The Top 5 Fancy Bars in Rome

Rome is one of Europe’s nightlife capitals. Bubbly and dynamic like its locals, the city features various options for late-night liquor drinks in a fancy setting.

From dive bars to thriving taverns and rooftop terraces, Rome’s nightlife scene is vibrant and diverse.

Besides masterfully mixed cocktails and matching delicious appetizers, Rome’s top bars offer unforgettable ambiance that frequently reflects the international flavors characteristic of the Eternal City, and the various interior design elements of its past, including historical photographs and old-time souvenirs.

So What are the Top 5 Fancy Bars (in my opinion)?

1 .   Jerry Thomas Speakeasy

Jerry Thomas Speakeasy, Image by the Castle

I will start with Jerry Thomas Speakeasy as it brings me back to the dynamics of the Roman past. Masterfully mixed cocktails will appeal to the most sophisticated travelers. Aged spirits, infusions, syrups and macerated are some of the menu highlights and they symbolize the highest quality of creations in the world of Mixocology.

The bar setting is classical, with chic leather elements, red walls, and multiple bottles behind the bar, bringing visitors back the charm of the 1920s.

You need a password to get into the bar, and the password changes every month.

Vicolo Cellini, 30 (Campo de’ Fiori)

2. Blackmarket Hall

Image by LivItaly Tours

Located in Monti, one of the most upscale Roman neighborhoods, The Blackmarket Hall is a preferred destinations for those looking to combine their cocktail experience with good music and great food.

Masterful mixologists will make sure you enjoy your drink to the max in this fancy setting in an upscale Roman neighborhood, that is just a few steps far from the famous Blackmarket of Rome.

Order fish and chips or a vegan burger if you need to satiate your hunger. This  well-known locale will bring you on a musical journey with the help of the  local live -performing artists.

The prices are average, with the main dishes being mostly prosciutto, cheeses and vegetables.

You can also order a club sandwich,  and I personally recommend the yummy club  with salmon, Philadelphia cheese and insalata.

You can snatch a pizza for 5 Euro, and a club sandwich for 8 Euro.

Via de Ciancaleoni, 31  (Monti) blackmarkethall

3.  Salotto 42

Image by Romeing

This ‘’book bar’’ offers a beautiful historical setting, with a vista of the mythic Temple of Hardian.

Its iconic location just a few steps away from Via del Corso makes this chic spot one of the Eternal City’s most fabulous bars where you can imbibe in delicious finger food and masterfully crafted cocktails.

Voted one of ‘’the world’s best bars’’, Salotto 42 has established itself among the favorites on the Roman’s cocktail scenery due to its appeal to chic interiors, amazing cocktails and fashionable visitors.

The crowd is professional, fashionable and diversely international, and combined with the killer views, you will certainly appreciate the bar’s world-class glamour.

Piazza di Pietra, 42, 00186 Roma RM

4. Terrazza Borromini, Eitch Borromini Hotel

Picture by Borromini

Located right on the top of the upscale Eitch Borromini Hotel behind Piazza Navona, the bar features some of the city’s most astounding views.

This rooftop lounge is adjacent to the hotel’s restaurant that offers Mediterranean cuisine combined with the influences of the authentic Roman meals.

Drinks are high-priced, in view of the bar’s central location, and the unparalleled city views certainly add to its pricey menu.

We recommend a bottle of wine as the cheaper solution. If you stick to wine, it’s worth ordering by the bottle. Fresh ingredients, combined with the masterful skills of its chefs, give this rooftop bar a five-star rating.

Via di Santa Maria dell’Anima, 30A, 00186 Roma RM

Glasses of wine and hand-made cocktails range between €10-18, an affordable  pricing for the central area in which the bar is located.

Be sure to call in advance (+39 06 68215459) to make a reservation.

5. Co.So. Cocktail & Bar

Co So, Image by Via Dei Gourmet

This bar is a true gem in the dust, and its location in the developing area of the Pignetto neighborhood should not prevent you from trying this wonderful experience out.

The menus will be provided in Manila envelopes in a type-written format.

Drinks are masterfully mixed and we recommend that you taste the special carbonara sour: a citrus classic with guanciale-infused vodka.

We also recommend the popular ”The Errata Corrige”, made of sparkling spumante, Campari, London dry gin, and authentic red wine.

You can snack on various anti-pasti, including popcorn from the bar machine.  Bartenders frequently add colorful gummy bears to the side of your cocktail.

Co.So., Via Braccio da Montone 80, Rome, Italy, +39 06 4543 5428

The list of Rome’s top fancy bars does not stop here. There is multiple rooftop restaurants, dive bars, taverns and coffee shop-style venues featuring the best of the Roman nightlife.

We recommend you call in advance to make sure you don’t need a reservation, especially on a busy Saturday or Friday night.

Also, make your choice based on the menu and whether it features the right drinks and food for your taste. Rome is so diverse that you will certainly find something for your style and taste. Roman’s fanciest bars provide an exclusive offerings menu that features cocktails from all over the globe, and international cuisines, along with casual finger food.

But what makes Rome’s best bars truly unique is their appeal to chic global crowds, vibrant music sounds (most of them performed live), and multiple opportunity to mingle and network with the world’s ”who’s who”

Enjoy the experience and don’t forget the take pictures!