Top 3 Art Courses in Rome


Rome has constantly been associated with ancient and modern art. While you stroll down the Eternal City’s magical cobblestone streets, you will come across various artsy images, sculptures and street art.  Artistic traces of one dynamic past ornate buildings, stores and boulevards.  Rome masterfully mixes art from past centuries with the modern ideas of European artists. Many projects combine the best of both worlds – the past and the present.

For many amateur artists, Rome is the mecca of painting, sculpture and drawing.

For art enthusiasts,  Rome has so much to offer, including art courses focusing on both beginners and those with intermediate skills. The offered courses are in painting, drawing, sculpture and modern art.

What are the top 3 art courses in the Eternal City?

For different art fans, art has different meaning. My favorite art courses are described below:

Paint and Wine Party in Piazza Navona

Image by Viator

The Evening Paint & Sip is an evening course. It’s a suitable alternative to ‘’an aperitivo’’ (the Italian happy hour). The course takes place in the vibrant Historical Center of the Eternal City, and is set in a 17th century palace, whose surroundings provide guests with the opportunity to imbibe in the charming mythic ambiance from the past.

A variety of wines is offered to the class-takers who can can also enjoy a slice of pizza and other traditional Italian antipasti while producing a memorable painting to take home with them.  The course is also an opportunity to mingle and talk with artsy locals and international visitors.

The group size consists of a maximum of 15 art fans, and the art course is offered in English language only to accommodate the needs of international art enthusiasts. The price to attend is around 50 Euro, and includes beverages, traditional Italian snacks and art supplies.

The duration of the course is approximately 2 hours.

Departure Point : Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 154, 00186 Roma RM, Italy


Art Painting Class in the Heart of Rome

Image by TripAdvisor

The course will last 2 hours and will provide exposure to the Italian painting processes from beginning to an end. This painting course will focus on introductory theory related to composition, color and painting techniques.

After the class you will be able to interact with your co-painters and indulge in some drinks and wine. You can bring your painted canvass home to hang on your wall; the fancy made-by-you canvass will also make the perfect gift for your friends or loved ones. The courses are customized and tailored to the specific needs of individual groups and the instructors don’t require any preliminary experience from those willing to start from scratch.

The course will provide guests with theoretical knowledge about major, complementary and secondary colors, composition, perspective, the rule of thirds and will also focus on acrylics work on Canvas. Students will have the opportunity to get some skills managing the spatula and the brush.

Regardless of whether you have any previous experience or skills, this course will certainly be an invigorating art experience for those of you looking to get involved in a creative activity.  Canvas and painting materials will be provided, in the all-inclusive course price equal to 70 Euro.

address: Via dei Coronari, 7, 00186 Roma RM, Italy

Studio Cassio – Rome: Mosaic-Making & Jewel Micromosaic Making Processes

Image by Langue Jewels

Rome is  not only about painting. Mosaics is also a great way to start the your art day with, and in Rome you can also take a mosaic-making lesson to introduce you to the magical world of mosaic-making.

At Studio Cassio, you can choose between a morning and an afternoon schedule, and indulge in the masterful ceremony of mosaic-creation processes. The instructors are highly trained and provide instructions and recommendations throughout the class individually if necessary. The class duration is approximately 3 hours.

The outcome of the course is your own special ‘’made by you’’ portrait that can be a great addition to your apartment or office.

The course focuses on a variety of mosaic-making techniques which involve texture, composition, and marble arrangements, with a focus on marble tile cutting – a  sophisticated technique that requires good focus and practice.

Combining ancient tools with digital art techniques, this course will certainly appeal to those looking to learn some innovative art techniques.

In the beginning of the course, your own photo gets translated into pixels of various shades and sizes,  and each of those pixels corresponds to marble mosaic tiles.

An alternative to the self-portrait mosaic-making course is the jewel mosaic-making one. For a price equal to 100 Euro, you will receive your own mosaic, a box to put your fine art in, a fancy silver frame and an unforgettable mosaic-making experience. A bottled water is also part of the package.

The Cassios workshop is conveniently located in the Trajan’s markets, which is a home to local jewelers and goldsmiths. The micro-mosaic patterns method was initially introduced in the 19th century, and still carries the principles of the mosaic-making processes from the past.

Studio Cassio – Arte del Mosaico,  Via Urbana, 98, 00184 Roma RM, Italy
Phone: +39 388 366 2406

There are numerous others art courses, offered in Rome, for prices ranging between 70 and 100 Euro. Most art course packages include tools and water, as well as the opportunity to bring your self-produced art home with you.

There are also courses which provide light appetizers, wines or other types of liquor for those wanting to enjoy a happy hour experience while indulging in the secrets of Roman art-making. Among the various course offerings are sculpture,  jewel-making,  marble-making, drawing and painting. Most courses feature beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, and are featured in English language, while only a small portion is presented in Italian.