The Top Boutique Hotels of Lisbon


Travelers to Lisbon are always astounded by how affordably they can stay in considerably upmarket hotels. There is harsh competition between the luxuary, boutique, Airbnb and hostel establishments throughout the Portuguese capital. 

Since the city is as old as the hills (literally) all hotels needed to be built into the existing architecture. Dated buildings throughout Lisbon were never made to hold mass hotel establishments, the best they could do was build intimate hotels with limited rooms, which today make for boutique living.

Lisbon – by David Marcu – Unsplash

Throughout the hills of the Alfama, Chiado and Bairro Alto there are creatively conceptualized boutique hotels to suit every budget, every taste and every traveling style. Some have gone as far as attempted to combine Airbnb and boutique living together, creating interesting full boutique apartments instead of just rooms!

The following are some of the top boutique hotels (and apartments) in Lisbon. Pronto?

The Independent Hostel and Suites in Lisbon

Right on the edge of the São Pedro de Alcântara viewpoint in the city center we find our first boutique living space in this roundup.

The Independent Hostel and Suites went ahead and combined hostel and hotel living, instead of hotel and Airbnb living as I mentioned before. The goal being to provide a central boutique space that is accessible for travelers of all budgets.

The housing options range between economical and upmarket. The eco rooms packed with bunkbeds like one would expect to find in a hostel environment, and the upmarket rooms that are essentially just fancier suites with terraces overlooking the viewpoint over Lisbon.

The Independent Hostel and Suites in Lisbon – by The Independent Hostel and Suites – Uploaded by them

Eco or fancy, the rooms are equally as on brand as the next; filled with antique furniture, outdated electronics and retro light fixtures.

Because of the hostel/hotel hybrid setting, no guests under the age of 16 are allowed to stay at The Independent, this includes newborn babies.

Average Cost: €170
ADDRESS: R. de São Pedro de Alcântara 81, 1250-238 Lisboa, Portugal

AlmaLusa Baixa/Chiado in Lisbon

There are two kinds of travelers in Lisbon: those that prefer the hillside, city living and those who could care less about rolling rooftops and simply want to be by the water . For the latter, theres the AlmaLusa Boutique Hotel.

AlmaLusa Baixa/Chiado in Lisbon – by AlmaLusa Baixa/Chiado – Uploaded by them

In terms of business, this is one of the newer boutique hotels on the Lisbon market. In terms of infrastructure, however, the hotel is built into an exquisite 18th century Pombaline building. Many of these were constructed around the city following the great earthquake that took down so much of Lisbon.

There are only 28 rooms in this hotel, each one decorated in a classic yet modern style. The rooms are ambient, as many have so eloquently put it. They are also more spacious than most boutique hotels further north since the building is slightly newer than the rest.

You’ll be one road away from Chiado and the coast.

Average Cost: €170
ADDRESS: Praça do Município 21, 1100-365 Lisboa, Portugal

Torel Palace in Lisbon

Rumor has it that had Marie Antoinette visited Lisbon in the present day, you’d find her sleeping in the Torel Place Hotel.

In Lisbon there aren’t many places where one can escape the chaos of the streets without completely leaving the city center. The Torel Palace is a hidden gem in the north of the city that has somehow managed to find this balance.

The hotel is built into two old palace buildings that sit just in front of the Torel Gardens. The road is isolated and since it is backed by the gardens there’s no reason to pass through  here unless it is where you are living, making Torel Palace the most peaceful boutique hotel in the city.

Torel Palace in Lisbon – by Torel Palace – Sourced from their website

Each room is decorated entirely differently to the last. It’s as if the owners sought entirely different furniture and themes for each of the 26 rooms. Recently, a villa and a family apartment space was added to the hotel and opened for rental.

Oh, Torel Palace has a pool, too! A word from the wise when choosing hotels in Lisbon, a pool in the summer will save your life.

Average Cost: €220
ADDRESS: R. Câmara Pestana 23, 1150-082 Lisboa, Portugal

O Artista Boutique Suites in Lisbon

Another hotel and Airbnb hybrid. The O Arista Boutique Suites give visitors the option of conventional boutique hotel rooms or full apartments.

There is breakfast served for hotel quests each morning; apartment renters have the option of joining the hotel breakfast or having a pre-packed breakfast package delivered to their suite each evening, ready to be prepared at home the following morning. Fresh baked pastries and bread will be delivered the morning of.

O Artista Boutique Suites in Lisbon – by O Artista Boutique Suites – Uploaded by them

The O Artista Boutique Suites are about a two minute walk from Rossio. It essentially lies on the northwestern edge of the Alfama, which is wonderful for those who like to be near the center of Lisbon but far from the traffic.

Facilities at the hotel include a hotel bar and Portuguese restaurant. Free WiFi runs through the space and the hotel is fully air conditioned throughout summer and winter, a common concern for travelers.

Average Cost: €240
ADDRESS: R. das Portas de Santo Antão 9, 1150-264 Lisboa, Portugal

Patio São Vicente in Lisbon

The Patio São Vicente takes boutique living in Lisbon to a whole new level. Instead of simply incorporating apartments into a hotel building, the Patio São Vicente instead combined cottage housing into boutique style.

You’ll find these in a residential corner on the Lisbon wall, built back in the 13th century. This is a quiet part of Lisbon, slightly north of the Alfama and close to the Tagus River.

