Top 10 best wedding venues in Lisbon

Today I will be sharing with you my top 10 best wedding venues in Lisbon. Because Lisbon is a great city to organize a wedding in. In terms of atmosphere and variety of spaces, it has it all. If you either want a wedding by the beach, in a garden, or under a traditional deck, you will be satisfied in Lisbon. Whether you want a small wedding with a few guests or a huge ceremony to party through the night, Lisbon has the best wedding venues.

Weddings in Portugal usually happen during the summer. When the weather is warm, both during the day and night, the demands for wedding venues increase. So if you want to get married in the summer, you should make reservations long before the date of the wedding. And start planning everything beforehand to avoid unexpected outcomes. To help you figure out your options for wedding venues in Lisbon, I’ve made a few researches and asked around to gather a list of the best ones. So if you’re interested in getting married in Lisbon, read on this article and find out my top 10 best wedding venues in Lisbon.

A wedding in the city center: Palácio de Sant’Anna


The Palácio de Sant’Anna is more than three centuries old. This stunning establishment is located at Calçada de Santana, nº 214, in the center of Lisbon. You have plenty of different rooms that can host 200 persons and a huge terrace that offers a panoramic view over the city. This place has its own catering, but if you want a specific one for your own choosing, you can too.

The Palácio de Sant’Anna is the perfect place if you want to stay in the city for your wedding. It might be more practical, especially if you are receiving people from abroad. If you have invited plenty of guests and many of them are coming, having a wedding in the center of the city may be the best idea. People will be free to book a room in a hotel or rent a flat to go to after the party. So that they can enjoy the rest of the stay and visit Lisbon.

A luxurious wedding: Hotel Ritz Four Seasons


Located at Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca, 88, you will find the luxurious Hotel Ritz Four Seasons. Having your wedding at this five stars hotel must be a unique experience.

This hotel is considered to be the best hotel in town for several reasons. All your demands will be attended to, and the service truly is the best you will ever have. They will take care of everything: from the invitations, the wedding cake to the splendid decorations. You will be treated like queens and kings on your wedding day. Plus, it’s a two in one deal: since you will be in a hotel, you and your guests can stay the night and meet on the next day for breakfast!

A wedding by the sea: Coconuts


Next on my top 10 best weddings venues in Lisbon is Coconuts. Located at Av. Rei Humberto II de Itália, 7, in Cascais, it is away from the city center.

From Lisbon to Cascais, the trip will last about thirty minutes. However, Coconuts is definitely the place you should choose for your wedding if you want to get married by the sea and also want you and your guests to spend the night at the same place.

At Coconuts, you can have a modern wedding while enjoying the beauty of the nature around you. The service this establishment provides includes catering, an open bar and they will accompany you through all the process of the organization for your big day!

A peaceful wedding: Hotel Fortaleza do Guincho


Another suggestion if you want a wedding by the sea is the Hotel Fortaleza do Guincho. It is 38.3 kilometers away from Lisbon. It is located at Rua Figueira do Guincho in Cascais. It takes about forty minutes to get there from Lisbon. The Praia do Guincho and the Serra de Sintra make the place one of the best wedding venues in Lisbon. Surrounded by nature, you can celebrate your love in a peaceful atmosphere along your relatives and friends.

A lovely and charming wedding: Estufa Real


The Estufa Real is one of the best wedding venues in Lisbon for several reasons. First of all, it is located in the city center, a five minutes walk from the Jerónimos Monastery. Then, it has the most wonderful garden of Lisbon. The Estufa Real has three different salons, a tent in which you can have a personalized decoration. From there, you have an amazing view over the gardens and the blue Tejo river.

You can have up to 300 guests and if you book the place, you will have it all to yourself. Right in the city center of Lisbon, I have to say this place is full of charm and a very good choice for a wedding.

A Lisbon inspired wedding: Páteo Alfacinha


If you want a wedding that feels like you have the city of Lisbon all to yourself, you have to pick Páteo Alfacinha. Located at Rua Guarda-Jóias 44, it’s the perfect place if you want to have a small wedding with your closest friends and relatives.

The Páteo Alfacinha looks like a tiny version of Lisbon. You can have up to 160 guests. An open bar is available. This place is lovely, with all its traditional azulejos, the calçada portuguesa, the garlands that are typical of Alfama, and the orange tile houses around the courtyard.

If you love Lisbon and want to feel like the city is all yours, I would suggest you to choose the Páteo Alfacinha, where every detail reminds of the city.

