Are you one of the many who loves to discover Paris by foot? Are you looking for a soundtrack to accompany your city strolls? It’s a known fact that music makes everything more enjoyable, especially in Paris. Music is even what gives the city its own elegant charm, and you’ll find musicians sprawled across the city playing some of the famous classics. From notable film scores to current pop beats, there is something out there for all music lovers to listen to.  Grab your Airpods or regular old-school headphones and get lost in a soundtrack that will make you feel like you’re the main character in your very own biopic.

Below is a carefully curated ‘Parisian Playlist’, with selected tracks in almost every genre for every kind of mood, old and new. Whether you’re feeling touristy at one of the many famous monuments, commuting to work on the metro, or having a stroll through one of the many romantic quarters, you’ll see the city in a new light by experiencing it through this epic playlist. Read through the list below and then check them all out on Spotify.

The Flâneure/Flâneuse 

Amélie- IMDB

If you’re not familiar with the term, a flâneur is someone who walks around observing society. This is the soundtrack for the people-watchers. With a majority of jazz hits and popular French inspired film music, this playlist will transport you into another place and time. I suggest sitting at a quaint café and people-watching. If you’re looking to be more active, try taking a stroll through Jardin de Tuileries, Jardin du Luxembourg, or any other of Paris’s romantic green spaces. Even a walk along the seine river will bring these tracks to life, while you take in some of the city’s most spectacular views.

The selection does include some of the well-known clichés, but these are definitely French- approved. My top favorites are the cinematic scores like La La Land’s Planetarium by Justin Hurwitz, The Shape of Water’s Elisa’s Theme by Alexandre Desplat, La Valse D’Amélie by Yann Tiersen, and Si Tu Vois Ma Mère from Midnight in Paris. They give off an almost Disney-esque magical feeling, no matter which part of Paris you’re in.

If you’re looking for some music with lyrics, try the French classics. Michael Bublé’s cover of La Vie en Rose offers a fresh take on the famous song and Sous le Ciel De Paris is a classic with some accordion flair that matches perfectly with your walk along a cobblestone street in Montmartre. Check them all out here:

  • I Love Paris- Frank Sinatra
  • Dream a Little Dream of Me- Ella Fitzgerald
  • La Mer- Charles Trenet
  • Si Tu Vois Ma Mére- Claude Luter et son orchestra
  • Bistro Fada- Stephane Wrembel
  • Les feuilles mortes- Le Grand Baiser
  • Mia & Sebastian’s Theme- Justin Hurwitz
  • Planetarium- Justin Hurwitz
  • Audition- Emma Stone
  • Elisa’s Theme- Alexandre Desplat
  • La Javanaise- Madeline Peyroux
  • Elisa and Zelda- Alexandre Desplat
  • Sous Le Ciel De Paris- Édith Piaf
  • Non, je ne regretted rien- Édith Piaf
  • La Vie en Rose- Michael Bublé feat. Cecile McLorin Salvant
  • Comptine D’un autre été, l’après-midi- Yann Tiersen
  • La Valse d’Amélie- Yann Tiersen
  • I Have a Dream- Lily James

The Retro Lover

This is the soundtrack for those who wish they were still living in the sixties/seventies. This retro inspired track list, some of which are popular for being featured in some Hollywood films, will give you major throwback vibes, will make you want to throw on your flared denim pants, and hit the streets of Paris’s groovy areas like Saint Germain or Montmartre.

Included in this sountrack are some of the top French hits from the 1960’s. Bring your speakers to the Paris Plages this summer, hit play and you’ll for sure find people dancing along with you to these fun retro hits. Top recommendations are Il est cinq heures, Paris s’éveille , by Jacques Dutronc, La madrague, by Bridgette Bardot, Comment te dire adieu by Francoise Hardy, and Les Champs Élysées by Joe Dassin. Check the rest of these old-school hits, all of which are adored by Parisians of all ages:

