Things to do near the Orsay Museum in Paris


Visiting the Musée d’Orsay is a visit that you can obviously not miss during your stay in Paris! But you can’t stop there! There are a lot of things you would miss near . So, what are the best things to do near the Orsay Museum in Paris? Here is my personal Parisian list. For sure you will enjoy it!

Some other museums?


The first things you should be looking for around the Musée d’Orsay are some other museums. The quarter can indeed offer you plenty of museums, for all tastes! One of the most impressive one is the Musée du Quai Branly. It is dedicated to the African, Asian and Oceanian forms of art. This is definitely a place where you can travel the world through arts, just by walking by the galleries!

Invalides Night

You can also decide to go to the Invalides to see the French Army Museum, where you can discover more than two hundred years of history in a single museum!

The main monuments in this quarter?

A second thing you can do is simply to go for a walk around the main monuments of the quarter. You have indeed a lot of things to discover around the Musée d’Orsay. Then, you must go to the Invalides. This is for me the most underrated monument in Paris, and it’s only ten minutes away by foot from the museum.


You really need to see how majestic it is when you arrive from the Alexandre III’s bridge, and you see the enlightened golden dome of the Invalids surrounded by wide green grasses, which makes it even more amazing. You definitely need to see it. You can also go to have a look at the French National Assembly, where you can feel and learn a lot about French history. The French National Assembly building is located basically on your way from Orsay Museum to the Invalides. This is a really lovely and impressive walk, it would be terrible to miss it!

You just want to loiter a bit?

You may be tired after the visit and really long walk in the center of Paris. You just want to relax a bit then? Don’t worry, Orsay Museum‘s neighborhood can also offer you what you are looking for. My favorite place to have a walk or a coffee would be in Saint Germain Des Prés’ quarter. It is only ten minutes by foot far from Orsay, on the left side when you go out of the museum. You can, for example, go to the famous Café de Flore, a typical Parisian café just in front of the Saint Germain’s Church, where you can have a good time with a picturesque view. It is also the artist’s or movie stars café, so maybe you will meet a famous actor… Or me, as I spend a lot of time there.

Cafe De Flore

So now, you got everything to enjoy the district near the Orsay Museum, and to see much more than the museum itself! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article about some of the things to do near the Orsay Museum in Paris! Let me know which one was your favorite! See you soon in one of those places!

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