You’ve already visited the Cathedral Notre-Dame and you’ve already walked around the church… What to do next? There are plenty things to do near Notre Dame! I am going to show you the secret places of the Ile de la Cité!


Tie a love lock at the bridge



Behind the church, there is a bridge, it’s called le Pont de l’Archevéché. It’s an unusual bridge: on both gates of the bridge there are locks! These are called the “love locks”. It’s a tradition in Paris, the most romantic city in the world: you have to tie a lock at the bridge and throw the key in the River Seine. This is a way to seal your love for eternity! Every Parisian (who is in love) has tied a love lock at this bridge, so be a real Parisian; it’s the best thing to do near Notre-Dame!

Hungry? Ice Cream Shops, Restaurants and Wine Bars are all over Notre Dame


After visiting Notre-Dame and tying a love lock at the bridge you’ll probably feel hungry! The Ile de la Cité is a good place to easily find restaurants, but most of the places are touristic and very expensive! Here are little tips to get good food affordably. If it’s a hot day, you should go Berthillon (the best ice-cream shop in all of Paris – and maybe in the world!).

Berthillon is located on the Ile Saint-Louis, just in front of the Ile de la Cité. Take the Saint-Louis bridge and enter the best ice-cream shop! Then go eating in the park behind Notre-Dame, it’s one of the best things to do near Notre-Dame! You can have lunch or dinner at “Au Bougnat” (26 Chanoinesse Street). Perfect restaurant, not very expensive and not touristic! Finally, you can also taste French wine (it’s one more thing you can do near Notre-Dame). “La réserve de Quasimodo” is a good place to drink French wine and it’s located 4 Colombe Street.

Visit the Memorial Des Martyrs De La Deportation


Who would except to find a memorial just behind Notre-Dame, at the end of the Ile de la Cité? This memorial is totally free and it’s one of the best places of WWII memory. If you want to enter in a special house and discover a part of the French history, go to this memorial! It’s a surprising thing to do near Notre-Dame.

Saint Michel Fountain


Finally, cross the love locks bridge, enter into the Left Bank of Paris, walk along the banks with all these curious green boxes called “bouquinistes” and admire the Saint-Michel fountain. It’s the last thing to do near Notre-Dame. It’s a huge fountain founded by the architect of Paris, Haussmann. You can see a representation of Good fighting Evil: the archangel Michael is fighting the Devil in an arc of triumph circled by chimeras. Now you know all the best things to do near Notre-Dame!

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