Things to do in Prague in September

According to many travelers, September is THE month to visit the golden city of Prague. The summer heat is over, and now it’s time to enjoy pleasant temperatures, smaller crowds, and, most importantly, the wine harvest!

Have you ever heard of burčák, the young sweet, almost juice-like, wine which is being sold exclusively in the streets? And only from small producers in little mugs or plastic bottles as this wine can only be drunk fresh? You haven’t? Then it’s the highest time to finally pack and go! I’ll tell you all about it in this article. Read on and find out the best things to do in Prague in September!


Where to get the best wines? At Prague’s traditional wine festivals!

Things to do in Prague in September

There are several grape harvests festivals taking places in the city during the month of September. You have the Trója Grape Harvest Festival, the Grape Harvest Festival at Prague Castle from September, 20th to 21st, the St. Wenceslas Grape Harvest Festival from the 27th to the 28th, and the Grébovka Grape Harvest Festival from the 27th to the 28th as well.

The Festival of the Grape, traditionally held the third weekend of September, will make you fall in love with Prague as this festival takes place in the breathtaking gardens of the Prague Castle. Fantastic wine, good mood and a bunch of locals will assure you that this is definitely the place to be at!

In case you missed out this event, there is no need to be sad. The wine yard of St.Wenceslas, the saint patron of Bohemia, continues the new harvest celebration just the weekend after! Just ask your local guide where exactly to go!

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Enjoy cruelty-free food


On September, 8th, one of the best things to do in Prague is to go to the Veggie Festival! It is the largest Czech vegan event! Held at Naplavka, this year’s edition theme is unity. It’s the opportunity for you to discover new yummy recipes, and the newest trends in healthy and animal friendly lifestyles.

Plus, you will get to sample plenty of food and drinks! It’s an original way for you to enrich your lives, meet the locals, share your thoughts and discover new trends and lifestyles that will improve your life and save the planet.

Where to see something originally Czech? At the Municipal House!



Just at a stone’s throw away from the picturesque Old Town, don’t oversee the legendary masterpiece of Art Nouveau, the majestic Municipal House. Walk inside and admire the decorative beauty of the venue which followed the newest trends at the beginning of the twentieth century and dressed up to lead the Czechs to their democracy in 1918.

While you are there, have a look at the exhibition about the works of Blanka Matragi – a Czech native and the most popular fashion designer with Lebanese princesses! The core of the exhibition are about dresses and accessories, but you will also find sculptures, chandeliers, glass and porcelain objects! Get to know this famous designer while visiting the city of Prague during the month of September.

Where to enjoy top Czech sounds? At the Dvorak Prague Festival!


The Rudolfinum concert hall, situated at the edge of the Old Town, will spoil your artistic spirit with the tones of the most iconic works of Antonin Dvorak, the creator of the symphony “From the New World“. Performed by Czech and international orchestras, discover new worlds during one of the performances!

Attend the French Impressionism exhibition


At the Kinsky Palace, you will be able to attend the amazing French Impressionism exhibition organized by the National Gallery Prague. The works of Impressionism artists such as Monet, Degas, Renoir, Sisley, Pissarro, Delacroix, Courbet, Corot and Daubigny, as well as Post-Impressionism art by Cézanne and Gauguin will be presented to you! Don’t miss it!

So, after reading through all those tips, you will be busy ticking all the events on your things to do in Prague in September list! But what we know for sure is that you will have a lot of fun! I hope you’ve liked reading my article and that it has provided you a few ideas on what to do during the calm month of September in Prague! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further information about anything. See you soon in Prague!

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