This is one of Barcelona’s big months. It’s still hot but you can stand it, plus the city celebrates it’s major party, so there are lots of things to do in Barcelona in September. But this year will be even more special. You’ll see!

Things to do in Barcelona in September 2016

Party at La Mercè

Of all the things to do in Barcelona in September, the must-do-above-all is La Mercè. This is our biggest celebration as a city, and you’ll have the opportunity to see correfocs (firecrackers and fireworks parades), the pyromusical in Montjuic and to attend BAM (which stands for Barcelona Acció Musical) a music festival taking place all over the city during the celebrations. Normally, they bring selected artists around a topic which changes every year (for example a country or a genre). And they do it for free! La Mercè is celebrated the 24th, but keep reading because this year, dates change…


Be part of History

Normally La Mercè takes place around September the 24th, but from all the things to do in Barcelona in September, this year there is something so powerful that can change the calendar… National Elections! As perhaps you’ve heard, the last the elections of the 27th so important, then? Because the referendum we had on the 9th of November of 2014 was not valid and the political parties supporting the secession will start the process of becoming a new state if there is wide majority for the cause. So, Catalonia may not be the same after the 27th! Despite History changes violently, there’s no big deal about being in Barcelona this day. If you are curious, there will be polling stations in most public schools and the electoral campaign (two weeks earlier) will be really interesting. Would it be good to say « I was there »?


Join Catalan National Day

Taking into account that Catalans have been able to demonstrate through all our coastline in 2013 and to create a giant V in Barcelona in 2014 (the picture is a tiny part of it), nobody knows what we can on our National Day, the 11th of September. So, one of the things to do in Barcelona in September is to watch the locals and join us in our political demonstrations, either on the Spanish or on the Catalan side. Not the typical tourist thing, but everyone is going to be really friendly with you just to explain their cause and getting an international ally.


Celebrate Rosh Hashaná

The city has a small Jewish legacy, so taking into account that Rosh Hashaná (Jewish new year) is celebrated on the 14th, one of the things to do in Barcelona in September would be a visit to the Call (the ancient Jewish neighbourhood, inside the Gòtic quarter) and to the former synagogue.

Getting to the Call is not easy as medieval streets are tricky. However, just try this advise: once your are in Sant Jaume Square, face the Generalitat (the one with Saint George’s Statue) and head up through the street at its left and then turn again to the left.

See? Lots of things to do in September in Barcelona. We warned you: it was the best month to be in the city.

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