Patio São Vicente in Lisbon – by Patio São Vicente – Uploaded by them

The beauty of these cottages is hotel living but with the freedom of a private residence. The units are all self catering, fully equipped with kitchens and dining areas. Some have access to outdoor patios where one can prepare and enjoy food outside in the summer.

This is the boutique accommodation best suited to families with small children. The narrow hallways and steep staircases of the hotels in the city buildings aren’t much fun for little ones.

Extra beds are available per unit upon request.

Average Cost: €110
ADDRESS: Telheiro de S. Vicente 10A, 1100-594 Lisboa, Portugal

Almaria – Da Corte Apartments in Lisbon

The Almaria is a boutique hotel comprised solely of individual apartments; there are no individual rooms available.

Every morning, guests from all of the apartments make their way into the hotels communal spaces and enjoy a continental breakfast. Guests are also welcome to prepare their own breakfast in the comfort of their flat if they so desire. Each apartment features full kitchen and cooking facilities.

Almaria – Da Corte Apartments in Lisbon – by Almaria – Da Corte Apartments – Uploaded by them

The hotel is on Lisbon’s coast in Cais do Sodre. One can get from here to the starting point of the free guided walking tours in the Alfama within minutes. Heading north, you’ll find yourself in the heart of Bairro Alto’s entertainment district in just ten minutes by foot. 

The apartments are neat and thoughtfully decorated. Each one is named after a Portuguese monarchy member, with decorative pieces to match.

Average Cost: €160
ADDRESS: R. Ferragial 11, 1200-182 Lisboa, Portugal

1908 Lisboa Hotel in Lisbon

If you seek to combine a bit of culture and history into your hotel stay then 1908 Lisboa is going to blow you away.

The name derives from the building itself, the 1908 architectural wonder that won numerous awards following its completion. It was the work of a man named Adães Bermudes; many more buildings around Lisbon owe their inception to him.

The building is merely the tip of the iceberg. Each of the hotel rooms have been carefully curated to reflect the times of the buildings creation. It’s like living in a museum of 1908.

1908 Lisboa Hotel in Lisbon – by 1908 Lisboa Hotel – Uploaded by them

Oh the subject of museums, the building also houses a full independent art gallery that offers exhibitions on rotation. There is also an impressive hotel bar and restaurant for guests and the public to make use of.

Breakfast if served in the dining hall every morning. Evenings in the 1908 Lisboa tend to start with a relaxed drink in the hotel bar area where guests mingle before heading out into the vibrant surrounding streets of the neighborhood that offer more bars, live fado venues and restaurants.

Average Cost: €150
ADDRESS: Largo do Intendente Pina Manique Nº 6, 1100-285 Lisboa, Portugal

Lx Boutique Hotel in Lisbon

The Lx Boutique Hotel is Lisbon’s favorite modern boutique hotel. The building is historic, but the hotel itself is new, featuring 61 contemporary styled rooms and suites.

The rooftop suites are the ones with the views over the Tagus, most have balconies the stretch the length of the room itself. If it’s within budget I suggest asking for one of the superior rooms; watching the sunset over the bridge from up here is worth the extra pennies.

Lx Boutique Hotel in Lisbon – by Lx Boutique Hotel – Uploaded by them

What is also interesting about the Lx Boutique is that they offer childcare facilities for all guests which comes in handy should you and your partner want an evening alone.

Note that this is an entirely nonsmoking hotel and you’ll have to go down to the street outside should you want to do so. 

The convenience of this location puts it within minutes walking distance of Lisbon’s famous Time Out market in Mercado da Ribeira. It is also about a ten minutes walk from Lisbon’s winery where you can take part in wine tasting and food tours centered around the countries history.

For art lovers, The National Museum of Contemporary Art is just a few blocks away. This is an unmissable attraction when in Lisbon. It is thought that this museum is one of the most well curated displays of contemporary art in Europe, taking the viewer on a strategic journey through the pieces instead of simply putting them up for free roaming.

Average Cost: €150
ADDRESS: R. do Alecrim 12, 1200-017 Lisboa, Portugal

Memmo Alfama Hotel in Lisbon

Boutique hotels weren’t really a thing in Lisbon until the Memmo group decided to bring them in. Today there are a number of Memmo locations around the city of Lisbon, but the best one remains the original location right on the water in the historic Alfama.

There are only 60 rooms at the Memmo. Each is designed to be a home away from home; a space where you aren’t scared to kick off your shoes incase you dirty the antique rug.

The goal of service here is to remain notably informal but still of impeccable quality. The staff of the hotel run around in sneakers as it optimizes performance, comfort and they are able to be on their toes for longer!

Memmo Alfama Hotel in Lisbon – by Memmo Alfama Hotel – Uploaded by them

The hotel building is a beautiful 19th century space with a courtyard terrace and the most beautiful rooftop over the Alfama and Tagus. Watching the lights come up over the city from the roof each evening is utter bliss. There is a swimming pool up here as well, and a wine bar aptly named The Wine Bar.

The Memmo Alfama is the most expensive boutique hotel on our list. When one considers the experience and the location of the hotel its easy to see why it is almost double the price of the other boutique living spaces in Lisbon.

If you do end up staying at the Memmo, treat yourself to dinner one evening at le Petit Cafe one road behind the hotel. It’s a romantic little space that does a mix of Portuguese and French cuisines. In true Lisbon style, expect the freshest of the fresh fish.

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