Things to do in Barcelona in January

January is said to be a strange month, everyone is recovering from the holidays and normally the weather isn’t great but, if you come to the city this month, you won’t have to worry! There are still plenty of things to do in Barcelona in January. Here is my “don’t allow the cold ruin your plans” selection, hoping it will inspire you! :-)

Exchange presents

Things to do in Barcelona in January

In Spain, not a lot of people celebrates Santa Claus tradition… The big majority of us, we exchange our Christmas presents on the 6th of January. You may be wondering why.

Well, the Bible says that the night of the 5th, baby Jesus received the visit of three kings who where coming from Orient and brought presents to him. So that’s what happens in Barcelona as well. That night, the three kings come to the city and enter every home to leave presents for the families.

We called them the “Magic Kings” because, in just one night, they reach every house! Before that, there’s this big event where the kids get to meet them, it’s called La Cabalgata de Reis. It is a parade from the harbor, they arrive to the city by boat and then reach the city center. During the route, the kings and their assistants receive the letters of the kids telling them which presents they wish to get that night.

If you are in Barcelona by this date, you totally have to join this parade with or without kids. I do it every year with my friends! I guess we all still have a little kid inside of us!

Enjoy a hot beverage on a cold day


Although in Barcelona we always enjoy quite good weather, in winter we all like to eat warm dishes and drink hot beverages. One of my favorite things to do in Barcelona in January is to enjoy a nice walk in the gothic area late in the afternoon and end up in Caj Chai. This is my favorite tea house in Barcelona. They have all kinds of teas from all over the world and I love the atmosphere there, with the smells and the low lights.

It’s the perfect place to relax after walking and to recover energies. Moreover, the location is so special, it’s hidden in a little street of the Gothic Quarter, not easy to get there that’s why very few people knows it… this makes it unique! If you want to discover more places to enjoy a cozy atmosphere in this neighborhood, check this article.

Enjoy the Rebajas


As I told you, December and most January are very expensive months for the Catalans as we need to buy presents for our loved ones. Maybe that’s why in January, the 7th the sales start. What we call Las rebajas is kind of an event in our city. Some people wait in front of the doors of the stores in a line to be sure they’re the first ones to get in and get that dress they loved with a discount of the 70%.

We always joke and say that Barcelona is becoming a big shop itself, and it’s true! In every neighborhood you can buy but the best area, because of the concentration of shops there, is Portal de l’Àngel, Portaferrissa and Carrer Pelai.

You will find all the popular Spanish brands there. And if you like big international brands, you just have to walk a little bit more until Passeig de Gracia, in case you have the budget… Even in sales, this area is really expensive!

Las rebajas are one of the best things to do in Barcelona in January, I promise!

Visit museums on a rainy day


It’s true that the weather in Barcelona is not that horrible in January, but it’s also true that if it rains we still want to do things… So if it’s a rainy day, I always choose to go to Plaça dels Àngles and spend the afternoon going from one museum to another. Two of my favorite showrooms in town are the followings: MACBA and CCCB. Normally both of them hold different exhibitions at the same time, so you can spend hours there… I love it!

Now that I’ve shared with some of the best things to do in Barcelona in January, I hope you feel inspired and that the article has provided you great suggestions for you to try! In my opinion, the month of January is one of the best ones to visit Barcelona because it is much less crowded compared to other months of the year. You will get to enjoy reduced rates and less touristy aspects of the city, especially if you join one of our walking tours! Our local guides make sure you learn about all the interesting stories of the city, explore the best places and discover Barcelona’s hidden gems! I hope to see you soon in our city! Also, feel free to get in touch with us, if you have any doubts about anything!

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