When I am far away from home, what do I dream about? I am dreaming about the most picturesque square in the world, I am dreaming about the warm rays of sun while am having a coffee with my friend in the middle of the Old Town Square. And how do I feel when am there? I feel proud to be a local, I feel the history, I feel how small I am in comparison to the old masters who built this amazing city and I bow to their highness. But the question is, what are the things to do in the Old Town of Prague?

Beauty comes first


If you asked me what the ultimate must see in Prague is I would definitely direct you to the Old Town. Why? It’s incredibly beautiful; it’s like an open book on architecture. Please your senses with the Gothic Town Hall, with the Baroque St. Nicholas church or with the Rococo Golz-Kinsky Palace.

What’s the deal with the Astronomical clock?

Things to do in the Old Town of Prague old-town-square-clock

Since early morning people are lining up to see the Prague’s top show at the Old Town Square. The apostles wink at you, the dandy from the 15th century checks the mirror, the Jew is shaking his purse, the Turk is simply enjoying life and the death is nodding and pulling the rope. The astronomer, the chronicler, the philosopher and Archangel Michael are too lazy to move, however, they look still impressive. You cannot miss this show out! And try to guess what the time is once you are there.

Have fun at the Old Town Square

old town square

Even though The Old Town Square is a touristy place to eat on, we recommend to get at least one drink at the cool terrace of the Hotel U Prince. Reserve your best seats to watch the apostle show! Alternatively, you can always grab a coffee and listen to Gothic music, jump over bubbles or just laugh about golden ‘Mozarts’ standing all around the square.

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Eat, drink and party

old town square

Even though the places on the Old Town Square are a big NO, the places around are a big YES. There are plenty of them, situated in exclusive interiors of the Prague underground. Who would say no to enjoying a great meal in the 12th century’s living room?

Get married in the Old Town


Once I overheard a conversation that getting married at the Old Town Square is like getting married in Disney world. We don’t agree, because all this is REAL!

Peak into Kafka’s High school


Franz Kafka, one of the greatest writers ever, was born in the immediate vicinity of the St.Nicholas church at the Old Town Square. The lucky guy – not only that it took him only one minute to his high school, but he also had the privilege to enjoy the Golz-Kinsky palace, Prague’s Rococo treasure! The palace is hosting National Gallery exhibitions nowadays, definitely worth visiting for all lovers of ancient arts paintings.

Shop with style

old town square

You wouldn’t find renowned boutiques like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Hermes, Dior or Burberry in the Parizska Street in Prague before 1989. Even though the Czechs had (and have been having) a long way to go to compete with the French in terms of fashion, they were still able to establish a nice tradition of Prague Fashion Weekend which is taking place every September. A Parizska Street turns into a long catwalk where you can admire the world-famous Czech beauty, all this for free!

Taste trdlo, Prague ham and pray


You could never leave Prague without tasting one of Prague’s specials, the Prague ham, served with horse radish, mustard and a slice of bread. As a dessert, don’t refuse ‘Trdlo’, a local pastry with cinnamon sugar and almonds. And in case you feel this was a dietary sin, step into the glorious Tyn church, pray and bow to the biggest Danish astronomer Tycho Brache. Tycho is buried there together with his silver nose, his punishment for loving too many women.

Wow, there are so many things to do in the Old Town of Prague! You can be whoever you want to be – a bride, a bridegroom, an artist, a foodie, a fashionist, a dandy, a history lover, a believer, a child, an adult, a street artist, a tourist or a local. Everybody is welcome to the most astonishing square in Europe, to the square where Czechs celebrate their heroes, to the square where you hear the typical ‘ahhhhh!’ at every corner.

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