Today the quarter around Bastille square is very trendy: it is the meeting point for many young people who take advantage of cheap restaurants, gothic shops and friendly bars. These are the main things to do in Paris around Bastille Square.

Things to do in Paris around Bastille Square

Opera house

The Bastille Opera house was built in 1989 in order to have two main buildings in Paris: the Garnier Opera house for ballets and the Bastille Opera house for opera.

Actually, the latter is much less beautiful than the former, but anyway, watching a show inside is a great experience. Acoustics are excellent for an opera, and wherever you are, you can see the stage.


Marais quarter


During these last years, the Marais quarter has fast become the trendiest quarter of Paris.

Actually, when Haussmann turned Paris from a medieval town to a world and modern city, he did not have the time to build wide avenues and typical haussmannian buildings in this quarter.

That is why it is very pleasant to have a walk in little narrow streets, seeing small and unknown shops. The quarter is also known for all itsbars (and gay bars as well) and its Jewish restaurants (just try the falafel one of the best things to do in Paris around Bastille Square!).

Marais quarter

Vosges square and Sully Hotel

Vosges square is the oldest in Paris. I really love the architecture which is quite exceptional: the only other square with the same red bricks and white stones is Dauphine Square.

It’s really cool to have a rest or a picnic in that place, after an exhaustingshopping afternoon or your visit of Victor Hugo’s house. Sully Hotel is moreover a magnificent baroque and classical building, but unfortunately, you cannot visit it. Just have a walk in the French garden. You will enjoy it!


Père Lachaise Cemetery


This is the biggest intramurals cemetery in Paris and one of the most famous in the world. Indeed, the architecture and the atmosphere are unique and lots of French celebrities as well as foreign stars are buried here, including, Edith Piaf, Jim Morrison (where lots of young people used to meet to pay tribute to him… while drinking and smoking!) and Oscar Wilde.

I would really recommend that you do a guided tour because otherwise you will get lost and you will not understand all the secrets of the place.


Arabic institute

The Arabic institute is part of the cultural Parisian life. There, you will discover all sides of the Arabic culture, thanks to a library, media, a cinema showroom and a conferences room.

You can finish your visit by drinking a tea at the top of the building: there is a huge terrace where you will have a magnificent panorama of Paris!

Arabic institute

Canal Saint Martin

Canal Saint Martin

Just next to the Bastille, there’s a little marina which makes you feel as if you were in the South of France… Just have a look at the lovely boats and sit along the banks to enjoy a picnic or a drink.

There are also green spaces and games for children as well. You can even have a boat cruise: you will pass and go beyond the locks of the channel…for sure one of the best things to do in Paris around Bastille Square.

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