Things to do in Barcelona in June

High season is on its rise and you’ll have plenty of things to do in Barcelona in June! Such as discovering festivals or modernist hot spots! Spending the month of June in Barcelona is simply the best! Read on and find out some of the best things to do in Barcelona in June!

The most recent modernist must-see

Things to do in Barcelona in June - mordernist

Very close to the Sagrada Familia there is a modernist spot that was reopened this winter. So, among all the things to do in Barcelona in June you must discover Hospital de Sant Pau, St. Paul’s Hospital before the big tourist crowd does. How come is this must-see is hospital?

Yes, it is, but it is a modernist hospital designed with the idea that patients would heal sooner in a beautiful environment. Hospital de Sant Pau has always been there but after its restoration we, Barcelonians, have the chance of recovering it as a cultural space.

The original building was designed by Lluís Domènech i Muntaner, the same man behind the Palau de la Música, Casa Lleó Morera or the building where we now can find the Fundació Tàpies. This hospital gets more popular year after year! There are probably going to have really long lines to see Sant Pau in its splendor. But June still is the best month to go and see it, before the summer peak season, during July and August!

The other modernist must see


Casa Batlló by Antoni Gaudí became a modernist masterpiece because it had a rival to beat: Casa Ametller by Puig i Cadafalch, just next to it. So here is one of your things to do in Barcelona in June: go inside Casa Ametller, which has been re-oponed to the public in 2015.

This building is one of the three that forms the Golden Apple of Discordy, which is a metaphorical competition to see which house was the most beautiful in the Eixample, and its rooms have remained almost untouched for more than a century. Entrances include a guide and cost 25 € per adult person and will give a unique insight on the lifestyle of the catalan bourgeoise during the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s.

Be on fire with Sant Joan


Of course, one of the things to do in Barcelona in June is to join the local celebration of Sant Joan (Saint John). The origin of this tradition is related with the pagan summer solstice and the 24th of June is a national holiday.

However, the great party, verbena or revetlla happens on the night of the 23th because, as the legend says, it’s the shortest night of the year. That’s why we all want to spend this night partying by the beach having some drinks, dancing around big bonfires (fogueres) and celebrating with all kinds of firecrackers!

Party with the locals during the last day of the Primavera Sound Festival

Watch this video on YouTube.

The Barcelona Primavera Sound Festival starts on May, 30th and ends on the night of June, 1st!

It’s one of Barcelonians favorite festival of the year! If you happen to be there at the beginning of the month of June, buy your tickets and party with the locals on the last day of the festival! Some of the artists that are performing on the first of June are: Solange, J Balvin, Rosalía, James Blake, Kali Uchis, Pusha T, Neneh Cherry, and many others! If you love pop and joyful atmosphere, you need to go to the Primavera Sound!

The tickets for this day cost ninety euros! But they are worth it, because you will spend the whole night enjoying the trendiest artists performances, meeting the locals and sharing thoughts with them! Enjoy!

Visit the Sagrada Familia


The basic ticket for the Sagrada Familia Basilica costs seventeen euros. If you want an audioguide, it will cost you twenty-five euros. If you want to discover the Basilica with a specialised guide, it will cost you twenty-six euros. Then, for the Sagrada Famíla and Gaudí House Museum deal, you will have to spend twenty-seven euros. Finally, you also can buy the ticket to the Basilica with audioguide and that provides you an audioguide, this deal costs thirty two euros.

But, let me tell you a little secret… If you want to visit it for free, you can attend the International Mass that happens every sunday at 9 am. But if you plan on joining the mass, I strongly advise you to wake up early and be there before 9 am!

Have a picnic at Parque de la Ciutadella


© Valery Bareta

The Parque de la Ciutadella is the “lungs” of the city of Barcelona!

One of the best things to do in Barcelona in June is to have a picnic there! Grab a few sandwiches and have lunch at the park. Enjoy the atmosphere and if you’re feeling tired, feel free to have a nap.

If you want to have a walk, go until the impressive Cascada Monumental or to the Castillo de los Tres Dragones!

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My article about the best things to do in Barcelona in June is now over! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it and that it has inspired you! The month of June is perfect to visit the city of Barcelona, because you already have the summer weather but the places are not as crowded as during July and August! It’s the perfect time! If you want further information about anything, don’t hesitate to contact us! Also, if you wish to walk the city with a local guide, feel free to join our walking tours! Your local guide will share with you all the history of the city, show you the best places and explore the best areas of the Barcelona with you. It truly is one of the best ways to discover the city, I strongly recommend it! I hope to see you very soon in Barcelona!