10 Best Day Trips from Tokyo


10 Best Day Trips from Tokyo

Tokyo is among the most hysterical, vivacious and vitality filled urban zones on the planet. Home to an impressive number of people it is in like manner one of the most populated.

An ever-dynamic city, there is bounty to see and do during a visit to Tokyo. Present-day and business-arranged, there are authentic spots in Tokyo that you should not miss.

Senso-Ji is a perfect noteworthy haven focusing on a Goddess. The Meiji Shrine and the Tokyo Imperial Palace are in like manner, perfect spots to explore.

Japan is an incredible interconnected country — the region incorporating the capital city has an abundance of enlightening and great marvels to investigate. Let us examine the most incredible day trips from Tokyo.

1. Disney land and Sea


Disneyland doesn’t just exist in Los Angeles and Paris, however, you can likewise discover it in Tokyo as well. Japan has its one of a kind Disneyland amusement park and Disney Sea park nearby. A day excursion to Disneyland sees you appreciate the full Disney experience.

Here you will get the opportunity to meet and blend with your preferred characters, rides and full-sized Cinderella Castle.

The experience is otherworldly. Disney Sea includes a gigantic lake in its middle, and there are water rides, and Sea themed attractions to keep you and your family chuckling and gaining experiences for a considerable length of time.

2. Hakone


Hakone is one of Japan’s most adored natural aquifers resorts. Situated in the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, Hakone is the passage to Mt Fuji.

Before you take a plunge in the hot pools, visit the Hakone Shrine and going with exhibition hall discovered close to Lake Ashi.

Likewise, go for a walk along the shores of Lake Ashi, it offers a stunning perspective on mountains out yonder.

Note that this specific region of Japan gets a cosmetic touch up in harvest time when the leaves are turning.

The last visit before the natural aquifers ought to be the Hakone Open Air Museum that highlights many eccentric and thought to incite models.

3. Mt Fuji

Mt Fuji is the most notorious familiar scene in Japan and is, truth be told, the most elevated mountain, or rather a well of lava, in the nation. Encircled by five otherworldly lakes, to see Mt Fuji’s wonder is to accept.

On a day trip from Tokyo, take in the stunning vistas of provincial Japan and join a visit to Oshino Ninja Village, which ends up being a significant expansion to the day.

The Japanese nursery at the Ninja Village is mind-blowing as well. Here you can learn further about Japanese culture and even have your photograph taken with a ninja.

4.Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo Bay

Even though the Skytree is immovably in the core of Tokyo, joining a visit to the Skytree with a voyage on Tokyo Bay is an excellent day trip that sees you leave as far as possible.

From the head of Tokyo Skytree, the most monstrous telecom tower in the city, you can see Mt Fuji if the climate is especially apparent.

Try not to pass up on this chance to load up on gifts and souvenirs at The Solamachi Mall neighbouring the Skytree.

When you have left the city skyways, you can take off onto the conduits and absorb Tokyo’s fabulous cityscape from the extravagance solace of a journey vessel in the narrows.



The mountain city of Nikko is among the most beautiful destinations in the entirety of Japan. A day outing to Nikko sees sanctuaries, supreme estates and sparkles in abundance. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this mind-blowing city is deserving of all conservation endeavours.

The mountain scene of Nikko city is stunning. For the day, you can stop by the Toshogu Shrine and wonder about the unpredictable masterfulness of its design. Gold leaves, over 2.5 million sheets, decorate the inside.

The Tamozawa Imperial Villa is an absolute necessity see, worked in 1899 the estate fuses a component of Meiji, Taisho and Edo engineering. Make sure to charge your camera before you leave Tokyo.

6. Kamakura

Kamakura lies simply 30 minutes from Tokyo downtown area and is one of the more straightforward day outings to organize.

Without a doubt, the feature of Kamakura is the mammoth Great Buddha of Kotokuin sculpture. A fantastically terrifying site, you need not be of a specific strict direction to welcome the grandness of the Great Buddha sculpture.

Japan is ideal for sanctuary jumping and during a day excursion to Kamakura; you will investigate a few temples that are lovely each different; however, no less bewildering.

7. Yokohama

Yokohama is a city saturated with nautical history for it was one of the principals used harbours in Japan for worldwide exchange in 1859. With a vast Chinatown territory, Yokohama is a blend of Asian societies.

There are tons of Chinese eateries to investigate; Yokohama is an extraordinary city from which to analyze Chinese and Japanese culture thoroughly.

The Yokohama Marine Tower is among the clearest milestones in the city. It includes a perception deck from which you can look down on the town or out over Tokyo Bay that takes care of into the East China Sea.

8. Enoshima


Enoshima is a little island associated with the terrain Shonan region by the 600m long Enoshima Bridge.

There is bounty to investigate on this reduced island; however, the feature is without a doubt the Enoshima Shrine complex. The sanctuaries’ consecrated grounds gave to the goddess of favourable luck, music riches and verse, Goddess Benzaiten.

The island has its aquarium; however, with caverns and sanctuaries to investigate, associating with old history and culture is progressively beneficial. The Iwaya Caves are well known and highlight lagoons to add to the uniqueness of the site.

9. Chichibu

Get enchanted by Chichibus’ pink shades. The beginning and end of the Chichibu Kannon Pilgrimage course, it is encircled by rough mountains that house 34 hallowed sanctuaries.

In the city of Chichibu, you will discover the Kinshoji Temple, the fourth stop along the journey course. Here you will have the option to watch several Buddha sculptures, each not quite the same as the last.

The Hitsujiyama Park is among the most magnificent parklands in the entirety of Asia; most famous for its spring blossom show and abundant blooms and sprouts consistently.

10. Kusatsu Onsen

Concealed in Gunma Prefecture are Kusatsu Onsen, one of the most well known natural aquifer resorts in the district, and high on the rundown of most loved hotspots for local people as well.

Kusatsu Onsen makes for a delightful day trip from Tokyo, yet you may leave away wishing you had more opportunity to unwind and loosen up. On the off chance that you can stand to go through a night or two here, you would not think twice about it.

During your visit, you should watch the Yumomi execution. During the show, ladies mix the natural aquifer waters with huge wooden oars to help chill off the steaming pools, singing society tunes at the same time.