he has been named Sweden’s sexiest man alive five times already. I mean, have you seen the guy? For any red-blooded, straight woman, you have to agree that indeed he is a beautiful specimen.

Even when he acts as a villain, you can’t help but feel that indeed you need a ‘bad boy’ to spice up your boring life. Okay! At this point, I exaggerate too much. Sorry. You get the point though, right?!

2. Served in the Swedish military

Swedish Soldiers in Kosovo- Author; SGT Bryan Reed- Wikimedia

It is no wonder Skarsgard’s quite good in any military role he gets an opportunity to star in. When he was 19 years old, he got into the Swedish armed forces after applying in order to perform his national service.

He served under a unit that was known as ‘protect and hunt,’ and it dealth with anti- sabotage and anti- terrorism in Stockholm. He served for 18 months. So apart from being very talented, he is also a patriotic guy who literally served his country.

3. Received an honorary degree from Leeds Metropolitan

Graduation cap and certificate- Image by Olya Adamovich from Pixabay

In 2011, Alexander received an honorary degree in the arts at the northern seat of learning in Leeds Metropolitan. He looked quite good and dashing in his gown. We can now refer to him as Dr. Alexander Skarsgard. Pretty ool, huh?!

4. Skarsgard was an ambassador for ‘walking with the wounded’ event

Walking With the Wounded Challenge Arctic Trucks- Author; Arctic Trucks- Wikimedia

Having served in the military himself, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Alexander once participated as an ambassador for the American team for a ‘Walking With The Wounded,’ fundraising event, meant to raise funds to support wounded soldiers.

In this event, he trekked to the South Pole against the UK team whose ambassador is Prince Harry and the Canada/ Australia team whose ambassador is Dominic West.

However, a few days into the trek, it was decided the competition part would be cancelled due to harzadous terrain and bad weather and so the teams combined force and journeyed on together.  All three of them successfully reached the South Pole in December, 2013.

5. Alexander is also a football fan

A football game- Photo by Thomas Serer on Unsplash

Well, to be fair, most men are football fans so of course this is not a jaw dropping knowledge. Anyway, apart from all his accomplishments and passions, Alexander is also a football fan, especially, the Hammarby Football club, based in Stockholm, his birth place.

He is such a supporter of them such that in October 2010, he donated several autographed items to this club’s fundraising  auction.

6. He is the recipient of so many awards due to his outstanding performance

Awards- Photo by Ariel on Unsplash

After starring and giving an outstanding performance as an abusive husband in in the drama series, ‘Big Little Lies,’ that ran between 2017 and 2019, Skarsgard managed to scoop a number of awards.

These include a Primetime Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award, a Critics’ Choice Television Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award. Goes to show how good his performance that for just that one role, he scooped all these awards. You should actually watch this show. It’s pretty interesting. I highly recommend it.

7. Has appeared in a music video

Making of a music video- Photo by KAL VISUALS on Unsplash

Appearing in television as an actor is one thing. But appearing in a music video is a whole other thing. It’s just mad respect for a performer who can do both. Why? Because in a music video it is your presence and demeanour that really matters and sells.

So in 2009, when Skarsgård appeared in the music video for Lady Gaga’s song, ‘Paparazzi,’ that was truly amazing and commendable.

8. Studied lions in preparation for his role as Eric Northman


A lion yawning- Image by Alexa from Pixabay

True Blood was a huge success thanks to the likes of Alexander who gave an amazing performance. Skarsgard played as Eric Northman, a merciless and ruthless vampire, over 1000 years old.

However, they do say that practice makes perfect and so it is quite amazing how he took time in real life to understand his character well by studying lions. Why lions, one might ask. Because as king of the jungle, a lion is a very calculating and smart predator and that’s why he is the king of the jungle anyway.Always at the top of the food chain.

Given how his character is close to that of a predator whose thinking and acting are always calculating, it is no wonder he chose lions to be his learning aid.

9. He was also in the running to play Thor

Thor, a mystic being- Image by Nico Wall from Pixabay

Thor is a pretty popular marvel comic that has an interesting storyline. I mean, this is what made Chris Hemsworth really famous. It is no wonder that Alexander also had an interest in it and I think he would have made a great Thor. I may be biased but seeing his performance in Northman as this avenging and strong Viking, I am convinced he would have done pretty well. He however lost that position to Chris and ironically, his father who is also an actor got to play in it as scientist Erik Selvig.

10.  He identifies himself as a feminist

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Feminism is simply a movement that advocates for women’s rights on the basis of equality. Alexander says he deifinitely agrees with the ideology of the movement, where women are also given equal opportunities without suffering sexism.

While discussing the gender inequality and sexism typically found in Hollywood in 2018 at the Elle show, Alexander admitted that it is disgusting that it actually happens. Not only in Hollywood but also in other professions, where men in power think that they are entitled.

He went ahead to commend women who are standing up for themselves and fighting this societal attitude, terming them as brave because it is through their fight and resilience that things will finally change.