If you are wondering about things to do in Lisbon around the beach, we’ve got you covered with this list. The beach is part of our culture and our passion for the ocean is deeply embedded in our heart. From sailing out into the sea and devoting lives to fishing, our relationship with the ocean grew from survival to lifelong romance. Here’s what you can do in Lisbon around the beach.

Relax by the Beach


If you’re looking for a beach around Lisbon to simply relax, you’ve got plenty to choose from. If you want to stick to this side of the river, explore the Cascais line to discover accessible beaches where you can tan the whole day. If you’d like something more private and romantic, you can try the Adraga beach in Sintra, which is less known and is home to beautiful rock formations. However, the most famous area for a day at the beach near Lisbon is on the other side of the river: Costa da Caparica. There, you find mile long sandy beaches and it’s a great area to go with your kids and spend the day relaxing.

Go Surfing

lisbon surfing

If you’re around a beach near Lisbon, you might want to take your surfboard with you. Some of the beaches around the city are great for surfing and people from all over the world fly in just to get a taste of these Lisbon salty wavy beaches. The best beaches for surfing near Lisbon are near Sintra. Guincho is the best one, but you’ll also enjoy yourself in Praia das Maçãs or Praia Grande (in Sintra) or in Carcavelos (in the Cascais train line). North of Lisbon you can also visit Peniche and Nazare, two internationally known surf spots in Portugal.

Eat fresh grilled fish


You can’t come to Lisbon and be around our amazing beaches without trying out the best fish you’ll ever taste! There are mainly two spots to get great fish: wither in Cascais, which used to be a fishermen village and still has restaurants with great fish (and if you go a bit further towards Sintra, you can get great seafood as well) or you can go to other side of the river to Costa da Caparica. You’ll find long sandy beaches along the coast and you will be able to indulge in amazing grilled fish in the shore-side restaurants.

Visit “Hell’s Mouth”


The Hell’s Mouth is definitely one thing you have to do in Lisbon around the beach. Located just after Cascais, this is a huge cliff with turbulent waters. It is said it used to be a cave but the superior part collapsed and now it is a big opening where you can testimony the fury of the ocean. Nearby you’ll also find local restaurants that have the best seafood in Lisbon. You might need a taxi to get here, but the view (and the food) are extremely worth it!

Go fishing


Another thing to do in Lisbon around the beach is to join locals in the fishing game. It is very common for you to find Portuguese men line fishing in the rocky shores of the beaches near Cascais and Sintra. If you would like to get your own catch of the day, you can do so in these areas. It is also common for you to find men fishing in areas closer to the city such as Belém, where they are fishing in the river.

Visit Belem

To really understand (and feel) the deep connection Portuguese have with the ocean, if you’re in Lisbon and want to explore the Portuguese beaches, start at the beginning. Belém is a very historical area of Lisbon, located by the river and it’s where the sailors from the Discoveries sailed out from to discover the new lands and reach new territories worldwide. You’ll be amazed at how far we’ve gone and you’ll understand exactly why is it we love the ocean so much. If you’d like to learn more, check out our Belém tour.

Have a great trip in Lisbon, by the sunny beach!

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