Things to do in Lisbon in May



If you are in Lisbon in May and you’re wondering what to do, here’s a list of things to do in Lisbon in May. The weather is the nicest, the sun starts shining, flowers start blooming, people relax on terraces with a cold drink. Summer is getting closer, and you already feel it. The atmosphere could not be better. Lisbon is the greatest city to be in during spring. So if you are in Lisbon in May, here goes our selection of things to do, so you spend your vacations “à portuguesa” (Portuguese style). Believe me, you will go back home with new perspectives on life.

See one of the main Lisbon streets from the top: Rua Augusta’s Arch


Located right in the heart of downtown Lisbon, Rua Augusta’s Arch is our first suggestion for you if you’re in Lisbon in the months of May. The arch was built to celebrate the reconstruction of the city after the 1755 earthquake. Plus, since 2013, the arch that leads to Praça do Comércio has been open to the public. Which means you can now go up, and take the most amazing photos from the top of this historical arch, especially as the sun sets. Rua Augusta is one of the main streets downtown. And it is closed to traffic, which makes it even greater. There you can find very good typical restaurants and a lot of shops.

Take a walk “à portuguesa“: Alfama


May is a great month. The preparations for the Popular Saint celebrations start. And the Portuguese festive spirit is taking hold of the Alfama neighborhood. So, visiting the area of Alfama is a must in May. Alfama is the oldest and most traditional neighborhood of Lisbon. It is where Fado (the traditional Portuguese singing) was born and where most celebrations take place. Old women lean out of their window, looking at the street and what is going on. They have conversations with each other from balcony to balcony. Clothes are hung out to dry at the windows. Alfama has the most charming little streets.

It is a quirky, labyrinth-like area where you can get lost. But you can also discover little gems you wouldn’t find otherwise. On one of the slopes of Lisbon, it goes from the Castle to the shore of river Tagus. It is a neighborhood you definitely need to get lost in. But if you want us to show you the way, and find out all about the Alfama neighbordhood and its precious stories, join our tour.

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Have Lisbon at your feet: Nossa Senhora do Monte


If you are in Lisbon in May, enjoy the sunny weather and go uphill to one of the most beautiful viewing spots: Nossa Senhora do Monte. You will have Lisbon at your feet. It is set on a hill behind the Castle São Jorge. You can look over the whole city from one of the most intimate and romantic perspectives you will ever see. Because this is a viewpoint that is still little known to foreign visitors. You can take a walk up here (worth all your sports sessions – there is a lot of walking up and down hill). Or you can take a taxi. The view is definitely worth it and you’ll be near Graça, another interesting old area of Lisbon.

Get a little tipsy: Ginjinha


One of the last suggestions of things to do in Lisbon in May is to try Ginjinha (actually, also in any other month!). Ginjinha is a sweet black cherry liquor. It is stronger than wine, but not as strong as vodka though. It is very popular in Lisbon and in Óbidos. You can find a lot of shops downtown, near Praça da Figueira and Restauradores where you can try it. We believe the best ginjinha in Lisbon is homemade by the most charming lady, our friend Dona Tininha. If you’d like to try it out, join us in our Alfama tour and try Dona Tininha’s homemade ginjinha.

Be creative: LX Factory


Creativity has its home and it is called: LX Factory. It was a textile factory, and it is now an Arts centre. It kind of looks like a little village. You will find pretty cool and stylish spots. Restaurants, bars, street art works, homemade decorations along the walls, many designers and stylist shops, a big concert hall, in a style you have never seen before. Many events all the time. Mostly related to fashion, advertisement, communication, art, architecture, music, and much more. And usually in May, a few events that you might like take place, such as a festival organized for you to taste many Portuguese handmade beers. And the LX Decor Market, an «open day» to promote sustainable decoration.

Join the party! Semana Académica


For students, May is a very important month. The end of the academic year is getting closer. May is the last month of classes. So they celebrate during the Semana Académica (the Academic Week). Famous Portuguese bands and singers of the moment are coming and many more are yet to be announced. Parties, concerts, performances, happen the whole week. It usually happens in the middle of the month, but the official dates have not been announced yet.

Portuguese party like no one else! If by any chance, you happen to be in Lisbon during that week, you are invited! Join the party!

Come to Lisbon with your mum: Dia da Mãe


Every year, Mother’s day in Portugal is celebrated the first Sunday of May. If you want to give your mother a gift, we have a suggestion for you: bring her to Lisbon! We are pretty sure it will be a present she is never going to forget.

Here you have it for our selection of things to do in Lisbon in May. Lisbon is a box of surprises and has a lot to offer and discover. From impressive views to the coolest places to go to, everyone has fun in Lisbon. It is a city so life-giving, there is no way you will get bored. And believe us, you will surely make some friends because Portuguese are the most friendly and the funniest people you will meet.

Contact us for further information, we will make sure you spend the best time of your life in Lisbon! See you soon!

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