Things to do between Louvre and Notre Dame


On your way from the Louvre to the Notre Dame Cathedral, there are many things which you can do. Just pass on the famous bridges and squares or stop to visit monuments if you have more time! Here’s our list of things to do between Louvre and Notre Dame. Enjoy!

Things to do between Louvre and Notre Dame

Stop on the Pont des Arts


Among the things to do between the Louvre and Notre Dame, there is the Pont des Arts – ‘Arts bridge’ in English. The tradition had it that lovers going on this bridge should buy a padlock, lock it on the bridge’s railing and throw the key in the water if they want their love to last forever. But this has changed because the padlocks were weighing and highly damaging the bridge, so they were all removed. It is actually a good think the padlocks are now all gone, since it now offers a stunning view with no padlocks ruining the scene! The Pont des Arts is also a pedestrian bridge where you can sit or even picnic while enjoying a great view!

Cross the Pont Neuf


Another bridge part of the things to do between the Louvre and Notre Dame is the Pont Neuf – ‘New bridge‘ in English – actually the oldest bridge in Paris, dating back from the late sixteenth and early seventeeth century. It was the first to be built in stone and without any houses on it. If you are interested by a boat tour, the Vedettes du Pont Neuf, leaving from there, is an interesting option.

Stop at Place Dauphine

Place Dauphine

The Place Dauphine is one of the two oldest squares in Paris, dating back from the 1600s. The mix of brick and stone is typical of the architecture of the time. It is one of the things to do between the Louvre and Notre Dame which you should not miss, as it is on your way if you are on foot. The square is not very touristic so I would definitely recommend it for lunch or dinner!

Stroll on the banks of the river Seine


Strolling on the banks of the Seine on a sunny afternoon is a very Parisian thing to do. If you want a break, you can always get a drink and something to eat. The nearby Ladurée shop on the left bank sells macarons, a very French pastry which you can then eat on the banks.

Go inside the Sainte Chapelle


The Sainte Chapelle dates back from 1150. One of the major things to do between the Louvre and Notre Dame, it was commissioned by Louis IXth to house the Jesus Christ’s crown of thorns he brought back from the crusade. The chapel is a very good example of gothic architecture. The stained glass is particularly impressive. The pillars are very small and thus give the impression that the roof is held only by the glass.


Visit the Conciergerie


The Conciergerie is another monument on the list of things to do between the Louvre and Notre Dame that is worth the visit. Formerly the King’s palace until 1358, it then became a prison. This is where the queen Marie-Antoinette spent her last night before being executed during the French revolution.


Head for the Flower market


If you are tired of monuments and bridges, the flower market is one of the things to do between the Louvre and Notre Dame that will give you a break. In addition to flowers, the market also sells birds on Sundays. Queen Elizabeth II of England likes this market, and her name was given to it during her last official visit.

You now know some of the things to do between the Louvre and Notre Dame! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and that it has given you a few new ideas! Paris is one of the most incredible cities in the world, you will love it for many different reasons! Feel free to share your favorite places and tell us about your thoughts and experiences while in Paris! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further information about anything! I hope to see you soon in one of our tours!

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