Things to do in Lisbon in July


If you are wondering what to do in Lisbon in July, here’s a list with a few ideas. July is a great month to visit this city. The weather is great, there’s a lot of activity and tons of things to do. I’m leaving you with a couple of ideas. The atmosphere is great and the weather is perfect. So outdoors activities are ideal for you to spend an amazing July in Lisbon. If you’re visiting the city in July, here’s a list of the best things to do in Lisbon in July.

Enjoy music festivals


Things to do in Lisbon in July 2016

Every two years, Rock in Rio comes to Lisbon. Its first edition in 2004 marked a growth in the music festivals culture in Portugal. So if you are in Lisbon in July one of the best things to do (my favorite) is to join one of the annual music festivals that flood the city with international performers.

I’m talking about NOS Alive and Super Bock Super Rock. NOS Alive is happening from July, 11th until July, 13th for this year edition we can count with the presence of The Cure, Jorja Smith, Robyn, Vampire Weekend, Gossip, The Smashing Pumpkins, Bon Iver, Tom Yorke, and many more.

Super Bock Super Rock is taking place from July, 18th until July, 20th. Where Lana Del Rey, Migos, Janelle Monaé, Cat Power, Christine and the Queens, Charlotte Gainsbourg will be performing.

In my opinion, music festivals in Portugal are the best. Many people go to these festivals not only for the artists performing but also for the atmosphere that is incredibly friendly. Music festivals are an awesome way to make new friends and create memories that last a lifetime. Read my article about some of the best Portuguese festivals to get introduced to the ones that are happening in the Lisbon region.

Have a drink in Bairro Alto


Bairro Alto

July is a perfect month to enjoy the night in Lisbon. If you are in Lisbon in July, having a drink in Bairro Alto is definitely one of the best things to do. Bairro Alto is a well-known area to go for drinks (and dinner). It’s full of little pubs where you can get a drink and join your friends in the streets.

Even though you can stay inside, it is more common for you to see everyone standing on the streets chatting and enjoying the night. Another area you might want to check out is just further down, closer to the river, which is known as the Pink street. This area has become more popular. I was asked if this street was a tourist trap – it’s not. It simply grew very popular and now there are a lot of tourists who visit the area.

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See the futuristic architecture of Parque das Nações


Parque das Nações

If you find yourself in Lisbon in July, another great thing to do is to visit the Parque das Nações. This is further from the city center, but it is a great area. Originally, it was the international exhibition of 1998, Expo’98. Afterwards, it was turned into the area it is now: a great area to live, with great restaurants by the river and a cable car that allows you to have a great view, wonderful parks and a glass-ceiling mall.

Off the traditional tourist-route, this is a great area for a laid back day in the middle of your trip. You can rent a bike, go jogging, take the cable car, walk by the river and have lunch in one of the great restaurants by the river Tagus.

Go to National Museum of Ancient Art


National Museum of Ancient Art

If you’re in Lisbon in July, one of the things to do is to visit the National Museum of Ancient Art. The great works you’ll find there will give you a deeper insight to the Portuguese culture and history. It has a great coffee shop with a balcony overlooking the river Tagus where you can relax afterwards. Located between the city center and Belém, it is a great stop after spending the morning in Belém.

Visit Belém



July is a great month with great weather, so you should definitely visit the area of Belém. This is a very historical area, dating from as far as the sixteenth century. However, it is still full of life today as it’s home to some of the most amazing (and, understandingly, most visited) monuments in the city and the area of Belem also has great restaurants.

From here you can visit the renowned Jeronymo’s Monastery and the Tower of Belém. This area is rich in history and stories so I recommend you to join our Belém walking tour. Not only will you discover the hidden stories of the area, we’ll also let you know about the mouth-watering custard tarts everyone talks about, the famous Pastéis de Nata! Yummy!

Go to the beach


If you come to Portugal during the Summer, you absolutely need to go to the beaches. And some stunning ones happen to be near Lisbon. The water is kind of cold, because the water comes from the Atlantic Ocean. But, hey… Cold water is great for boosting your metabolism! The trick is to quickly jump into the water without a second thought!

I’m thinking about some specific ones, such as Praia da Ursa in Sintra, Praia de Galápos in Setubal, Praia do Tamariz in Estoril, and Lagoa de Óbidos. The atmosphere is very peaceful, everyone minds their own business, the beaches are clean, the waves are still. Sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, some playing cards or a book, and a lunch box with some ice in it to keep the beers cold is all you need, and you’re sure you will be spending a great moment in July. Read this article to know the best beaches around Lisbon, according to a local!


In Lisbon, people are relaxed and outgoing, so the streets are always lifeful. And in July, this becomes even truer. I hope you’ve enjoyed my suggestion of things to do in Lisbon in July. Spending a night out in Bairro Alto, hanging out at Parque das Nações, going to music festivals with friends, enjoying a day at the beach are essential if you want to fully experience the portuguese lifestyle.And these are just some examples because there are countless things to do in Lisbon in July. Contact us if you need further information, and we will make sure you will have the best time of your life in Lisbon!

See you in Lisbon in July!

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