  • La madrague- Bridgette Bardot
  • La maladie d’amour- Michel Sardou
  • Sympathique- Pink Martini
  • La bohème- Charles Aznavoir
  • Hier encore- Charlres Aznavoir
  • Les Champs Élysées- Joe Dassin
  • Et sit u n’existais pas- Joe Dassin
  • Tous Les Garćons et Les Filles- Françoise Hardy
  • Comment te dire adieu- Françoise Hardy
  • Comme d’habitude- Claude François
  • Il est cinq heures, Paris s’éveille- Jacques Dutronc
  • Et moi, et moi, et moi- Jacques Dutronc
  • Les cactus- Jacques Dutronc
  • Laisse tomber les filles- France Gall
  • Nathalie- Gilbert Bécaud
  • Ne me quitte pas- Jacques Brel
  • Mon amant de St. Jean- Patrick Bruel
  • Michelle- The Beatles

The Hopeless Romantic

La La Land- IMDB

If you’re looking for a soundtrack that will give you butterflies, these love songs are all guaranteed to make you feel like you stepped foot into your own fairy-tale, no matter your relationship status. Stare longingly out a bus window pretending you’re in a French inspired music video. Impress your date with a romantic serenade sung in the language of love. The ways to enjoy this list of songs are endless.

With a combination of older and some more current pop artists, these tracks can be enjoyed by romantics walking along the seine, on a sunny picnic date, or strolling in one of Paris’s many flowery parks! There is a reason Paris is labeled as the most romantic city on earth, and these songs prove it. My top picks for this genre are, Longtemps by Amir (The French equivalent to Perfect by Ed Sheeran), Celine Dion’s classic Pour que tu m’aimes encore, and Laisse moi t’aimer by Mike Brant. Check them all out below.

  • Les yeux de la mama- Kendji Girac
  • Elle m’a aimé- Kendji Girac
  • S’il suffisait d’aimer- Celine Dion
  • Pour que tu m’aimes encore- Celine Dion
  • Laisse-moi t’aimer- Mike Brant
  • Longtemps- Amir
  • J’ai Cherché- Amir
  • L’envie d’aimer- Daniel Levi
  • Je te le donne- Slimane, Vitaa
  • Paris- Seychelles- Julien Doré
  • Paris- Ben Rector
  • Un Jour Tu Verras- Stephy Haik
  • Comme des enfants- Coeur de Pirate
  • Berceuse- Coeur de Pirate
  • City of Stars- Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling

The Hip Parisian 

Angèle- YouTube

This is the soundtrack for those who like current hits and want a taste of France’s pop music scene. You’ll hear these out at bars and nightclubs, and if you know these songs you’ll be sure to fit in with the true Parisians. This is the most dynamic list out of the bunch, including some in every almost every music genre.

You can listen to these in the car with your friends on a road trip to the south of France, while you’re getting ready to go out on the town, on a Sunday jog, or during a bike ride along the Quai.  I discovered most of these either from French friends, Uber rides, and nights out in Saint Germain bars. Top picks are, Tout Oublier by Angele, Canopée by Polo & Pan, Djadja by Aya Nakamura, Corazon by Maître Gims, and J’irais ou tu iras by Celine Dion.

  • La thune- Angèle
  • Ta Reine- Angèle
  • Balance ton quoi- Angèle
  • Tout Oublier- Angèle
  • Que Dieu me pardonne- Kendji Girac
  • Le Lac- Julien Dorè
  • Jeune- Louane
  • J’irai ou tu iras- Celine Dion
  • Dernière danse- Indila
  • Tous les mêmes- Stromae
  • Papaoutai- Stromae
  • Je veux rentrer- Coeur De Pirate
  • Le chant des sirens- Fréro Delavega
  • La vie est belle- Nassi
  • Canopée- Polo & Pan
  • Djadja- Aya Nakamura
  • Corazon- Maître Gims
  • Hola Señorita- Maître Gims
  • Tu reviendras- Maître Gims
  • Chocolat- Lartiste feat. Awa Imani
  • Je m’en vais- Vianney
  • Une seule vie- Gérald De Palmas
  • Au Bord De L’eau- Gérald De Palmas
  • Copines- Aya Nakamura
  • Magic in the Air- Magic System
  • Ego- Willy William

Listen to the full list here!

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