A boat wedding: Leão Holandês


As you know, the Portuguese people are closely connected to the sea. They have an explorer’s soul. So here is one of the most unconventional ways to celebrate your love: on a boat across the Tejo river. The Leão Holandês will provide you this awesome opportunity.

Indeed, on the Leão Holandês you can invite up to eighty people. They propose many services, such as catering, open bar, and music so you and your friends can have fun the whole day. You can book the whole boat for two hours and a half at least, or for as many time as you want. Thanks to this option, you and your guests will have a unique perspective on the city of Lisbon. You will be able to see all its emblematic monuments from the sea, and enjoy the most mesmerizing sunset ever. However, make sure none of your guests are seasick!

A romantic wedding: Palácio de Monserrate


Hidden in the Serra de Sintra, you will find the Palácio de Monserrate. This majestic place will make you and yours guests feel like you’re in a fairytale. At this palace, one thing is guaranteed: your photos will be a success. Every tiny detail of the Palácio de Monserrate is enchanting.


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One of the main corridors is extraordinary which will be perfect for the bride’s entrance. The roof of the main salon where the wedding reception will take place, the Sala da Música, has plenty of golden details. If you want your wedding to look like it’s straight out of a fairytale, you have found the place.

A sunny wedding: Portas do Sol


Located at Largo das Portas do Sol in Lisbon, the esplanade bar Portas do Sol is one of the best wedding venues in Lisbon. From there, you will have an incredible view over Alfama and the Tejo river. Everything will be thought and organized for you and your guests comfort.

Remember that the prices vary according to the services you want. If you want a catering service or if you want them to take care of the decoration, there will be differences in the price.

Have an open air wedding: Quinta da Bellavista


On the south side of the Tejo river, at Azinhaga de Montinhoso in Costas de Cão – Caparica, you will find the Quinta da Bellavista. If you want to organize a huge wedding with many guests, this place is perfect. There are plenty of open spaces.

From the tent you will have an outstanding view over the Tejo river and the city of Lisbon. The staff of the Quinta da Bellavista is very thoughtful and will support you from the beginning of the preparations to the end of the celebration. And you can have a maximum of 600 guests.


And if you’re looking for wedding photographers…

If you are looking for wedding photographers, professionals that will tell the story of the best day of your life as a couple through pictures, I have to introduce you to four people who are definitely the best you can wish for. They are passionate and will make sure they capture lifetime memories that will be dear to you.

The subtle director: Luís Gomes


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Based in Aveiro district, Luís Gomes is an incredible photographer that will create scenes for the shooting without you even noticing. He goes on a walk with you, talks with you while capturing the most lovely details about you and the scenery. What you don’t know is that he has picked this specific walk and this specific place because he knew it would enhance both your own beauty and the beauty of the location. This is why I call him the “subtle director”. He is discreet, makes sure you’re comfortable and lets you be yourself.

Luís Gomes produces stunning photos without overdoing it. Your wedding memories are in good hands with him! Plus, he delivers the edited photos in record time. In just a few weeks, you will receive your wedding photographs!

The passionate: Parallax Photography

Parallax Photography was born out of the passion for photography of Rita. She will bring out the best in you and highlight it through the photos. Her smile is so contagious, so you will feel the urge to smile as well. Rita loves to be part of the most important moments of your life. From engagement shootings, family portraits to wedding albums, she captures the emotions of each of these instants.

If you love intimate photos, Rita is the girl for you! She loves to take close-up shots, to express the emotions of a look, of an embrace, of a caress.

The relentless: Atmosphere

Sandra and Miguel are a couple of wedding photographers that work under the name of Atmosphere. They are all about simplicity and capturing the most authentic aspects of your wedding day. They have such a delicate way to capture anxiety, excitement, tears of joy, laughter, and many other emotions you will feel throughout the day.

They want the pictures to be as genuine as possible, so during the wedding, they usually simply roam around, take snaps of the guests, making sure everyone gets to be on the wedding album but also spend some time alone with the newlyweds to immortalize their first day as a married couple.

I have now shared with you my top 10 best weddings venues in Lisbon! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and that it has been useful.

You are in love, and you’re about to tie the knot with the person who makes you happy and completes you, so you want everything to be perfect. To make sure you choose the right place for your wedding, the best you can do is to visit each of these places. Once you visit the one who’s meant to be, you will know for sure, it will be “love at first sight”! Joking!

To book the place you want, start making the arrangements at least a year in advance, especially if you’ve decided to get married in the summer! Because there are a lot of demands during the summer, in particular during the month of August. I also want to tell you to try not to worry too much, because the main reason people will gather on your special day will be to celebrate your love. You are loved and that is the greatest gift.

See you soon in Lisbon for your wedding!

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