The Most Exquisite Cocktails Found in Paris


Herbarium at Hotel National des Arts et Metiers

243 Rue Saint Martin, 75003

Photo credits to Hotel National website

This intimately lit bar not only has premium cocktails, but they offer a drinking experience that no one else does. This romantic den offers olfactory samples of each drink. Yes, you sniff the scents of different cocktails to find the one that you like best. 

Photo credits to Hotel National website

The cocktail menu was made by Oscar Quagliarini, a talented mixologist who wanted to create a selection of cocktails that have strong fragrant identities like perfumes, for a very particular and elegant experience. Every one of the cocktails has a distinct set of ingredients. An example of the unique components used is absinthe spray. 

This accent ingredient is part of the cocktail number five, And The Gin Cries Mary, which contains Fair Juniper Gin, tomato merinda, vinegar garlic, onion water, and garlic and caper powder, and is priced at 15 euros. The sample spray for this drink contains oregano and basil, and the pianta in analisi is basil.

The drinks are all based on a specific “pianta in analisi”, which means “plant in analysis” in Italian. This Parisian hangout spot happens to be Italian, as the hotel’s restaurant honors Italian cuisine and the people who work in the restaurant and bar are Italian.

Roxo Bar at Les Bains Hotel 

7 Rue du Bourg-l’Abbé, 75003
roxo les bains paris

Photo credits to Les Bains Hotel website

This restaurant slash bar slash hotel has so much to see that I can’t show you enough in photos. You’ll just have to go and see it for yourself. They even have a boîte (nightclub) downstairs. 

The place is named after and decorated to honor the chef’s Brazilian roots. Roxo, which means burgundy in Portuguese, is the name of a festive and erotic bird. When visiting this bar, you’ll notice burgundy accents from floor to ceiling.

The sophisticated color scheme, classic floors, and dynamic spatial design all contribute to the timeless vibe of this incredible spot. What’s more, the interior design is not the only admirable aspect of the bar. 

The atmosphere itself is enough to make you want to discover the cocktails at this amazing spot, but that’s not even all Les Bains Hotel has to offer. Roxo Bar prides itself on having only the best bartenders.

The staff features the current French cocktail champion and winner of the World Class France, Benjamin Couseeau. As if that’s not impressive enough, the team also includes three bartending stars of Parisian mixology, Sébastien Serra, Pietro Costamagna and Cyril Pouvich.

Photo credits to Les Bains Hotel website

While the bartenders are obviously illustrious, the cocktail menu is equally as excellent. The unique thing about this bar is that they don’t just suggest a few random classics. There is a story behind the selection here. 

At Roxo, the cocktails are inspired by the surrounding ambience and divided into four chapters, which represent the four eras in the story of Les Bains. As a result, the menu boasts both modern delicacies and custom classics. 

If this doesn’t sound like the coolest place to spend your Friday night enjoying fine cocktails, then I don’t know what would impress you. It’s possible to spend hours on end here, starting at the gourmet restaurant, continuing the fun at the bar, and ending the night with some music in the underground club. 

Little Red Door

60 Rue Charlot, 75003

Photo credits to @thelittlereddoorparis on Instagram

If you ever go to a cocktail bar where the drink menu is a book, their cocktails are probably desirable. This cute hangout spot has an elaborate menu that explains each cocktail in an intimate way and pairs it with a piece of art. The personal menu book makes for a special experience when choosing the right cocktail for your night.

This place is number 33 on the World’s 50 Best Bars, so it’s definitely a favorite of many. That’s why there’s sometimes a line out the door. Speaking of the door, the signature of this fun cocktail bar is the front entrance, which has a little red door that distracts guests from the real hidden entrance.

Photo credits to TripAdvisor

Another cool thing about the Little Red Door is that the interior has a second floor loft, so if you’re lucky enough to be seated upstairs, you can enjoy an elevated view of cocktails in the making. And this should be interesting, because each cocktail comes in a glass that’s from a different supplier.

What makes their cocktails exquisite? The experience at the Little Red Door begins with the Book of Universal values, a.k.a. the menu. This concept was inspired by the bar’s global culture, both in the people who work there and the people who come to drink there.

The 11 cocktails are Self-Direction, Stimulation, Hedonism, Achievement, Power, Security, Conformity, Tradition, Benevolence, Universalism and Spirituality. These bold concoctions are inspired by the memories, feelings, images and inspirations of the bartenders who developed the creative menu.

The Little Red Door offers unique cocktails in a way that you’ve never seen before. From the low lighting of the interior to the fun entrance, this is a great place to go when you have a craving for a good cocktail.

Andy Wahloo

69 Rue des Gravilliers, 75003

Photo credits to @andy_wahloo on Instagram

This is yet another bar that serves their menu in a book, and this one’s a thick chapter book. Andy Wahloo is one of the most unique and fun bars in Paris. It’s a small place filled with color and art. There’s usually a DJ playing in front of the light-up dance floor and the drinks are served on coasters with messages that make no sense.

Speaking of drinks, what do they serve at Andy Wahloo? The spirits are separated by chapter, offering whiskey, gin, vodka, rum, etc. Then, there’s a selection of the classic cocktails that everyone knows and loves. 

Photo credits to @andy_wahloo on Instagram

But if you’re looking for something original, this place has it. The bar has a special signature cocktail menu, which includes a fun description, an artistic image, and a few words that describe the vibe of the cocktail. The ingredients are also listed, and of course they all come in different glasses.


One of the tastiest selections from the signature list is the Sérénity, which is described as fresh and light. The ingredients include Tanqueray gin, lemongrass, italicus, lime, and egg white, and it’s priced at 14 euros.

The combination of this wild spot with an awesome signature cocktail list is what makes this place so cool. This is a fun bar to spend your time, any day of the week. Bring a friend and your dancing shoes and discover Andy Wahloo.

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