7 Great Things To Do In Paris This Winter 2019

Winter in Paris, where does one begin? There are endless things to do during the winter period and most importantly make your festive season the most memorable yet! Contrary to general belief, the cold weather adds a whole thrilling atmosphere to the season.

This excitement is contagious and so you will be up and about the city looking for adventures. So here is a list of things to do in Paris this winter, be it on your own, with family or with friends. This article will describe to you the various fun filled activities one can do in Paris in winter.

Things to do in Paris this winter


Go ice-skating in incredible places!

In the chilly weather, some fun physical activities are recommended. The Grand Palais des Glaces gives you the chance to have a magical time on the ice but only for a few weeks during the winter period. So be sure to check the dates for an ideal visit to the ice rink. You also get the chance to get more physical as there is a DJ to play some jams as you enjoy the rink with family and friends.

On the other hand, the Trocadero ice rink goes for a cheaper price and is right in view of the Tour Eiffel! This comes first as one of the things to do in Paris this winter.


Sit and take in the colors of the Champs Elysées

Oh Champs Elysées, la la la la laa… Oh Champs Elysées!” Come and observe the wonder of this great street during the winter season and also gaze at the many display’s various shops have on the street. Vivid colors light the street all night long and you can take endless photos to make great memorabilia like Christmas cards! This is one of the things to do in Paris this winter.


Have a piece of Aligot and Hot Cocoa

The cold weather that comes makes you want to eat a lot of food and drink hot beverages frequently. Nothing is better than going to a café in Paris and ordering a big cup of hot chocolate or coffee while reading a book or listening to some music overlooking the Tour Eiffel or the Champs Elysees.

You could treat yourself to this simple novelty in numerous cafés all over Paris this winter. Some examples of the best cafés you should try are Angelina on Rue de Rivoli or Café de Flore, on Boulevard St. Germain. Take the opportunity to also try some of the traditional seasonal dishes such as Aligot which is tasty and filling!



Food and Wine at Le Marché de Noël

The winter time comes with more perks, one of them being the exclusive Marché de Noël that takes place all over the city. This market bring merchants with various goodies like hand knitted hats and gloves, glass made ornaments, unique jewelry pieces and even food and drinks. Sorry to say that there is no eggnog in Paris but there is wine as always.

Vin chaud which is literary hot wine is sold in the market with roasted acorns, “marrons chaud” in French. So you could shop and try some of the winter snacks as you stroll the beautiful city. This is a thing you must do in Paris this winter!


Sales! Sales! Winter sales!

Winter is a time for spreading as much love all round! In addition to the Marché de Noël there are winter sales, especially at the Galeries Lafayette. This is a good pastime especially if you are with children, the vitrines (window shop displays) are quite entertaining to look at! This is one thing to do in Paris this winter.

Furthermore, you are in Paris and this means you should shop till you drop! The sales are great if you are on a budget and getting gifts for your loved ones will only be as special if you do your shopping in Paris!


See the fine arts!

The Opera Garnier and the Musée d’Orsay are great spots to visit during the winter time. See the memorable impressionists’ tour at the Orsay Museum and striking seasonal ballet performances at the Opera with friends and family.

This could be a great way to learn more about the culture. You can refer to the top 5 things category list on our blog to have better idea on what you could do at museums and parks too. Seeing the fine arts is a great thing to do in Paris this winter, after all they are the “crème de la crème“!

Opera Garnier Ballet

Discover the secret Paris

Since ever the cold and the rain of winter time have been annoying the Parisians who love shopping and walking around the city. So, in the 1850’s they started to build : covered passages, that way they could stay warm and dry and keep on enjoying life. Those passages have now been restaured and they still contain a lot of great shops and restaurants. That is actually where locals keep going to escape the touristic crowd.

A minute away from the Louvre, you will find the most incredible secret passages of Paris. Let a local take you around this secret Paris on our hidden gems tour!

paris in winter


Voilà! Here are some of the things and places you can go do or see in Paris during this winter. They are sure to give you, your friends and family a jolly time and, most importantly, a memorable start to a “Bon Noël“, which means “Merry Christmas” in English! If you need help on knowing what to pack for Paris in winter, read this article.

During the winter, people usually prefer indoors activities, so if you want to explore a few places away from the crowd, read this article that will introduce you to some of the best secret museums of Paris. And, if you want to go from Montmartre to the Eiffel Tower while exploring the many highlights of the city along the way, check this article. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further information about anything. At Discover Walks, we always want to make sure our visitors experience and enjoy the city as much as we do! See you soon in Paris!

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