Things to do in Prague in June

Going to Prague in June? Good choice! Now, there are a few things you should put on your packing list: shorts, sunglasses and… comfy shoes, of course! Think of all the cobblestones of the world, yes, there are many in Prague! Sun tanning lotion along with an umbrella, because one nevers knows, and I would recommend you to bring headache pills as well. Why? Prague turns into a big party island in central Europe! Only in Prague, only in June – here is our list of the hottest things to do in Prague in June!

Dine on terraces

When not now, when then? June is the best time to do the famous people watching, or, alternatively, the famous Charles Bridge watching! Are you wondering where this picture was taken? Talk about it to our guides during the Magical Prague tour! Our hottest tips are Hergertova Cihelna, Hotel U Prince and Mlynec.

Alternatively, Prague offers a lot to budget travelers! In case you don’t feel like spending your money in restaurants, go to the Petrin Hill, buy your stuff at Paneria, which is the local bakery close to the Ujezd tram stop, at the foot of the hill and just breathe in the fabulous summer scents!

Prague Museum Night on June, 8th

Things to do in Prague in June

Prague museums open their doors for free to everyone! Ask your guides on our free walking tours which museums they recommend. We especially love the National Memorial on the Vítkov Hill!

Have fun in Zlute Lazne

Prague in June

The ultimate sea experience in the heart of the city awaits you in Zlute Lazne, a few stops away from the centre where you can play badminton, ping pong, football or just suntan. Get your drink in a Hawaii-style bar, walk barefoot in the sand and dance, dance, dance!

Visit the churches, cathedrals, and synagogues of Prague


If you want to see the best of European Middle Ages, you cannot miss the splendid Chram Svateho Vita, which is one of the greatest and most important churches of Prague and is found in the Prague Castle. The Chram Svateho Mikulase, the Spanelska Synagogue the Kostel Panny Marie Pred Tynemand are definitely worth the visit as well.

Walk Prague parks


Prague is not only known for its small streets and historical monuments, but also for its amazing parks! The two most beautiful parks of the city are Petřín, which is the biggest one and the most appreciated by the locals, and Vyšehrad, a little park where a medieval fortress is found. If you’re looking for a few wonderful places to have a peaceful walk, you know where to go now!

Try the traditional pastry Trdelnik


© artas

If you want to try traditional food during the month of June, go for the Trdelnik. This texture brioche pastry comes from Slovakia and is flavoured with cinnamon! Yummy! Embellished with almond chunks and cooked on open wood-fires! You will easily find it in all the pastry shops and markes of Prague, you just need to keep an open eye! So delicious!

Go up the Prague astronomical clock


© Lucas Němec

Reach for the sky and go to the top of southern tower of the City Hall. There, you will find the Astronomical Clock, which is one of the main attractions of the city, because everytime the hours sound, many visitors hurry to observe the dials moving. For more than 600 years, the Astronomical Clock is considered to be a true Wonder of the World!

Try the Pilsner Urquell local beer


Internationally recognized, the Pilsner Urquell is a staple of Czech Republic culture. You will love its golden color, sweet flavour of peach and its affordable price. One pint costs about one euro! A classic among classics, this beer is definitely one of the best beers you need to try at least once in your life!

There is no reason for not going to Prague during the month of June, so pack your bag and set on a journey which will become one of the best trips of your life! And don’t forget to pack the list of the best things to do in Prague in June as well! Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you need further information about anything. Also, feel free to join any of our tours! At Discover Walks, we always make sure our guests experience the best of the city they visit. We share all about the history, the hidden gems and the best places for them to visit and get the truest perspectives of the culture and lifestyle of the city! I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and to see you soon in our beautiful city of Prague!