Things to do in Paris around Saint Louis Island


As you may know, in Paris we have two islands: l’Île de la Cité (the City Island) and l’Île Saint Louis. This is not the most famous ones of the two because there are no major landmarks there, however, there is a huge diversity of things to do in Paris around Saint Louis Island.

Things to do in Paris around Saint Louis Island

Why is the Saint Louis Island so special for Parisians?

You just have to know that if every Parisian could see their biggest dream happen and all live where they wanted, this island would have sunk a long time ago. When asked, any Parisian would dream of having a flat in Paris will answer you without hesitation: l’Ile Saint Louis, and this for many reasons.

The Île Saint Louis is not the same as the rest of Paris, where you will find the landmarks impressive and stunning. This island is the real beating heart of Paris. The Saint Louis Island is Paris most beautiful smile. Charming, with small and narrow streets everywhere, only old stores (mainly antiquaries), the Seine all around and beautiful buildings, you will find on this island the real soul of Paris. And what is even better is that this island is never crowded except during the vacations. It always stays very quiet and empty.

You may then wonder why it is so calm. Because if Parisians love this island that much, why are they never there to spend their time? This is due to the fact that, us, Parisians, only go on this island for something very special, for special occasions. We reserve it for certain occasions, with children on a sunny afternoon, for a date, a stop in a lonely walk, etc.

Because we keep this place for those special moments, it becomes some kind of secret treasure year after year where we have our best memories. The heart, soul and secrets of every Parisians lie there. There is actually nothing that gets a Parisian angrier than to see this island in the summer, crowded with tourists.


What is even more amazing on this island is that it is where you will find the greatest Berthillon store

Berthillon is the best ice cream seller in town. And if he is the best of Paris, he also is, of course, the best of the world! Tasting those ice cream is obviously one of the most important things to do in Paris around Saint Louis Island. This man has retailers everywhere in the city. But the only true original shop is on this island, and this is a good enough reason to walk there, would it only be to share an ice cream with someone!

Experience the Saint Louis Island atmosphere and lifestyle


One of the best things to do in Paris around the Saint Louis Island is to try to experience its atmosphere and lifestyle. It is Parisians favorite area for several reasons. You will only truly understand it once you live it! Roam aimlessly in Saint Louis Island streets, enter the stores, walk along the banks of the Seine. This charming area will enchant you!

In the Saint Louis Island, you will find many restaurants, bakeries and art galleries. Plus, from there, you will get a totally different perspective of the Notre Dame Cathedral. If you’re interested in renting an Airbnb apartment in the area, book it in advacnce, since it is very popular!

This article about the best things to do in Paris around the Saint Louis Island is now over! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it and that it has been useful. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further information about anything. If you want a local guide to guide you through the city and show you the best places, you can book a private tour! You will get all their attention and will get to know the best of the city! See you soon in Paris!

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