Walking from the Louvre up to the Arc of triumph is a great Parisian attraction, because there are so many things to do between Louvre and Arc of Triumph. You will get to see the Tuileries gardens, the Concorde square, the Champs Elysées avenue. If you have more time, you can also stop at one of the nearby museums or take a small detour through the Vendôme square.

Don’t miss the Arc of the Carrousel


Things to do between Louvre and Arc of Triumph

The first of the things to do between the Louvre and the Arc of Triumph is to see the triumphal arc of the Carrousel. It was built from 1806 to 1808 to commemorate Napoleon Ist ‘s victories. It is perfectly aligned with the obelisk of the Concorde, the center line of the Champs-Elysées avenue, and with the Great Arc of Triumph, located at the other end of the Champs-Elysées, twice bigger than the small Carrousel Arc.

Even if it is less impressive, I personally prefer the Carrousel arc than the Great arc, as it is colored and the sculptures are more detailed. The Carrousel Arc used to be the eastern entrance gate to the courtyard in front of the Tuileries palaces.

The latter was destroyed in 1871 during the Paris Commune, but the Arc remained. The quadriga on top of the arc was originally the one from the Saint Mark’s Cathedral in Venice, but when it was returned to Italy in 1815, a new one had to be sculpted for the arc.

Cross through the Tuileries gardens


If you like walking, then strolling through the Tuileries gardens is one of the things to do between the Louvre and the Arc of Triumph. The gardens feature fountains, statues, and lawns on which, depending on the season, you can sit.

Free chairs are available. There are two main ponds in the gardens, one in the center, and one near the Carrousel Arc, where one can rent miniature boats, which can be very fun for children. Another fun activity to relax from all your visits can be to take a tour on the Ferris wheel.


Head to Place Vendôme


If you are looking for more things to do between the Louvre and the Arc of Triumph, then take a small detour to see the Place Vendôme, one of the most beautiful squares in Paris. At the center of the square, the Vendome column stands to honor the Emperor Napoleon Ist. The shops you will find in this neighborhood are among the most expensive in Paris!

Get a glimpse of the Concorde square and of its obelisk


After crossing the Tuileries gardens, you will arrive at the Concorde square, where the King Louis XVI was executed during the French revolution of 1789!

Getting a glimpse of the ancient Egyptian obelisk at the square’s center is definitely one of the things to do between the Louvre and the Arc of Triumph.

Visit the orangerie museum


The former Orangerie of the Tuileries now houses an impressionist painting museum. Built in 1853, the orangery was where the painter Claude Monet exhibited his Water lilies in 1920. If you like impressionism and the Orsay museum is not enough for you, then the museum of the orangery is definitely one of the things to do between the Louvre and the Arc of Triumph.


Walk up the Champs Elysées



One of the things to do between the Louvre and the Arc of triumph is to walk up the famous Champs-Elysées avenue. If you like shopping, take the time to stop in the numerous shops on the avenue.

Don’t hesitate to turn back as you approach the Arc of Triumph; you will see the entire avenue, the Concorde’s obelisk, the Tuileries gardens, the carousel arc and the Louvre’s pyramid in their alignment.

Visit the Petit and Grand Palais



On your list of things to do between the Louvre and the Arc of triumph, you might want to add a stop at the Grand and petit palais. Those buildings, built for the universal exhibition of 1900, are museums. They feature temporary exhibitions, a sciences museum called “Palais de la découverte”, as well as paintings, drawings, and artefacts.

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