Prague is very proud to be a part of the Guinness book of records, namely to be the home of the largest castle complex in the world occupying an area of almost 70,000 m2! Here’s our list of things to do around the Prague Castle.

For some people the Prague castle area represents just a town in a town itself, but for Praguers, this is an open book on the long and exciting history of the Czech nation. So what are the things to do around the Prague Castle?

Things to do around the Prague Castle

Explore the Prague castle interiors


Get ready (we recommend to go there in the morning to avoid the crowds), wear a pair of trainers, a windproof jacket and go!

The best way how to fold up the puzzle of important historical events and fun facts is to join a local guide for the Prague Castle walking tour.

Let a local guide take you around the architects’ paradise and admire the sacred heart of the Czech Republic, the St.Vitus Cathedral or the Old Royal Palace, the home of Czech kings.


Dive into the Golden Lane

9 out of 10 points for the most romantic part of Prague go to the Golden Lane. According to a legend a mysterious place where the world-famous alchemist Edward Kelley worked on turning metal into gold, in reality a place where only the poorest of the poorest built their shelters in the 16th century.

The poor shelters are long gone, and instead you can admire cute little houses where even Franz Kafka moved to find his piece to write.


Enjoy the best views

Have you been playing with the idea to propose to your girlfriend? Easy! Walk just around 5 minutes from the Prague castle towards the Strahow monastery and get your courage from the monks!

And why the monks? They are the ones who have been brewing their unique beer for centuries!

Not a big beer fan? Stop for a glass of wine at the nearby Bella Vista restaurant, enjoy the stunning view of Prague and take your ring out. This is the spot.

Prague food

Walk the Petrin hill

There is no other better place in Prague for a romantic walk offering the best panorama photo angles than the Petrin hill, sometimes even called the hill of lovers.

Take your picnic set and enjoy the views! Prague will kindly be your model, for free! Should you be exhausted from walking around, there is a funicular which can help you up or down the hill only for a price of a regular bus/tram/metro ticket!


Or do you know any better things to do around the Prague Castle?